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Do you realize that you sound like an idiot right now?
This is the first time you've ever been right, Tennessee troll.
We are LSU. It's like picking between FSU and Bama in football. Who do you pick? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but if we lose 2 to Ole Miss we don't get in the Tournament.
We are LSU, one of the biggest baseball brands in the sport. If we win the series 2-1, we are tied with Ole Miss in terms of SEC record. We win that tie with a head-to-head.
1. Brett Favre is a great comp. 2. I agree, Mertz is underrated and Nico is a bit overrated. 3. Petrino is clinically insane. 4. Shapen was throwing to high school recievers.
He averaged 101 mph on his fastball. AVERAGED. How many times have you heard that before?
First career start? What did Paul Skenes do to you to make you hate him so bad? Are you just jealous of his girlfriend?
In other news, LSU beat the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE COUNTRY but I guess that isn't important.
Will Campbell at No. 2 and Emery Jones as an HM and LSU has the best O line since 2019, easily. This team is probably more top-heavy than that line too, but I doubt this unit has same the across-the-board depth like they did.
The problem was we had two stupid shifts in the first inning and they hit two ground balls to short that got past because he was shifted. They scored like 4 runs off of that, and ruined Kade Anderson's first start. Johnson needs to take responsibility for that.
As a Cowboys fan, I now have to root for and against Malik and Jayden twice a year. It's going to kill me.