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Agreed. Orgeron has shown the country he got it done in the off season by getting Brady to coach up Burrow and the LSU offense is a machine as a result. Saban is in a league of his own, but based on this year alone Orgeron stands at #1 in my opinion. He deserves a lot of credit for the team's success this year.
My top #5 would be 1. LSU 2. Alabama 3. Clemson 4. Oklahoma 5. Ohio State. LSU has the best resume so far this season. No disrespect to Alabama, but up to this point LSU has played tougher opponents. Oklahoma got a nice win against Texas which I think would jump them over Ohio State in their bye week. #1 and #2 will work itself out come November 9th. I just hope this year's "game of the century" part 2 is better than the first. There won't be trading any field goals this year.
No doubt UGA has the worst loss. At home to a team below .500 at the time. Had a chance to win it and choked. At least Auburn and Florida lost to ranked teams.
Agreed, but we shouldn't worry about rankings right now. Keeping winning and the ranking will take care of itself. Our defense needs to step it up though. Florida is talented no doubt, but the defense looked bad last night.
Wrong on LSU again. Not sure which SDS writers have continually picked against LSU but they just need to stick to writing football articles. This LSU team is talented enough to go far without Wade.
If LSU would've played like they did in the first half this wouldn't have been even close. Sloppy second half play is going to get us beat. Survive and advance is the key but they need to keep the foot on the gas in the second half. A couple of missed free throws down the stretch and this one could've gone the other way. Happy with the win, but second half play has to improve.
Didn't see the foul call? Is he blind? That was clearly a foul. Tigers deserved that win.
Looks it should've been called, but missed calls can't be reviewed. Just ask Saints fans how that feels. Glad LSU got the win. They deserved it after gutting it out in one of the hardest places to win.
I think every LSU fan saw this one coming. Great young man. Definitely a first round pick and he's making the right choice.
I'm not from Louisiana so this a good point to know. Open carry is legal, but what's the law on concealed carry?
This is the "most probably" dumbest comment I've ever read. That Mississippi education is showing. You assume they have no carry permit, but you weren't there to know. Sounds like a justified shooting if these are the facts, but we have no idea yet. To say LSU is the new Florida is ridiculous. What LSU players have been in serious trouble lately to justify that conclusion?
Well seeing that UGA and LSU are the next two highest ranked SEC teams that's what I assume he's getting at.
Orgeron needs this win. A 10 win season would look great on him given the pre season expectations for this team. I think LSU will get the win despite not having all the starters playing.
Don't think LSU really cares if you or the A&M fan base are cheering for them or not. So long as they have the LSU faithful cheering them on they'll be fine.
You seem to have a lot of interest in LSU's columns as a Bama fan. Devin White is a first round pick and he's playing. Heck he's a better defender than Greedy in my opinion but he's playing. What's the difference? He owes it to his teammates to play.
You're killing me with that improper grammar and spelling.
Maybe he can convince Greedy to play. Glad he's playing though. That's what leaders do. They put the team before themselves. Makes no sense why Greedy would sit out when he's a cover corner. White being a LB is more likely to get injured than Greedy. At least our leader on defense is playing. I'll take some good news.
Don't think he really cares. He's got $$ in his eyes now. If I were of his teammates I'd be pretty upset with him.
This might seem harsh but if you're not going to finish with the team then the coach should not allow you to travel with the team or get any royalties from the bowl.
Look I get not wanting to risk your future and millions of dollars, but it's selfish to not play in the final game. I've always been a proponent of finishing the season. Yes bowls are meaningless if they're not the playoffs, but you leave your team without a good player which could cost them a loss on a very much needed win to finish the year. Lost a little respect for greedy. If he was a RB it might make a little more sense, but you don't see cover corners getting injured very often.
So basically it's the entire college football fan base outside of Orlando vs UCF. I'll be happy to see LSU get all the support they can get. Hopefully we drop a 3 TD win or more on this team.
Agreed. While all LSU fans saw this coming, he needs to support his team and play in the final game. This isn't some sub par bowl like the music city bowl. NY6 is pretty important so I expect he will play.
I'd say at least 4. Bama, LSU, A&M and Miss St could beat them. Might even say 5 if Auburn played good.
Don't worry they'll get their shot at Florida or LSU.
Ohio St has an impressive win against Michigan, but Oklahoma beat the team they lost to. I didn't take that into consideration last night.
I know but listening to the ESPN guys this morning it made sense to me why Oklahoma was the better choice.
The committee had no choice but to put OU in over Georgia for a couple of reasons. One, nobody wants a SEC championship rematch. Georgia blew their shot. It was a good game, but a loss is a loss. Two, OU are conference champs and Georgia isn't. It would cause chaos leaving a one loss power 5 conference champion out over a two loss conference runner up. I will say this. Notre Dame is undefeated and should be in, but I think Georgia is more deserving of that spot than them. Georgia plays in a conference and played an extra game. Notre Dame did not. I've always said it's bogus Notre Dame does not have to play in a conference and still gets into the playoffs or bowl games.
I think it's going to be Bama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Ohio St. Oklahoma's defense couldn't stop a nose bleed and if Ohio St wins tonight that would be a clinch in my book. That destruction of Michigan was impressive, not to mention awesome bc Jim Harbaugh is a cry baby.
Oklahoma won. Notre Dame is in. If Ohio State and Clemson win I don't see Georgia getting in over them. Conference champions should always get a nod before someone who didn't. Granted Notre Dame didn't play one, but they're pretty much a lock.