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#35 is either the kicker, punter or just really smart.
I think Utah goes down Saturday as well.
I have an extremely difficult time seeing Tennessee hanging 38 on Bama. No disrespect to Tennessee, just feel like if its a 7 point game, its more like 24-17.
I thought when you guys pulled within 8 it was a ballgame again. The pick sixes truly killed A&M, but its part of the game. Honestly I have seen more analyst picking A&M over Ole Miss. Also, I am not sure people are "hating now" as much as people were unsure of A&M, and that Bama game solidified their stance that A&M wasn't as good as some first thought. There is no question, A&M is talented.....put together.....that's still a wait and see.
The Millennial Generation and social media. It has created "keyboard warriors" and with no accountability for your words, has created the ability for people to show their true colors. Its absolutely disgusting how much Americans hate each other and especially over games. I absolutely LOVE college football, but the fans can really suck the love right out of me from time to time. That includes terrible LSU fans as well. If you cheer for your team (and they are not that good) you get attacked by the opposing fan base and told how delusional and stupid you are. If you are realistic and tempered, you get attacked by your own fan base for being negative. Its basically a lose lose.
I'll add that the Gators have quite a few dirt fans who have ruined their reputation as well. Whilst I agree that all fan bases have their bad apples, Florida regularly seems to take home the prize of worst fan base in not just my experiences, but other fan bases I have tailgated and had discussions with. I think a lot of it has to do with the hate between UF, FSU and Miami. These guys hate each other more than any rival fan bases on the planet, and I think that carries over a bit.
Well in all fairness, you have to understand that NOLA hosts the Sugar Bowl every year. And, as you can imagine, gets to experience both the GOOD and the BAD of each and every fan base who attends. If you choose to shun the entire city of NOLA, that's on you, but I think the majority of NOLA consistently goes out of their way to accommodate opposing and rival fan bases on the regular. Unlike you, they don't assume all are bad just because they ran across a few knuckle heads from time to time before.
Come on man, this is total garbage on behalf of the news paper and journalist and don't be a d!ck about it. As an LSU grad and fan who has respect for all teams and players, I side with the Ole Miss AD and Fan Base on this one.