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I would hope he has already been briefed by LSU, but what they know has also got to be limited. This still doesn’t look good for Wade, but I’m guessing LSU is banking on the incompetence of the ncaa to work in their favor.
OT already starts at the 25. That has been an accepted part of the game for years. I think they should start from outside of scoring position and earn points. The 25 is a gift if the team has a decent kicker.
It’s far from obsolete. They surely need major changes, but they still hold a ton of control over a lot of people’s lives and livelihoods. They just seem pretty terrible at what they do.
If that’s the case, then they broke a school rule. Just as I said.
So you think the coach may be lying but don’t question the reporter with no known source? Get real. You are either in the media or just their biggest apologist.
I highly doubt that. An actual coach would be the recruiter of record. A staffer is not going to be fired over a non binding verbal commitment. These two did something wrong, as in broke rules. Maybe they were ncaa rules or possibly UGA rules, but they did something.
I’m not sure what the dot guy is thinking. Folks in the news media all have an agenda and report what fits their agenda. The sports media is just lazy. True journalism is dead, and has been since cable news started.
Wow. I shouldn’t be surprised because this organization is a joke, but I still am. There are several people there that should lose their jobs. The decision making is horrendous. They haven’t given a reason why Fields or Martell were approved, but they disapproved this guy because of 5 miles? Perfect.
That’s not what the tape says. If it was that easy, he would be gone already.
There doesn’t appear to be any doubt that Eillisms will go top 6. White is 50-50. We will know soon.
It was a trial and the guy was under oath. Nothing convenient about any of this. Michigan, Penn State, and ND are also blue bloods in college football. Who else did you want to see?
I’m not sure why you feel compelled to defend the media, but whatever. My opinion doesn’t matter in this situation. The media used to get a second source before reporting. Now, they all report rumor as fact and pretend it’s news. I know of no reputable source when it comes to the media. Do you?
I most definitely agree about the starting spot. The 40 would be as close as I would prefer. I think midfield would be even better. I would like to see them start outside of FG range and have to get at least one first down to be in scoring territory.
The media is just horrible when it comes to facts and getting the story correct.
Woodward is a very bright fellow. He gave himself a nice out here.
I don’t think much has changed for Orgeron, even though the AD changed. LSU fans expect to win 10+ games each season, and at least compete for a NC every once in a while. Saban and Miles set the bar pretty high.
I don’t recall Clemson ever being in contention for the #1 spot. I guess winning that second NC has serious benefits. They should be a power for as long as Dabo is there.
They are only a part of the sport if there is a tie. They aren’t a part of the sport otherwise. If two teams are tied after four OT’s, I would just prefer they tie. Losing a game in multiple OT’s counts the same in the loss column as a blowout.
I like the changes to targeting and the blindside blocking. The change to OT doesn’t do much for me. It’s like hockey with the shootout. That’s not hockey and the OT change isn’t football. It shouldn’t come into play often, so probably not a big deal.
Good point. He isn’t going to let it go because he has nothing better to do. I can’t imagine someone from the site hasn’t noticed what he is doing. I guess they don’t care.
Is your wife a low life scum bag like you? Either that, or she just encourages you to keep going to show the world what an idiot she married. She has to be sick of you, just like everyone here is. I never said I got material from Seven T. That’s either another lie from you, or just another example of your stupidity. Probably both. Keep trolling, Louisville fan.
She shouldn’t be running at all with hip replacements. Bo Jackson tried playing baseball on his hip replacement. He only lasted a short time and had to get it replaced again. I had mine done 23 years ago and it’s still doing great. I lift, swim, walk, and golf. No running or jumping.