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Yep. OSU should not have gotten in. But 8 is not the answer in my view. Make it 6 with a first round bye, which allows for a real reward for having a great season in that you get to rest a week while the other teams have to play.
Hell no on Kiffin. Yes on Herman if we can get him.
I agree. Let's hope they back up the money truck to Houston and get the right guy.
I expect for LSU to go off the radar as they did when Miles was hired. Personally, I would like Herman or even someone like Brohm at Western Kentucky.
Agreed. He has a far easier path to the playoff where he is at. He would be foolish to leave.
Nope. We don't need his baggage at LSU. I wanted him 12 years ago when Miles was hired, but not today.
Don't want him. I did initially when $aban left for the NFL, but not today. Way too much baggage for him to be the face of LSU.
Cam's offense worked really well the first few games he was OC. He ran out of the spread, used play action effectively, and spread the ball around to pretty much everyone. Then, under the guise of "not showing too much", according to Les, we went into a shell, and never came out of it.
It was the same problem through multiple offensive coordinators. Les was the issue on offense.