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Seems legit. Did your sister/wife help you come up with that?
Why can’t SDS make a chart properly...
Lol rhetorical question. Sds strikes again.
Correct me if I’m wrong but he was a middle line backer at LSU.
Irrelevant. USC isn’t LSU and vice versa. Also as far as DB’s go. LSU has far outperformed Georgia. Georgia has 6 total interceptions. Derek Stingley jr. alone has 4 and let’s not even get into passes deflected. I’ll give you swift, he’s very good, but is his injury gonna limit him against LSU?
Ha! Better then auburn? Is that a fact? Georgia hasn’t played the level of offense that Auburn has had to play. We’ve seen what high powered offenses have done to Georgia’s defense in the past, should be an interesting game but it’s quite laughable to say Georgia’s defense is better then Auburn’s.
It’s funny because Georgia and Clemson both have stifled everyone all season yet a fully healthy LSU defense did the best against a common opponent who you could also argue should’ve been battle tested at that point.
Well here’s an interesting thing to note. After Alabama lost to LSU they only dropped to 5. All but ensuring they’d make the playoffs as long as LSU beat Georgia and Alabama won out. Unfortunately Alabama lost so now we are left with what ifs. LSU has arguably the most impressive wins of the season across the FBS. I don’t believe losing a competitive game to Georgia will keep them out based on how Bama only dropped to 5th after a competitive loss to good competition.
When you roll over in bed and see your cousin-sister... Roll Tide.
Let’s not forget that there has already been a cfp finals that included two sec teams. The SEC has been represented in a championship game since 2006 with the exception of the first cfp. To say that the sec isn’t supreme anymore is kind of silly.
The number 4 team has...
If their defense couldn’t stop Auburn then I would argue it won’t stop Burrow and the LSU offense.
The honey badger got in trouble with synthetic marijuana. Pretty sure he got released by the team for that but I can’t remember.
Let’s get something straight, they have to beat South Carolina first for your statement to be completely true. Clemson doesn’t look like a team that can go to Colombia and win. Even Georgia lost at home to SCAR. I thinks Clemson loses that game.
South Carolina will beat Clemson at the end of the season. I’m calling it now.
Exactly. That’s basically how the Florida LSU game was. Luckily for LSU Florida made the mistake. I’m willing to bet that Florida will beat Georgia and get in the SEC Championship. They honestly look like a complete team and Trask is a baller.
Also @cody Texas and TA&M are on considerably different levels as far as offense goes.
Lol LSU has a front loaded schedule? LSU’s entire schedule is loaded. Also let’s get something straight. A 7 point victory over a team with a top notch offense is nothing to be ashamed of. Matter of fact Oklahoma only beat them by a similar amount as well. Also can we all agree that Clemson should be kicked out of the top four in favor of Oklahoma or even Penn State at this point?
However the rest of the season plays out for auburn there is a bright side. I believe Bo Nix has tremendous upside and he’s only a freshman so I think if Auburn doesn’t pull it off this season then next season could be a big one for Auburn.
Just to clarify, the MissSt fans that were crying in that video were not crying because of the game. A vet was on the field during a commercial break apparently and I’m assuming he surprised his family or something.
I thought 10 was pretty good. I feel like LSU fans can relate to it.
That’s like saying LSU would’ve won the national title in 2011 if they didn’t have to play Bama. Lol but seriously I think Georgia would’ve been better off with Fields.
I would switch Georgia and Notre Dame as well as Clemson and Oklahoma.
They expect Bama to have an unbreakable defense so when it doesn’t they start to criticize. If Bama slowed the offense I think you’d notice an improvement on the defensive side.
Really sucks that Mizzou has the ncaa sanctions against them. Hopefully they lift the post-season ban. Would like to see them have a successful season and get a good bowl game.
Lmao my friend and I were just joking about this. He was on the team the last time LSU went to the SECCG (2011).
Even Saban said if him missing a few players to injury made his team a bad team then he was doing his job as a coach. If LSU has Terrace Marshall Jr. healthy then this game could have been a score higher in LSU’s favor.
If it was the other way around Florida would be doing the same thing. It’s just a little rivalry fun.