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Excellent article to start off week 0. I’m excited about what’s to come.
I don’t believe Kentucky has ever had a top 10 recruiting class, but surely not a string of them. Keep winging it.
I don’t see UF and UT finishing with the same record. Sure wouldn’t bother me if they did though. Also don’t think UGA will lose twice this season. That too, wouldn’t bother me if it happened.
I’d be a little surprised if the AP actually put Ohio State above Michigan.
Not sure. We have a ton of receivers either on the roster or committed. It’s the OLine where we need some more commitments.
I suspect he turns out to be a better pro than he was a college player.
These kids are just so ridiculous. I get a laugh every time they say, respect my decision. What decision? The decision to not make one, when you supposedly already made one. They simply don’t understand the meaning of commitment. Can’t respect that.
I don’t disagree with you, I’m just saying that’s what I think they will do.
Funny stuff. So wot says “ My points again”, when that ID hasn’t made a single comment on this thread. Another multiple ID poster. How sad. Like we needed another of those guys here.
Who doesn’t agree? Anyone that’s not a bleeding heart liberal. The recent headline debacle there proved that.
I suspect that if and when we go to an 8 team playoff, that all P5 conferences will have an auto bid. I also agree that the first round games could be played on campus. I’m not sure that 120 D1 schools dropping a game so four of them can be added to the playoffs is a great idea unless the additional playoff money will cover the financial loss for all of them.
No surprise here. He has always looked pretty good when given the opportunity, plus he’s got a lot of time in the system.
I don’t think he will ever be great. He doesn’t have the power or speed to he elite. He is very smart and versatile with excellent vision, so I do expect him to have a long and productive career.
This does not speak or bode well for Fuente or his staff. He was considered a rising star at one point.
We are now finally less than a week away from real football. That is an exciting thought. No matter how this game plays out, I’m going to enjoy it. I do expect the Gators to win this one.
This site might be more credible than The NY Times. I realize that’s not saying much, but they were a poor source to bring up. That being said, he should have avoided that issue.
And for some reason, you think you need to follow me around. Why is that?
Keep trolling. I’m sure you think that makes you a contributor.
The guy’s only comment referenced the Big 8 and how great they were there. If you had better reading comprehension and less vile and bitterness, you would understand that. You don’t, so you don’t. No surprise there.
The four OOC games should all be wins. Florida, UGA, and Alabama should all be losses. If things go right, UT could win all the rest, but they could also lose to any of those teams. Missouri and MSU should be the toughest, but UT showed last season that they are capable. I’m leaning towards 6-6, but nothing between 4-8 and 8-4 would be shocking.
Crazy. Missouri had a losing record every single season for their last 12 years in the Big 8. 12 losing seasons in a row. That’s overall, not just conference games. He has to be kidding.
The nfl finally gave an explanation, and it’s as bad as the call. They said the interference happened before the camera shows the players, but the flag’s timing shows otherwise. I’ll just stick with college sports.
Agreed. I don’t see an unwatchable SEC game on here. I’m not sure about the Vandy defense, but that offense should be fun to watch.