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Recent Comments
WHAT a dumb statement! That just proves he is a good coach, saw his weak ares and went out and got the players to help the team. Where would Ms. State be without Fitsgerald? in the cellar again.
you know what they say, If your aunt had a tool she would be your Uncle! The young receivers have dropped too many passes. We will see you in 5 weeks and lets see what happens.
kinda of like your team being over rated as well. But I bet you think South Carolina was under rated. I think you are reading to many press clippings. Lets see what happens on the field. We already know you are on the weak side of the conference.
yes, like they have been building your dawgs up. no difference, thats why they play the games. Come on down and see us I will be there.
You ever think it was of the team in purple and gold made them that way? I said before the season we were being under estimated, I thought 9-3 possible 10-2. I say 10-2 is a probability now!
doesn't matter both will play!
That is pretty bold i have it at Bama 24 washington 10
Yeah huge loss! Lol, they are playing a whopper SFA.
Stop licking your sack TheDawgofWar.. y'all will loose 3 this year LSU,Florida,Aurburn
I think you got that wrong, how will the dawgs react to the aw their going to get in Death Valley?
BB, Coach O is doing a good job! Les left this program thin! LSU will win at least 8 and probably 9 games this year! Put that in the bank
you wish! Don't let the preseason rankings get you all giddy. I remember Auburn being ranked high several years ago and getting their arses kicked in BR.
you are correct but these kidds can't see the forrest for the trees. He wants to be a QB, but the kidd missed his last two years of High school with knee enjuriies. I believe next year or at the very least the following year he would be the starter. He is a red shirt freshmen, plenty of time to start.
yes he did. its a sad time for college football, it will only get worse.
oh Tim please, stop with the officials ! that has to be the weakest crap going! Were the Auburn bullies hurting your team? You better not waste your trip coming down her if you think you are going to win by 10 or 20. you will be going home crying!! You will struggle to even score 20.
they will not score 40 on LSU I will guarantee that!! they will struggle to score 21.
That is a reasonable response. It will be a hard fought game by two great football teams.
you may need some aderal if you can't concentrate long enough to read that statement.
hey bro a win is a win. Gators have had several arguably worst teams lately. Playing in the weak east is all that helps you out. By the way that 1 point win was at your place, you will get beat by more this year.
You may want to check your enthusiasm at the gate if you go!! If you think that game will be like a troy state game you are crazy! 1st the stadium was not even 3/4 full and coach O had the offense simplified which he shouldn't have done to Canada's game plan but hey, I know you perineal number 2 team in the east had a good year last year so you do have a shot. Yes 100,000 people can be silenced as easy as 50K but they can also me more ignited and loud. You are the one who is in fantasy land if you are come into Tiger stadium thinking it will be like a troy game. Good luck with that!
LSU wins at least one of the 3 (Alabama,Auburn,Georgia) very possibly 2 of the three. I think we are due to have a year with few injuries and our offense will surprisingly balanced. So I say 9-3 with possible 10-2. Our D is going to be insane this year doing stunts they have not done under Aranda to date. This is the third year in in system and it will show. I see them being a top 5 D
their are no stadiums like Death Valley at night! LSU wins this by 7.
you know I tend to agree with you on that. If LSU can score 21 or more they will beat all three of those teams because Our D is going to lock down these teams due to quality depth which we have not seen the last couple of years.
a big mouth high school kid with no skins on the wall in SEC.