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He was the #1 QB in HS and sent Rattler to the transfer portal as a true freshman then win the heisman in first year starting
He never said that. It was a clickbait report and I see it worked
No it won’t because the schools everyone cheer for aren’t going anywhere. Are you rooting for your favorite school or athletes?
lol maybe because this year he’s substantially better? But the half a hundred would still get hung on us
Dude that was 15 yrs ago the game has changed tremendously? Blocking schemes are totally different now
No way my friend!! He’s our best defender and a possible first round pick we love him
Lol and so do you. Different from what you’re used to isn’t always bad. The guy had a pretty good reputation and has done well for himself and seems to be a good dad as well
He got drafted in the first rd and is guaranteed millions of dollars over the next few years not to mention actually starts for an NFL squad. Now what about Fromm?
Bro I don’t get these guys and why the hate is so real. I get the guy is cocky and that rubs people the wrong way but seriously? I don’t even think being cocky is a bad thing
Dude Colorado was 1-11 last year, it’s clear they’re a way better team this year what more do you need to see?
You probably said the same about josh Allen and Lamar Jackson who have thrived in the league. What type of coaching was he getting in Florida? Will the coaching not be better in the nfl
Backup quarterback is everybody’s favorite player until you realize why they were a backup in the first place
Like they did his brother who they knew about? They only helped mike because it would benefit their family In the long run and he’s still very much rich you can look that up for yourself
He had a brother in the same situation as him but he was only about 5’8 149 pounds I wonder why the family didn’t do the same for his brother they knew of? Maybe because they wouldn’t have seen the same return on their investment. It was always shady
What type of phenom misses the NCAA tournament every year he was in college? He was a good player on a terrible team that got force fed. The guy lost more than he won, basketball is a team sport and while he lead the team they couldn’t even make the tourney
So why is he not charged? Don’t saying because he’s an athlete because Aaron Hernandez received life
You do realize politicians don’t care about anyone but themselves right? Their public servants and idiots like you praise them. They’re supposed to be working for you but in the end you’re exactly what they want you to be…brainwashed
Josh Allen turned out fine. You people act like we haven’t just seen this play out and I guarantee all of y’all had to eat crow on josh allen
You guys actually act like josh Allen and Anthony Richardson aren’t the exact same prospect, only one of them played at Wyoming and not Florida. Nobody wanted josh Allen to be a RB because you don’t waste that type of arm talent in the backfield
You just hate everything lsu. The gun was not illegal he just carried it illegally
Nobody cares guy. This case is a year in the making and he’ll probably get 4 game suspension for a drunken mistake. Also it’s not like AK is a Super supportive alumni so I doubt he cares about what Tennessee thinks of him
No it does not. People really undervalue Burrow and hype Brady. The guy hasn’t been able to keep a job since he left Burrow so your saying weigman has Burrow potential?
People really will not like you because you’re different from them. What reason do you have not to like the guy?
So why be a hater? Nothing he’s done so far indicates he will fail or will be a bad coach. You honestly think Sam Pittman is a great X’s O’s guy? Coach O won a national championship delegating so for you to say those are reasons you think he will fail is asinine. Just say you don’t like the guy because he’s Confident and successful and move on
Which coach doesn’t do that? You sound crazy right now
What’s your problem with Deion? Travis Hunter hasn’t melted into obscurity and was the #1 recruit in the transfer portal and chose Deion again, the guy will be able to recruit just has to translate it to the field. Not to mention this is his 4th 4 star since becoming head coach two were flips
What are the odds of that happening though. It’s simply the rule because the Hall is for the best of their eras BENNETT isnt the best QB of his era