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I am confused...it seems that there are many fans of other teams that seem to think that their teams cannot beat Georgia. It seems that Georgia only loses because UGA has such inept coaches and players that we actually give it away. That does not speak well of your teams. Nobody is recruiting bad players. You do have to play the other team who is not going to roll over and quit...usually. I understand that social media is really for the naysayers, so my advice is to UGA fans is to ignore the hate. Turn it off. Whatever you do, do not buy into the quick fixers. I would guess that most of the naysayers are actually just wanting us to shoot ourselves in the foot by giving the appearance of an uncertain future for Kirby Smart.
I know that I am late to this party, but here goes. As a fanatic, yes, I want to win every game by 1000 and hold the other team to - infinity yards and at most zero points with a + 20 turnover margin. Realistically, a win is a win. Yes, the Auburn receiver was wide open at the end. Yes, Fromm said that UGA needs to be better at offense. What do you expect him to say, "I am so happy with our 9 3-and-outs that we should do this more often." Yes, UGA needs to get better, and I trust that they will. Maybe that is naivete, but it is better to have hope. If we go way back, I was worried about getting Coach Smart. I did not have anything against him, but the future is a fickle thing. Ask Tennessee about the parade of coaches they have had, or Florida about the rural life. (As in not Urban) Maybe Mullen pulls it together for awhile, but we have to wait and see. All of this to say, are you out of your mind?! Who wants to trash 20 years of pro style offense including all or most of the current offensive players for the dual threat spread. One, if you think that a dual threat QB is the new direction, Knute Rockne would like to have a word with you. Second, it is precisely the fact that so many teams run a spread that a pro style has value. One, it is the oddity, so teams do not see it as much and are not as used to defending it. Second, we get the recruits that are best fitted for that style. With all of the attention on the spread, true once in a generation talent is easier to recruit with less competition. The exception was Fields, I never understood why we got him. He is a great talent, but not a great fit. I half wonder if it was because Fields was homegrown and had a dream of playing for his favorite team more than Coach Smart actively recruiting a mismatch. I think it would be a bit shameful to recruit him for the sole purpose of not letting him go to a rival, but I digress. I don't know either way, and I hope that Fields has a fantastic career unless he is playing UGA. Besides, the best recruits that want to play on Sundays know the value of having pro style experience. Thirdly, literally any system will work and can win. If you think that there is only one way to do things, you do not know very much. Pro style can win, spread can win, even wing T or option football can win. Seriously, enjoy the win. Quit being so negative about not hanging a hundred on them. I know that there should be the desire to be improving, but if you do not learn to enjoy the journey, you will never be satisfied with the destination. Like the man said, "It is a process."
^^^^^ This.... Well if you don't need them....
Power runs, runs outside, passes that went to different receivers in different places, and even a wide open receiver...all of that was great. However, greater tests still await.
I actually was attending Purdue back in the late nineties when Jim Chaney was there with Drew Brees. It was a good time. When he came to UGA, I thought that it was going to be great, and it was for the most part. I thought that he did a relatively good job. I mean the game against Oklahoma was wonderful and so was the championship game until Saban threw in the southpaw reliever. The next year, outside of the LSU game, went well as well. The SEC championship was again a real letdown when that time Saban was forced to relieve the lefty with Hurts. Then Chaney left. I wondered where the creativity went. I did not see the same flair for play calling while he was at UGA as I remembered. Coley gets the job and the talent starts winning. Tennessee was sobering, and South Carolina was maddening. The defense was one thing...the DB's biting on double moves early in the games, come on. But the defense settled in both times. The offense was a different matter. Until Kentucky, I do not remember an outside run by a running back. No toss sweep, off tackle, or stretch play was in my recent memory. Jet sweeps are nice, but opponents need to respect a power runner getting to the perimeter. Then I also began to ask myself...isn't Jake Fromm a respectable passer with good intelligence. Can he make more types of throws than just a wicked back shoulder pass. I watch other games of other teams and wonder why none of the receivers are open, like wide open. (The exception was Swift doing jumping jacks in the middle of the field at the end of the South Carolina game when they were defending the end zone and the sidelines.) It is like the offensive coordinator was not even trying to scheme someone open. In my opinion, lesser quarterbacks were slinging up all sorts of stupid stats because they had guys open everywhere. Fromm looks like he is always trying to throw the ball into coverage. It is not his fault coordinators getting paid six figures cannot see the opposing teams' coverages and design even one play to exploit it. By the way, everybody knows he can throw the difficult back shoulder, how about a quick slant once in a while. Shoot, just about any idiot with an arm can throw that, and I cannot remember UGA even running that route. So the questions are...did Chaney forget how to coach or draw plays? Did Coley ever know how to exploit other teams' defenses? Why did Chaney leave? Is there something else that explains the offensive play calling? I do not know, but could you as the coaches of UGA figure it out already. I want you to win a championship, but you need to beat Florida, and finish off Alabama. None of that requires gimmicks or trick plays, just enough creativity that everyone is unable to predict where the next play is going or what it will be, until we are up by 14+ with four minutes left, and they know the ground express is coming and there is nothing they can do about it. This is my opinion, and it probably stinks.