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Your comment makes no sense, UCF is a top 25 team. I say even with 5 starting defensive players out LSU will win this game.
Yes he is on the right article! Try reading all the 10 items in the article!
One way to change it is to win on a consistent basis and fame will come. LSU fans show love to all our teams!
So the SEC assistant doesn’t have the ⚽️‘S to give his name! Says a lot about him!
Well said, they know Tigers are a good team and are nervous. I would love to take that bet 24 hell they are going Tigers win by 7
Dumbo, all but one (GEORGIA) of our top 25 wins have been at neutral fields or at opponents site! What will be fun to watch is when Bama does get beat is the crying you will be doing!
hey if your scared say your scared! why is it only bama fans see that as correct call! while your linebacker really did target and got away with it the same weekend!
bs! bad calls are bad calls has nothing to do with playing bama hill billies!
dude you can't honestly believe that! your bias is ridiculous.. he lead with his hands to the chest. you're getting beat sat. anyway! enjoy your last week at number one!
WHAT a dumb statement! That just proves he is a good coach, saw his weak ares and went out and got the players to help the team. Where would Ms. State be without Fitsgerald? in the cellar again.
you know what they say, If your aunt had a tool she would be your Uncle! The young receivers have dropped too many passes. We will see you in 5 weeks and lets see what happens.
kinda of like your team being over rated as well. But I bet you think South Carolina was under rated. I think you are reading to many press clippings. Lets see what happens on the field. We already know you are on the weak side of the conference.
yes, like they have been building your dawgs up. no difference, thats why they play the games. Come on down and see us I will be there.
You ever think it was of the team in purple and gold made them that way? I said before the season we were being under estimated, I thought 9-3 possible 10-2. I say 10-2 is a probability now!
doesn't matter both will play!
That is pretty bold i have it at Bama 24 washington 10
Yeah huge loss! Lol, they are playing a whopper SFA.
Stop licking your sack TheDawgofWar.. y'all will loose 3 this year LSU,Florida,Aurburn
I think you got that wrong, how will the dawgs react to the aw their going to get in Death Valley?
BB, Coach O is doing a good job! Les left this program thin! LSU will win at least 8 and probably 9 games this year! Put that in the bank
you wish! Don't let the preseason rankings get you all giddy. I remember Auburn being ranked high several years ago and getting their arses kicked in BR.
you are correct but these kidds can't see the forrest for the trees. He wants to be a QB, but the kidd missed his last two years of High school with knee enjuriies. I believe next year or at the very least the following year he would be the starter. He is a red shirt freshmen, plenty of time to start.