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I wasn't expecting to see much from Brennan, and I didn't get much from him. For most of the game he looked like he had trouble reading the defense and making decisions. If you hold on to the ball as long as he did you aren't going to be productive. The thing that stood out to me most was his feet, he stood flat footed most of the time he was in the pocket, which made it difficult for him to maneuver quickly in the pocket; as well, made it difficult for him to execute on getting that ball quickly out of his hands. Brennan showed no flash of instinct for me, and he did appear to be a leader on the field or on the sideline. I know he's waited around for 4 years but there has to be a better solution to lead the Tigers than Brennan. The offensive scheme was also disappointing. No RPO, no pre-snap movement, no misdirection. Frankly looked like a boring Les Miles offense. I wonder if Chase opted out because of COVID, or did he know that the offense was going to suck (Brennan) and figured why risk it if your numbers are going to be abysmal and just prep yourself for next years draft. Agree, just fire Bo now. He never impressed me when he was here before.