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jbattle77.....Your post is the equivalent of having a blank check with your name on it for a million dollars. You can claim your're a millionaire as long as you don't have to cash it in.
The SEC isn't going to add a program in a state where they already have an imprint.
Oh please. Oklahoma is the best that the Big 12 has to offer. They SHOULD have a winning record against the SEC as a whole. But when the Sooners played the SEC champs for the national title they LOST !!
Some injuries can't be avoided but when it happens continually then you have to ask yourself what you're doing wrong in regards to strength and conditioning.'s all-time college football rankings are as follows: 1) Alabama 11) Georgia 21) Washington 2) Notre Dame 12) Florida 22) Pittsburgh 3) USC 13) Auburn 23) Arkansas 4) Oklahoma 14) Penn St. 24) Stanford 5) Ohio St. 15) Miami 25) UCLA 6) Michigan 16) Georgia Tech 26) Ole Miss 7) Texas 17) Minnesota 27) Wisconsin 8) Nebraska 18) Florida St. 28) Illinois 9) LSU 19) Michigan St. 29) Iowa 10) Tennessee 20) Texas A&M 30) TCU
You could make an argument for either Ole Miss or Minnesota to be in that list. I won't argue that with you. Arizona St. doesn't have that much of a presence in the polls.....only 21 times have the Sun Devils finished ranked. And they've never won a major bowl. Using bowl records may not tell the whole story. Arkansas has a bad bowl record but they were playing in Cotton and Sugar Bowls while Arizona St. always got the Fiesta Bowl when it was a minor bowl. Plus Arkansas has finished ranked 30 times. I would take Arkansas over Arizona St........but it's your poll....not mine...:)
For the most part you did pretty well but Penn St.'s not the 4th best program of all-time. Maybe Top 10. Arizona St. is too high as well. Notre Dame is too low. Arkansas is in most all-time Top 25 ratings.
Astelford, Do a little homework please. The SEC East is better than the Big Ten West, the ACC Coastal, and the bottom half of the Big Twelve.
"So while it's been Missouri that has had more success than LSU the last four years...." LSU is 19-13 in SEC play the last four years while Missouri is 17-15. You might want to retract that Gary Laney.
Pay the agent back the following year when the players goes through the draft again. You might be the only person I know who feels sorry for an friggin agent. If they're stupid enough to give advances to players then that's their problem.
That's ridiculous. Recruiting's long over by the time the draft occurs.
Great idea. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be able to return if they don't like where they're drafted.
The Aggies might've won the SEC East in their first SEC season.....2012. They were pretty evenly matched with Georgia. That's the only year.
Except for the fact that it took Saban 11 seasons to win his five national titles, your points are well made. Bryant's legendary status got bigger over time. It'll be interesting to see how Saban is thought of 30 years from now.
This guy's never been a big winner anywhere. Why would the SEC care what he thinks?
Get in to Stanford? To do what? Learn some liberal policy that has the state of California in debt? No thanks. Stay in the Pac-Twelve Shaw. At least you can win THAT conference.
LSU womens Track and Field. ELEVEN straight national titles from 1987 through 1997 and fourteen (14) overall. Far more than any other program.
Herman is not "absolutely right". You can't let players transfer at will after every season. You'd spend your whole time recruiting and nothing else. And to let players transfer immediately after a coaching change is totally unfair to the school's football program. Suppose every player left just because a coach left? It would take YEARS to rebuild that particular program. Sorry Cory. You didn't think this one through.
Oh please. The players are not getting the short end of the stick. They milk the recruiting process for all it's worth; holding coaches, fans,etc. hostage until signing day when miraculously they make their minds up in front of ESPN's camera. Then they get to college where all of the sudden they're NOT in the driver's seat. I love it. It's called life. Deal with it.
How in the world could the author give an honorable mention to the 1996 team and not give one to the 2006 team? That 2006 team went 12-2, won the Sugar Bowl, and finished ranked #3 in the nation. Come on man. Do a little research.
I used to love "Saturday Down South" 3 years ago. It has really gone south in recent months. Jessi Lee, I don't know who you are but this article is absolute garbage.
Yeah right. As if there's going to be a postseason ban.
Nope. No 9 game schedule. Don't want it and it wouldn't be fair.
Tennessee should be #2 in football. But they shouldn't be #4 in basketball.
Do your damn homework Tom Brew. LSU should be 4th in basketball....ahead of both Tennessee and Missouri. FOUR Final 4's in Tiger history.
".......LSU's lone win over a ranked team was a 35-28 win over Florida........" . Immediately after that sentence they show a graph that lists LSU's win over Western Kentucky. Come on John Hollis. Get it straight.
Shouldn't the Pac-12 worry about the Big Ten and the Big 12 before they take on the SEC? They didn't do too well against either conference during the bowl games.
Northwestern only lost 3 games and has a win over Stanford. You have to take the entire season into account.
They should worry about Northwestern first.