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Imagine if he got paid from this jersey?? 1 of the best Jersey's ever and im sure every Cajun would and will want 1. Thats the Jordan's for us Lsu fans.. GEAUX-BURROW/TIGER'S
Very happy with the victory! Made my night , im a supporter of all SEC teams when they are not playing LSU, but of all the sec team's i cant stand A&M ! Here is a coach that's paid big money to leave FSU ( i cant say i blame him) but he's not worth the money (jmo) and last year's game was str8 bs (even though the outcome would have made no difference what bowl we got) but they ran the field hitting coaches and think they just won the POWER BALL? no class.. And MOND? im the best Qb in the league ? Long story short (but long) im soooooo glad we killed them on all side's of the ball.... Geaux Tiger's!! And just a prediction, Lsu 37 , Bulldogs 17
Yeah your right! I cant wait until tbe end of the season and get our win back from a&m . that game was bs and some of the calls was again str8 bs. I dont like jimbo and just like fsu becides 1 year was average ,to bad a&m gave this guy more money than he's worth because i dont see in the near future a&m winning the west! I could be wrong but chances are im not..good luck 2 you this weekend
Gotta give Tua alot of credit, kid is a str8 beast and seems like he's a good person also . i wanted 2 win more than anything and it was due time but i did feel bad for him just for the loss. Kid has alot of class and will be a superstar in the next jump
Maybe next week will be as good of a game when both Alabama and L.S.U come to Mississippi?? Hum
Ok, that's a bet! Plus any team can win on Saturday but my $$ is on Lsu! Am i taking lsu and -13 nope. If we just win im good! And if lsu playes like they have been then yep UF is beat , if our defense playes like yesterday its over and you gotta play in tigerland!! I bet (hope) burrow will have 4 tds at least..
This Joe Cox is something else this article is trash! Lsu played a solid team Utah State is a good team and he talks like they are a jr high school team playing an NFL team. Ok, so that team might not be as good as Lsu but to keep trashing them like its just (Utah State) is plain ignorant.. Idoit . that team has won 9 or 10 games a season alot , solid in there division and are top 2 or 3 . they are coached good and play like they are , im not a fan of Utah State but i know they are no slouch and didn't i read about x amount of articles that Lsu was on upset alert?? Or that Utah State has had 500 pkus yards of offense a game?? This guy??
As long as the tide have Nick they will be in the college playoffs 4/5's of the time... I love L.S.U but getting past him seems like Russia out doing the States! Could happen but chances are lowwww
I also don't see the Pac-12 going to the playoffs. Oklahoma would have 2 lose 2, Texas 2-- Georgia losing 2,Bama 2-- Ohio State 2, Michigan 2. Any one of those team's lose only 1 and win division they in.. Michigan could never beat Ohio State because urban is a better coach hands down this year who knows i still say they lose.. And Notre Dame might (might) go unbeaten again even though they dont deserve a chance at the playoffs with no conference championship id rather see UCF they deserve as much chance as Notre Dame does jmo
Jones has Michigan State and Oregon without Alabama? Soooo, im guessing he thinks they lose 2 games Georgia and Lsu,Auburn,??? Anyone leaving out Bama has no reason to be picking at all? Anyone who thinks Tua is going to take a step back this year is nuts, this team will be good and Tua will be a beast! Now, let's say he thinks LSU beats bama where is the TIGERS in his pick? Geaux Tigers but Bama will be just as good this year as any before! Pretty simple
Play cream puffs! Miami, Texas , Wisconsin , etc and so on ! Good response from coach O ... Lsu play's about a good of non-sec schedule as anyone out there! Some reporters are just plain cream-puffs