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He did not have a pick six last season against Alabama. I believe it was our linebacker Daniel Bituli who returned it 97 yards.
Do your homework. Even if Florida loses this week and Kentucky wins, Kentucky can't be #1 in the East because they would have the same amount of losses as Florida. Florida has the head to head win over Kentucky, which would make Florida #1 in the East.
It's a felony because of the dollar amount of damages, not because of the weapon used in the crime.
Alvin Kamara leads the SEC in punt returns. His stats are 3 returns for 78 yards and 1 touchdown. Average yard per return is 26.0.
I know that, but was just pointing out that he would have had two. He does have one punt return touchdown, but was not mentioned in article.
Need to update the stats on punt returns for Tennessee. Alvin Kamara has a punt return for a touchdown, and has done well on other attempts. He also had another touchdown called back from penalty.
Very classy move by the university and coach. I hate to see any players injured. Georgia is representing the kind of sportsmanship the SEC stands for.
Schomeone schould have grabbed a fire hosche!
It says he will split half of the 320, which is 160 between the two areas. Hence the 80/80.
Very surprised Josh Dobbs vs South Carolina 2014 did not headline this list.
They are just "Joshing" with South Carolina. We know who is going to start...
Where is A.J. Johnson from Tennessee?
What about A.J. Johnson? Staying at Tennessee for his senior year. He should definatley be a first round pick.