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Did you watch the same game? The couple times tj scrambled he looked just as bad as brennan running.
He has been a killer against us in critical situations. However, he doesn't have the defense behind him he did on those bama teams. 10 pts won't beat us this game. Of course i think both teams will score more than 10 before i get some comments. It was in reference to the type of game he beat lsu at bama
Get over it. It's just people holding a handkerchief drying tears. Its not like they are vandalizing it or i don't know poisoning trees maybe. Just sayin
Kirby Smart is a class act. He just needs to adapt like saban did and lsu finally did
Why is Ohio state not getting slammed for their defensive performance? Michigan got 400 yards offense and their offense is ranked worse than ole miss. Ole miss offense is higher ranked than any team ohio state has played
Did you watch Ohio state game? If Penn State had a qb they would have won. Clemson is a tougher game than Ohio State. And these analysts talking about how georgia matches up against lsu haha. Georgia has a conventional run offense and lsu is dominant against that. Georgia is not the threat to us running that ole miss was. The pass offense is way too conventional our dbs will shine in yalls 2 man routes. When a and m and auburn went tempo georgia had trouble. Our tempo and pass game 10 times better than either of those. I don't think it will be close.
You are wrong, it says at the start of the article what the fpi is. It predicts how well a team will perform the rest of the season. LSU is a lot more likely to perform better the rest of the regular season than bama but they still have bama higher. Bama still has Auburn and that is harder than any game lsu has the rest of the season. Thats why it doesn't make sense
Paul an idiot anyway but geaux tigers
Please go to Minnesota because i really don't think either one of us care if gameday is there. If gameday is there it just means sec nation won't be and that is the one i watch anyway
Actually, it's because they know they are gonna be at bama lsu next week and they don't want to be in sec 2 weeks in a row. This just told you Minnesota plea is being answered with a no
I love his passion. I doubt they go there but who seriously would be mad? I prefer sec nation just because they only talk about sec and thats all i care about and they dont usually go the same place as gameday
Yes. There were horrible calls and no calls both ways. 2 pass interference calls against lsu when you watch the play were bogus.
It is a good thing on 2 passes Bo was not accurate. Two different throws if they had been on target wouod have been pick six so his inaccuracy helped at least twice
The players already left the program and it was not done by the university or any official capacity with the university. It is all on the guy doing the embezzeling. You can't punish a program for something that is not an infraction. The guy could have given the player's parents money after the kid is no longer part of the university all he wants the illegal part is the embezzlement
I don't think LSU covers. I think they win but don't cover
Also, this year's Clemson will be like Florida state in the first playoff. They will get in based on last year and get demolished in first round
You should be penalized for strength of schedule.
I hate us(LSU) having to play in that god awful cbs game. I hope cbs loses that contract at renewal time
I definitely agree with you on your last statement. Florida south Carolina is a potentially better game
That LSU line is stinky. Vegas must know something so I'm staying away. I know its on the road and what happened last time but that was Mullen team. We were 14 pt favorite over Florida and only 18 on state? No disrespect to state but Florida is better than 4 pts better than state
That is good rivalry digging. You want to talk about class? Mocking a dead tiger or comments on threads about wade sims the basketball player that died last year. Don't come to me about class when yall have zero
Florida people were pissing me off before the game using your logic. They kept trying to use last year's game. And yall may win, but you must not be watching your own games because your defense aint any better than ours. It is actually way worse against the rush than ours so aint either defense stopping the other o in our game this year.
The eye test. All these analyst talk about resumes and then still give the benefit of the doubt to perceptions or what happened last year. If you vote based on playoff criteria then LSU would be 1st, then ohio state, Oklahoma, Bama
Uh, doesn't he cover on the outside? Jefferson plays the slot