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People really will not like you because you’re different from them. What reason do you have not to like the guy?
So why be a hater? Nothing he’s done so far indicates he will fail or will be a bad coach. You honestly think Sam Pittman is a great X’s O’s guy? Coach O won a national championship delegating so for you to say those are reasons you think he will fail is asinine. Just say you don’t like the guy because he’s Confident and successful and move on
Which coach doesn’t do that? You sound crazy right now
What’s your problem with Deion? Travis Hunter hasn’t melted into obscurity and was the #1 recruit in the transfer portal and chose Deion again, the guy will be able to recruit just has to translate it to the field. Not to mention this is his 4th 4 star since becoming head coach two were flips
What are the odds of that happening though. It’s simply the rule because the Hall is for the best of their eras BENNETT isnt the best QB of his era
That same statement can be applied to yourself and any other football fan
You want to be Iowa and Wisconsin so bad. Players win championships you need the athletes
Campbell got beat like a drum as well, it’s life in the SEC for an 18 yr old
Lol what teenage boy or young 20-something year old man doesn’t like sports cars? You old guys really forget you were young once. I bet when the trans am came out you thought it was the coolest thing ever
Exactly when was that? I don’t think Nebraska and Oklahoma would’ve been able to build a dynasty with players mainly from their own states
How can any of you say he will fail with such confidence? The guy has forgotten more football than you know. There’s no telling how he will fare nobody knows the future but to just assume a guy is going to be a failure is crazy and sounds like you’re rooting for him to fail. What has Prime done to any of you guys including the tide fan
Who cares? Let them leave and give the young guys on the roster all those extra reps and game experience.
So 70’s and 80’s rockstars never painted their nails? There was a whole era called punk I think you forgot about
Yes he would’ve he’s having a better season even with both of them missing time
Or you could end up with J.T. Daniels or Spencer Rattler. More of a chance you end up with one of those guys than a game changer
Bro no one cares anymore, because lsu controls it’s destiny Tennessee doesn’t and the tigers are playing a whole lot better than when we played y’all
You can obviously tell our team is different and a lot better than when we met your team. I don’t think it’s another blowout loss
I mean look at your non conference schedule this year. You guys always hype the all -sec schedule like conference was a juggernaut
Lsu brought in 15 transfers including their quarterback
What went wrong exactly? The kids are playing well because of money? What about every other team who are performing well
The guy won 3 chips in 4 years then retooled and won another 2 in 4 years
When he retires he’ll be inducted into the rock&roll hall of fame he’s an American music legend that has multiple Grammy’s and an exhibit dedicated to him in a museum of music
They guy had 6 pressures and two sacks he showed up trust me, idk what game you watched
Lsu, Alabama, ole miss, miss state. Those teams are comparable to your top 4 if not better and our bottom teams Arkansas and a&m and auburn are better than your bottom 4