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I can see Florida going 10-2 or 8-4, but I'm not sold on Georgia beating them yet until I see them play. I expect Florida to beat Michigan, you can't let a Big 10 team own you especially after getting destroyed by them in the bowl game a couple of years ago. Florida can pull the upset of the year by beating FSU since its a home game. As for LSU, well Florida is going to learn a brutal lesson why you should never schedule rivals for homecoming.
I would switch Jacoby Stevens for Grant Delpit. Grant is going to be the next best safety in the SEC, he's that Eric Reid/ Kam Chancellor type player that will lay the boom in that secondary. I would also considered Klavon Chaisson too since he is basically a Arden Key clone but quicker.
Missouri can be a scary game for Auburn if y'all defense playing well this year.
I like both of these prediction, the only thing i would change is Greg McElroy prediction by switching the Clemson loss with LSU. Gene Chizik prediction seems more realistic, I think Auburn gonna be good just gonna have a tough time going against the great defenses especially on the road.
I probably be nervous about AU coming into this game, but seeing that they won the thriller last year. I really doubt Auburn could win this game seeing that LSU defense is gonna be just as good as last year, and a new offense really don't sound good for Auburn team coming to Baton Rouge. Gus Malzhan as OC and HC, has lost every game in Tiger Stadium by double digits points with one game being less than 21+ which was 2013. But on the bright side I do think Gus and Auburn take the next step by losing by a single digit score. This years match-up is going to be a good one! #GeauxTigers
Last I checked, LSU beat Steve Spurrier in his final game as a coach.
I guess its becoming pretty common for people to continue to sleep on former LSU LB- Kwon Alexander, He's gonna be the best LB in the league this year. Book IT! #GeauxTigers
Auburn is not going into a shoot out with LSU, if thats the case Lsu will win the game. This game will have to be low scoring for Auburn to win.
I got Arkansas going 8-4, losses to Tcu, Sc, Bama, and LSU.
Actually Coach O drinks a different energy drink then that, which it could also be symbolic for his coaching future at LSU. Because he is about to make LSU into a "Monster" in the SEC and College Football. Bama's winning streak against LSU is about to be over. #GeauxTigers
I remember when Florida did the same thing to Tennessee last year, that didn't end to well. The Gators are asking a for a beat down this year. Better hope they can put their money where they mouth is. LSU is coming!!!! #GeauxTigers
How do they leave off Deion Jones from this year list. Smh he had a fantastic rookie year, definitely one to remember. #GeauxTigers
LSU got some amazing DBs coming in, ridiculously talented. If everything pans out for them at LSU, they could apart of something special in Baton Rouge. Really hope Tyler Shelvin see the field as a true freshman, he is a Glenn Dorsey reincarnation. #DBU #DLU #GeauxTigers
By the time next season is over with, Grant Delpit will be on this list. #GeauxTigers
As a LSU fan, Arden Key is one of the best pass rushers to come thru LSU. Although the best in the SEC in the last 15 year is a bit of a stretch. I always said Myles Garrett doesn't have that dog in him like Arden does. Arden Key > Myles Garrett. I'm agreeing with this 100 percent.
He needs to put on more weight, eating steaks and potAtoes 3 times a week! He will be ready for the season when it comes. Seriously, this guy has the chance to make LSU the best team for years to come,Hopefully he will be develop properly.
Unless Tennessee is really good this year, no way LSU beating UT is considered a upset.
I'm going to disagree on Auburn beating Lsu, if LSU has any kind of decent QB play, they going to win. I know if Auburn walks in undefeated, I highly doubt they will walk out of Baton Rouge victorious. LSU defense is going to play with a chip on its shoulder and any teams walks in Tiger Stadium better be ready for a dog fight. #GeauxTigers
That was the weirdest comment that I read, but yeaaaa that's not gonna happen bro. Can't go from losing to South Alabama to beating LSU, but you can still enjoyed y'all cowbells and big women lol.
I got Auburn beating Clemson, and going undefeated til the LSU game. I really really really wanna see a top 5 or 10 rank Auburn team playing against LSU in Baton Rouge, night game of course.
To be honest, last years game against Miss. St. wasn't suppose to be close, but since Les Miles was so terrible at second half coaching , it came down to the wire to win the game. As for 2015, I can understand that game being close with respect to Miss. St. fighting back into the game. I got LSU winning this year, I don't know if its going to be a blowout or close game, Im just gonna have to see come game time.
As long as Dave Aranda is the D-Coordinator at LSU, that defense gonna be one of the best in country every year. Its up to the offense on how far LSU goes in the season.
If LSU offense is really good this year, passing wise, then only team I see them losing to is Bama. Hopefully Matt Canada can successfully give new life to a one-dimensional offense in recent years.
It would of been a problem if LSU offense isn't kicking the banged up, not fully loaded defense butt in this spring. Now I need to see this come the spring game. As for the defense, I give them the benefit of the doubt since all the pieces is not there yet or healthy. I honestly expect the defense to have a huge summer instead of this spring. Either way this is so awesome to read, can't wait for the spring game. #GeauxTigers
No matter how secured Jalen Hurts starting job is, his leash is very short, that just how good Tua is.
In 2015, his high school was the only team to beat my state champion alma Mater. man the kid is a natural playermaker and his spring game proved it. Can't wait to see his future with the gators.
Exactly why Les Miles and Cam Cameron gone right now, sad thing Is I knew LSU was gonna lose to AU last season after the Wisconsin game. The offense was horrible, but this is a better coached team with most likely a better offensive team. Not to mention it's a home game, it's gonna take a lot to beat LSU this year especially at their house.
let me just say that Jarrett Stidham is a baller of a QB. Can't wait to see Auburn comes to Baton Rouge, and go up against that secondary and that defense. Is they really built to come to LSU and compete with us, we will see.
Definitely not hurting from this, LSU has a pretty stacked receiving core. Although they are unproven guys, interested to see how they perform in the spring game.
WOW! Bro you relentless, is that how you really feel? LMFAO!!!