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You're right and I surely wouldn't want to be the the coach that follows him. How do you follow a legend?
I am one of those LSU fans who respect and like Saban for all he's done. I'm unhappy that he ended up in Bama, yes. But I respect what he's done. In this case, I think he may be using a bad example because his words might hurt Ruggs and the family even more. However, I think his point is a good one. Our society has too long been willing to standby and allow others, particularly friends, "screw-up" because we're afraid to piss them off and try to take their keys away or suggest an Uber. Instead we take the easy way out and let them go. I live in Pennsylvania now and doubt that the drunk driving cases are any less here in PA than LA or Alabama. Suggs drove drunk. Suggs drove 156 mph. He hit someone and killed them. Maybe, just maybe, one of his friends, or a bartender, or a security guard or someone who had balls enough to stop him had spoken up, a life could have been saved. That's Nick the Stick's message, IMO.