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All he said was that it was silly which it is and no problem he and stingley barely played this year he was gone as soon as we got rid of Coach O no one is sour about that
Do you see Tuan’s stats above from the past 2 seasons they scream mediocre so if the quarterback is mediocre and the coach still has a winning record over the last two years with that mediocre oft injured quarterback who’s really the problem
There’s never been parody in college football it’s always been a few teams with a real shot every year and a few lucky ones. Oklahoma and Miami ran the 80’s, and the state of Florida and Nebraska ran the 90’s early 2000’s was usc and it’s been sec mostly Alabama since so if it wasn’t bad for college football then it won’t be bad now
Lol what’s your beef with obj? They guy is literally the highest paid Nike football player and is more famous than 99% of the nfl and enjoys all the perks of that fame. Doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. Not to mention he’s been paid millions to actually play football
So by your logic every player should play until they graduate because if they leave after their draft eligible they didn’t finish what they started
Once again NIL haters find their way to bring it up in a negative way as if Bryce young isn’t a class act. The better team won not the better quarterback last night showed football is still the ultimate team sport
Michigan was legit bad before they hired Harbaugh you must don’t remember the rich Rodriguez, Brady Hoke eras. He definitely built something solid and turned Michigan into a contender in the B1G again something they haven’t been since the Lloyd Carr era
The guy has been here 5 years do you really think with a 6th he’ll boost his stock up that much? Whatever he didn’t do in the 5 years I’m pretty sure he won’t do it in his 6th. I rather Sage Ryan and Derrick Davis get their careers started
Lol because kids declared for the draft? And there’s an entire generation of younger fans that will replace the older ones and college football will be going strong long after you’re dead. Your generation isn’t the target audience no longer college football is going with the younger demographic and it’s obvious. You wonder why? They’ll be here longer
If he said that he was straight up lying Mac is doing his job but a better rookie than Justin Herbert or Andrew Luck? Guy just says anything Mac rookie season isn’t even as good as Cam’s people forget he had over 4,000 yards passing and 35 total touchdowns and none of those guys had the greatest coach ever in their corner
If that was the case he would be a starter. He’s no different than dk Joyner from South Carolina and you wouldn’t say that about him. Super athletic very fast but one of the most dynamic in the sec nah that’s too much
Dude are you the grammar police or something? You must be an old guy you have to be. Twitter isn’t a college classroom. Stay in your lane and get the stick out your butt
The thing is I feel as though fans are selfish and only wants what’s best for themselves and how they feel but then turn around and try to question a player’s character when he does the same. If you get this far in your football career without an injury what’s wrong with being cautious and protecting your dream. It’s not all about the first round jake butt and Jaylon Smith’s injuries have seriously affected the way they play the game they love and neither has ever been the same
You sound like another entitled fan though? How can you get upset at him for sharing how he feels about fans. And sir it’s 2022 young kids don’t text or type full words the same way you guys did when you wrote letters, unless we’re texting our grandparents
Who cares about you mad props or respect you won’t help him recoup his millions if he falls. Nobody should care about these kids opting out it’s not affecting your livelihood but it can definitely affect theirs. I’m all for younger guys getting valuable experience going into the next season
The quick passes weren’t working because the balls kept getting batted down at the line of scrimmage he had to adjust. Did you even watch the game? I’m not saying he’s a great OC time will tell but I can guarantee you he’ll be good enough to beat Florida. We dominated you guys with jake peetz
You do realize we’ve won 3 natty’s over a 20 year period with one of the best win percentages in college football over that span right? We’re just down right now. Oh how quickly people forget. When was the last time vandy competed for a sec championship?
I mean it’s not like he’s not a first ballot Hofer so if he thinks highly of himself it’s justified and he’s a cincy alum he’s going to ride for his alma mater
So you thought Cincinnati was going to be in a shootout with Alabama? If you did you’re just dumb. Scheme wasn’t the problem or play calling Alabama had better players and more physically dominant players and it showed
Same guy who is a Super Bowl champion and made the all decade team. He’s the most accomplished safety in the nfl
Deion lives rent free in this guy’s head.
Then why do players recommit from Alabama? Everything will be fine the good programs have to adjust and most will. The power dynamic is shifting and people are going to have to get used to it we’re heading into the future
How does an lsu fan become a bengals fan? What were you a fan of? And why do people have to mention they don’t watch the nfl anymore? Nobody cares the world of football will still move on regardless
Maybe he bound he was truly spectacular in coverage this year. Stingley hasn’t even been decent since he was sensational as a freshman
He also might not get drafted so he needs all the good film he can get if we’re being honest
Lol but he gets free publicity from haters like you. That’s what y’all don’t understand as long as people talk about the school or him it’s a win, you guys have never paid attention to Jackson State ever. But now you are and will even if it’s just to be a hater
Lol he got the one for fcs this one is for fbs you seriously hating just to hate. You must have an inferiority complex when it come to Deion
So was colt Brennan and Graham and how did they fare in the nfl? You can’t name one receiver Andrew Luck had but he still produced at an elite level. Fromm was a benefactor of a great running game and be hyped up out of high school for having moxie and the “it factor”
Or maybe he just misses home or doesn’t want to be in Alabama anymore. Schools like auburn should never speak down on any transfers I know I wont