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Jimbo is 17-9 in ‘18 and ‘19. Coach O is 25-3 in that same time span. Hmmmm
No surprise here either. He was linked to other HC openings towards the end of the season so it’s not a surprise he wants his own gig. Who wouldn’t? Thank you Dave for bringing this LSU defense together and keeping us elite. Good luck at Baylor. Lord knows they could use some defense in the Big 12 haha
Gonna spend it all on gumbo and crawfish. Geaux Tigahs!
You act like you’re surprised. Obviously Burrow is gone being a senior. LSU fans knew Brady was not going to stick around forever. Money talks and he’s a helluva play caller so who wouldn’t want him.
Just about every LSU fan knew this was coming. Brady is a big name right now and it’s no surprise he’s going back to the pros. On behalf of all LSU fans, thank you Joe Brady for helping bring LSU another national title. Good luck in the NFL... just wish it wasn’t with the panthers. My Saints will have to face him twice a year now. Geaux Tigers!
This team definitely deserves to be in the conversation. With the amount of top 10, top 5 wins, stats, awards and overall success, this team is one of the best CFB has seen. There’s sometimes doubt that the best team won the natty, but this year there’s no question to who was the best team this year. It will be a long time before we see a team like this again. It’s been a dream season for a fan base that has been longing for a good qb to complete what has been a solid team for the past two decades. Hate to see this dream season end but man is this team special. Best in LSU history no doubt.
Super enough coach to beat the gumps in Tuscaloosa. Bet Nicky had fun watching from the sidelines this year!
Listening to Stephen A Smith makes my ears bleed every time I hear him talk. This guy is worse than Finebaum. We’ve proved him wrong all season and we will one more time. Clemson hasn’t seen an offense like LSU. LSU by 14. Geaux Tigers!
I don’t care what anyone says, that’s a dirty hit. Lead with the crown of the helmet and Wentz was clearly going down. I see a big fine coming for Clowney.
Boo hoo. Should’ve stopped them from scoring instead of whining about it. It’s not like the score was a 30 point game and they continued to run the score up. Love seeing cry baby Jim lose especially to the SEC.
Looks like a catch to me. I didn’t see any juggling or anything to make me believe he didn’t have possession. Clemson caught a break on that one.
Riley was then seen texting his bus driver letting him know to go ahead and warm those buses up!
I called this in my earlier post. LSU is too much for OU. See y’all in Nawlins!
I think LSU wins big here. OU is good but they won’t stop the LSU offense. LSU wins by 3 TDs or more. Our defense has caught on quick and OU defense isn’t good enough to stop Burrow and the receivers.
I have to disagree. He’s a great recruiter but one championship with the talent he brings in each year? Final fours are great but nobody talks about you unless you win it all. Coach K gets this vote in my opinion. Not a Duke fan either.
I mean he’s right. The Georgia game was never even close. Their defense is great, but the offense just failed to show up. Credit LSU D for that too. The teams he mentioned at least played us close.
I remember when everyone, including some LSU fans, that laughed when LSU hired Orgeron to be the next head coach. Now look at him. He helped LSU get its next Heisman winner (a QB at that) and he’s got the team contending for a national championship. I love Ed and the passion he brings to this program. Geaux Tigers!