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Yeah, because being inside Clemson’s 25 yard line 5 times and coming away with 3 FG’s 1TD and 1INT has nothing to do with the outcome....they only lost because of this one overturned score...GEAUX Tigers
Last season he didn't want to go to the games, I figured it was something serious. It's nice to see everyone pay respect to one of the truly great live mascots. I would feel the same way for Uga, or AU's eagle (witnessed his pre-game flight several times, everyone should once).
As a SEC fan living in Colorado, I'm hoping this kid lives up to his potential and gives this state, or CU, a boost in college football fans. The best part about CU football as of late has been the band. Good Luck....altitude...!! GEAUX Tigers.
You mean like how MSST and AU were both ranked when we played them?
How's Saban working out for you? From LSU with Love
Is that an attempt at writing a sentence? Nice one.