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LOL...Y'all are brutal. I could care less about Texas but as a hardcore OU fan, I think this is wonderful and would bring a new excitement to have SEC teams come to Norman and vice-versa. For the record...OU has done exceptionally well vs. SEC opponents. 14 - 7 (regular games) 6 - 7 (bowl games)
Who cares what OSU thinks!!! I would think they would be in favor of it because now they could have a chance to dominate without there "Daddy" in the conference.
I won't disagree on the Texas comment but...Oklahoma isn't very good either? That's pretty comical coming from a 5-5 Mizzou fan where 3 of those 5 victories came from non-conference "weak" opponents.
Dang!! Why all the hate? It's college football and about the money. I'm not a Texas fan by any means so I won't speak for them but for me...it would be a blast to see OU play SEC teams on a regular basis. I think the haters are scared of OU because they know how powerful the offense is and how fast they can strike. Everyone knows the defense has made huge strides with A. Grinch as Defensive Coordinator so OU is the most well-rounded team people have seen in quite some time.
So a 55-20 win over your gators last season is a defense? I'd probably keep those comments on the down low. Anyone who watches OU knows how fast the offense can strike.