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We'll get there. Right now we're still not that attractive of a program. Why would a 5 star come to 8-4 SC when they could go to NC-contenders Clemson or Georgia or Alabama? I don't think it's a coincidence that our last 5 star came the year after we won the East.
I'd be very okay with this. He doesn't have a show cause from the sanctions, does he?
Best? I have to disagree with you there. I wouldn't argue that he's more valuable to us than any other player on this list is to their team. But he's not the best player on this list.
Florida and TAMU both made excellent hires. I'm not looking forward to having to play Fisher and Mullen every year.
I'm torn. On the one hand, it seems kind of unfair to the players to penalize them for trying to make the best choice for themselves, especially in a situation like Shea Patterson and Ole Miss. He could play pretty much wherever he wants, and he made a choice that looked good at the time, but now Ole Miss's failings are basically dragging down with the ship. On the other hand, opening up transfers will, at least in my opinion, just give more power to the most powerful football schools. If South Carolina scouts a diamond out of the JUCO rough and spends a year to two developing him, I don't want him to then jump ship to Alabama for his senior year in the spotlight. I'm just not sure there's a better system.
Several reasons why this isn't a valid comparison. First of all, coaches don't have any kind of time restriction. They can leave a job whenever they want and get a new one. And, assuming they're moving up to a better job, their new employer is likely to handle the buyout as part of the hire, so basically no penalty at all for the coach. Also, even if the coach didn't have a new employer to pay the buyout, most coaches, especially P5 HC who haven't lived too extravagantly, can afford their own buyings, especially toward the ends of contracts as the buyouts get smaller. Excepting special circumstances like being a senior at Ole Miss after sanctions, players cannot avoid sitting out a year if they transfer.
The FPI only produces percentages for who will win, not actual scores. These predictions come from ESPN Staff Writer Adam Rittenberg. There's a link in the article.
Not trolling, giving my honest opinion. And how is "Since when does what South Carolina football fans say matter?" not an insult? That's attacking me personally, based only on the team I support/school I attended. But you accuse me of throwing insults? I truly believe Vol fans have an inflated view of their program, and that the HC job on Rocky Top is not nearly as attractive as most of you think it is. That's my honest opinion. I'm not trying to insult you, I just think you're wrong.
Yeah, at least the Mississippis are on the same level, and in the same conference and division. SC State isn't even an FBS team.
Spoiler: nothing any of us says matters; we're commenting on news articles on the internet :O
Lol meanwhile Vol fans continue to have wildly inflated expectations for their program. Guess what fuzzy, when you go 0-8 in your conference, you don't get a top-tier national star of a coach, you get some coordinator or G5 HC that you've never heard of. If a coach as good as Les Miles in actually interested, Tennessee should snap him up a quickly as possible, not turn up their nose at a gift from god.
Les is WAY too good for Tennessee. If they somehow manage to swing this, Vol nation better be ecstatic about it
What could you have done better? Easy, don't get blown out by Iowa.
Georgia should definitely be in over Alabama. However Alabama should also be in over Ohio State. But we'll see what happens
No way Ohio State should get in. Agree or not 55-24 See how I can do it to? And see how Ohio State's score both looks worse than Alabama's and was to a lesser team? But Ohio State should still get in ahead of Alabama?
He's got a point. If Ohio State had lost by 30 to TAMU or Mississippi State, no way Alabama would even be in contention right now.
Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama. Except maybe flip Oklahoma and Georgia, and maybe Ohio State instead of Alabama. But the above is my prediction.
But of course Ohio State got the benefit last year, and they'll get it again this year. Because the committee LOVES Ohio State
We hope so. For now it looks like Georgia might be pretty unchallenged for the East for a few years.
The NCAA sanctions only say that Ole Miss seniors are free to transfer without restriction and play immediately. Ole Miss is still free to place restrictions on all other players, including Shea Patterson. And it appears they have.
I understand that they don't like him, but "Saban sucks" was a pretty poor choice of words given that the's undeniably the best coach in college football today and debatably the best of all time.
Not gonna lie, I was disappointed that you didn't have Tennessee on the moon