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Lol kinda like Kirby has the East? Y’all will be lucky to beat Kentucky next year.
Good point. Saban has kept Bama at the top or close to it since 08. I know he didn’t win a title that season but it was still a ver competitive team that almost be Tebow.
Clemson good but Bama will be a dynasty until Saban leaves. Dabo whined to much about being overlooked but let’s get real, they play in the ACC which isn’t exactly looking the best right now.
I like the 2011 LSU squad but please for the love of god REMOVE Jarret “pick 6” Lee and Jordan “marine fighting” Jefferson from the list of talented players you mention. They would’ve never been starters at any other division 1 school and watching them play was like pulling teeth. Other then that, I like the 2011 team.
I think Kentucky maybe fixing to start rising up. It’s been a while but I read where they got a commitment from a 4 star quarterback. Not to mention the already stated starters returning and the head coach signing a contract extension. I believe Kentucky will be good again like the early 2000s.
Y’all this is so surreal. I still can’t believe they pulled it off. When I say pulled it off I mean transforming the offense and having the season they did. I mean this is amazing!
Lol I heard it over the tv clear as day and I couldn’t believe it but it felt so right!
Fromm is a great quarterback. Georgia needs to get an OC and they will be alright.
I’m assuming you’re talking about Auburn. Who would you have put in their place?
I’d argue that we will be praising Kentucky in the East next season as well. Florida looks like a team poised to take the crown next season though. Trask is ARGUABLY the best quarterback in the East if for no other reason then the system he’s in and his decision making. Not to mention they will have a nasty defense as usual. I like Jake Fromm but I think the system they have him in is not helping him shine at all.
Honestly, if he hires the right personnel and can recruit in the trenches, which we all know is where the battle is won, then he should have success. I personally think that’s a two season mess in Fayetteville, but on that third season they should have something special as long as he recruits good and hires the right people. Sounds like he’s been around the league for a while and has coached at quite a variety of schools, surely he has some ties to assistants that can help him with this turn around.
Lmao this comment man! I feel ya on losing assistants. LSU finally has a revolutionary offense, compared to what they’ve had, and everyone wants the man that helped change it. This is why we can’t have nice things.
Gonna have to disagree. They absolutely destroyed Michigan state in a regular bowl game. Saban will have them ready to play.
Let’s just get real here. The SEC has always been the most dominant. The SEC was the most dominant during the BCS era and it’s been the most dominant for the most part in the college football playoff. Mock those losses as you please because just last bowl season a Kentucky team that only knew how to run the ball beat a highly ranked Penn State team. We can argue forever about this but the proof is in the pudding. Next season will most likely be even heavier on the SEC side with Florida coming up and Bama’s defense maturing amongst other things.
A lot of hate for Swinney here. Call him a moron all you want but there is a reason he’s playing in what? His fourth or fifth playoff semi-final? Seems pretty smart to me. Coach Ed Orgeron doesn’t strike people as a genius either but look at how he’s running the team. Get the right people around you and allow them to do their job while being a good leader and recruiter. Seems like he’s doing all the right things which in my opinion makes him smart.
LMAO yea I heard that as well. I’m almost certain that he’s dyslexic. One time I heard him say “ I really feel like Dave Aranda is doing a great job as offensive coordinator.” While our defense was on the field. Honest mistake but still hilarious.
#unaffiliated is a hater. Constantly trying to make excuses has to why the SEC won over other teams. How about the fact that the SEC is just better. Did baker mayfield play defense for Oklahoma as well? No. Therefore the shoot out came down to the better team regardless. Notre Dame is always overrated and it shows when they’re in the playoffs and it showed when they were in the BCS title game. What’s Colorado’s excuse for losing? Let me guess every time they play a good team all of their players are magically sick or get injured the week before during practice?
Kentucky will threaten the East crown over the next two seasons. I’m calling it now.
Saban also said that if a few players being injured determines how good his team is then he isn’t doing his job as a head coach.
And LSU’s defense hasn’t been healthy all season until now... what’s your point?
Booches that’s insulting... but hilarious lol
Seems legit. Did your sister/wife help you come up with that?
Why can’t SDS make a chart properly...
Lol rhetorical question. Sds strikes again.
Correct me if I’m wrong but he was a middle line backer at LSU.