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The only thing that bothers me is the reasoning the DA gave as to why he isn't pursuing it. That is freaking stupid LOL playing football is a privilege. They weren't forced to be out in the Heat LMAO the guy acts like they were in some kind of forced labor camp their whole adolescent LOL no they were out there with all their buddies practicing a GAME!
While I don't agree with it(could be a lil bias) i see LSU staying at #5..
One word. Respect. College ball will definitely be different without the hbc
Agreed! I'm also very surprised about the inconsistency from the WRs! So many dropped catchable balls! Very frustrating i can only imagine how Harris was feeling.
I mean Mizzou did lose to Indiana and still went on to win the East last year. So it's still within reach this year BUT the offense needs to get it together or else this season will be a dumpster fire. GP needs to shake some things up on that side of the ball asap
OHHHH they didn't hit em with the Back 2 Back by Drake!! Hahahahahahahahahaha that is awesome. Too funny!
I'm feeling pretty excited about that match up as well! Ole miss is looking tough thus far.
1st:LOL 2nd:i also heard similar 3rd: geaux tigers
No disrespect to the kid but i am not a fan of Ish in the backfield. Hopefully he changes my opinion Saturday but I'm not getting my hopes up.
Lol i would hardly call that "taking a hit"...
Wait just a minute..... lsu not even in the top 25? LMAO no
Idk i feel as a qb group it alleviates some of the pressure to perform but as individuals i feel like this never ending qb battle could constrict the progression of the eventual starter. Do you really think these dudes aren't freakin out about if they're gonna stay or not, you're crazy. In my opinion that unknown in the back of their head could keep them from putting 100% focus into improving as a qb... idk just my opinion about it.
Just thankful he is alright n should make a full recovery. Football is a lot of things but its not everything.
Woah man i don't pray much but coming from someone with a SCI from a car accident 4.5 years ago, you're in my thoughts Brantley! Along with your family! Damn man i hope he pulls through all this.
Ohhh yet another detailed and thorough article by my dude Murf Derty!
Yeah i don't really want to see him at LSU either lol
He basically just admitted that he is an inferior player
Haha i thought to myself "well this is gonna make a LOT of ppl upset" for some reason i had a feeling murf wrote this article bed cause he's the only journalist on here with any real valid substance when writing about Mizzou and LSU lol
It was a breath of fresh air to see decent qb play today imo
Murf derty does it again! Best writer on this site!