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They probably beat Clemson, but LSU and Bama is going to be a tough one for them.
I know Arkansas had/has some pretty good TEs, but nobody is touching Stanford for the "Tight End U" title.
I played High School football in Mobile Alabama, and had to play against him and TJ Yeldon all four years. I must say, I am very impress with his development since then. Dude going to be a stud in the NFL. Oh and I forgot, dude was one hell of a body slammer back then lol.
I would the switch the loss to Alabama with either the Arkansas game or Florida game. Something is telling me that Brandon Harris is going to have a breakout season this year, and if that happens then I see LSU going undefeated throughout the regular season. I think the defense is going to be a lot better at generating pressure on the QB which gives our DBs a chance to make a play on the ball.
Y'all may think I'm crazy for saying but, I think he is going to have amazing season possibly winning instantly without Romo. I'm sort of becoming a fan of the Cowboys with Dak at QB.
I highly doubt Bama losing this game, let alone it being a close one. But if Bama struggles passing the ball, then a upset is highly possible.
Something tells me, this kid may be the best QB LSU has had in a very long time. Me living in Mobile AL, St. Paul's is a very elite school with plenty of state championships in football. With him joining what could one of LSU greatest recruiting class ever, we could be looking at a multi championship contending team in the future.
I think LSU has to have a successful season for the recruiting hot streak to continue. Regardless of that, as long as LSU gets Dylan Moses and a couple more other players in the state of Louisiana, doesn't matter about having the #1 spot.
Actually with the addition with the return of Valentine, and how scary our 3 new freshmen DTs look, this probably doesn't hurt LSU as people may think. Experience, yea a little bit but, LSU is loaded at the DT position this year.
Looks who's back, time is ticking for Ole miss to get their teeth kicked on Oct 22. Btw y'all ain't got Alabama to soften us up either.
Calling it, LSU is not losing at home this year!
Sadly, you're right BamaTime. LSU was very poor at generating pressure on the QB which means that doesn't help any LSU DB to make a play on the ball. For example, Bama vs aTm, Bama pressure on the Kyle Allen was good enough generate 3 pick 6's. Basically what I'm saying is, if your defense can't generate pressure on the QB, then he is going to have a good time on any defense.
I think the only teams LSU could lose to this year is either aTm or Florida. I think LSU is going to be a different animal this season regardless of what anybody has to say. I recall in 2011 when Jordan Jefferson got suspended and was replace with Jarrett Lee, everybody assumed it was over for LSU. I don't care what anybody says, the passing game WILL BE better this season as well as the defense.
As a LSU fan, I think Reuben Foster should higher on this list.
I know its a stretch but could College Gameday come to Baton Rouge for the LSU-Ole Miss and the LSU-Alabama. I know the Ole Miss game more unlikely, but if both teams come in with either team having one lose, it should get nod to have it.
The assessment on LSU was spot on. Our D-Line really lack size which is odd because it seems like our backups is better than our starting defense line. I see Les Miles is adding size to the D-line like it once was with a couple of big and talented DTs. As far as QB goes, it's not as bad as people make it out to be.
I know man but if he's not, then he'll definitely be another one of LSU's great defensive tackles. Can't wait to see that defense take the field!
I know this is going to sound like a bold statement, but honestly I think Rashard Lawerence may be the best DT LSU has had since Glenn Dorsey. He could be that middle plug on that D-Line that they have been messing for a while. With Valentine on a possible comeback, we could have a nasty D-Line this season.
I find it cool that Les Miles kids decide to go to different schools, especially in different states.
I think LSU passing game is going to be a lot better this season. I do believe Leonard will put up slightly better numbers this season, but one stat that people need to pay attention to is Fournette's numbers as a receiver. LSU has to have an attacking offense, up tempo, no huddle, and don't give the defense time to relax. We do that and there is no limits to what we are capable of on offense.
Anybody on the O-Line for LSU this year is critical to our success.
I think one of the issue that involves SEC coaches getting treated unfairly, is that they expect to be as good as Nick Saban. Now we all know, no coach (maybe Urban Meyer) is as great as Nick, but most coaches are measured to his standard and that is one thing i hate about it. Another thing that I hate about the LSU situation is that, it seems that its either beat Alabama are Les Miles is gone. I don't think one game should decide his future at LSU even if it is against Bama.
Personally, I thought Will Grier was the best QB the gators had since Tebow. Luckily for us, he was done playing for Florida prior to the LSU game. I think if it was him at QB, we might have lost that game IMO. Now the question is, which gator QB (most likely Luke Del Rio) this season is going help them get back to offensive consistency.
It is pivotal that LSU gets at least 2 lbs within the state and of course Dylan Moses.
Prayers goes out to him and 2 other punters who lost their lives in the car crash. May God bless them and their family, and wish Colby a good recovery.
Yea yea yea, he's a 3 star ATH, by next month he might be moved up to a 4 star. Everybody wanna laugh at the 3 star commits, but they going to be shaking in their boots when Dylan Moses commits to LSU.
Going to be a great season for that secondary. The real #DBU
Brandon Harris is going to be great this year, the media is fooling everybody on LSU's passing game. The only problems that was around the passing game was coaching and Brandon's accuracy. Those two problems can be fixed easily within a offseason after getting a year of experience. Les Miles just needs to come out this season throwing the ball more frequently with more receivers on the field. I think the defense will slightly struggle in September but playing against Wisconsin, Jacksonville State, Miss. St. and AU, we have a chance to go undefeated in September. As for Leonard..... Well his talents speaks for himself. This is going to be a fantastic season for LSU, I can't wait!
I wonder what they going to say this year going into LSU-AU game. I think this is going to be Brandon Harris breakout game, because I feel like he has something to prove in that stadium.