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Been to JH several times since '94 and absolutely loved every trip, even though it was a b**** for LSU to play well there. There really is no better rivalry still than LSU/AU IMO-the game never disappoints year after year. I will be in TS Oct. 26th, no matter what time we kickoff! Saw LSU win with Rohan Davey in Brian Dennehy Stadium, but even so, was an unmemorable experience- made no real impression on me at all. The Swamp under Spurrier was a completely miserable place to be an LSU fan, and the jortians were absolute a-holes. I hated being there...all 3 times. Lol.
It's like this offseason is the gift that keeps on giving. Ruh-hole Tuh-had.
His question was "Is LSU gonna win the big game next year?" Guessing that's still the gumps.
Take it from me, filling the combine with players from your team is not as cool as it looks. Happy to see some of our key Jrs and Srs coming back for once!