LSU 1977

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Oklahoma's coming to play Georgia's coming to play, I'm thinking the Heisman will pull it off in the 4th.Bama beats Clemson my view.
Les Miles...would have done better at UT than Pruitt!
Our defense and offense executed the times that we needed we walk away with the win!
Missed assignments and just very young team.Arken Key? Hmm
Yeah Georgia gave MSU" a beatdown, we don't feel so bad after all now.
We are still working out kinks out getting ready for the depth of the SEC teams!
Danny" any day over Harris.Our Offense line should be "on" this season
We have to many rookies, Etling will do fine our Offense needs to be great and we will do fine this year. Guice lost against Florida , but he also went beast mode for. us.
Don't speculate could be 1 baby mother.He will support them easily
LSU" beat the breaks off of Heisman Trophy Jackson, LSU finish good should have been better.Geau Tigers
Leonard did the right thing about preparing for the future, LSU" offense has already wasted his Heisman chances and his injuries are from them in the first of the games of 2016.He will dominate in NFL"
Alabama D" will crush Washington.
#7 is going in the first round either way he needs to be a hundred percent when he goes into the Combine" if you idiots would understand
RAZO" it's been well laid out to you now you understand itπŸ…πŸ…
Aggies" how bad did we stomp you this year?
This is for the Alabama hater we held you to 10 points sucka" and LSU has more NFL active players than any other college in the nation since 2014! Bama" is behind
Louisville beat Florida State but Florida state is no LSU defense.Lamar runs on other teams not πŸ…
LSU" fits better in the Sugar Bowl.
LSU has more active NFL players than any college since 2014 and more adding.πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…
Exactly Miles" HC at Houston, Kiffin @LSU
Ole Miss really sucked when Coach O" was there he had nothing to work with! OLE Miss" will get a chance to play in the toilet bowl
Bama hasn't been held to 10 Point since 2007, with a good offensive coordinator coach Bama can be beat by LSU.
poor play calling on Offense...good win for Gators"