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This has been pretty obvious since the UGA ND time was announced. CBS would have needed permission from ESPN in order to show it at night.
You can tell it’s getting close to the game. You both sound ridiculous.
You guys sure are defensive. You also make up a lot of stuff. There are unbiased people that watch games. Comparing them to me watching LSU is just silly.
Non biased people watch games too. Just because a team has more or less penalty yards than others doesn’t indicate bias. It most likely reflects their discipline, or lack thereof.
Yes, I see that they now lead us by .3 of a point. LSU is still averaging over 50 as of now, and that’s still not smoke and mirrors.
Three weeks should be enough time for him to heal if the recovery goes well. He will surely miss a good deal of practice time though. That can’t help, but it might not hurt much either. He and his receivers have pretty good timing already.
OSU has the toughest remaining schedule, but I think they can still get in as a one loss champ because of that. Clemson has no margin for error. OU doesn’t have much of one. Clemson almost lost to a mediocre UNC team. They are certainly capable of laying another egg, even in the weak ACC. There is a reason that Alabama’s record for not losing to unranked teams is so impressive, and that’s because ranked teams lose to unranked teams every week. I’m happy to let this all play out.
We don’t know what the future holds, so there are no absolutes at this point. If Clemson loses a game, I don’t think they get in over a one loss LSU team. If OU loses one, they too are in doubt. I am not in favor of a conference having multiple teams in unless it’s obvious they are amongst the top four, but it’s still very possible for the SEC this season.
That’s ridiculous. LSU has the top scoring offense in the country. The defense has surely been questionable and I’m not predicting a win over Bama, but you are as delusional as any LSU fan out there if you think the LSU offense is smoke and mirrors.
Penalty yards cannot point out bias. You actually have to watch the game to be able to discern that.
We don’t know that. There are too many games left to be played. There have been plenty of upsets already this season and there will almost surely be more.
LSU will have wins over Texas and Florida. That would still be two better wins than Alabama under this scenario.
Not blitzing is just as likely to get them burned. You can’t let Tua sit back and wait for a receiver to get open. LSU will do what they can to put pressure on Tua and make him uncomfortable.
Alabama pretty much has to beat LSU if they expect to make the playoffs. They won’t have a quality win otherwise. Maybe Auburn at the end of the season, but they can’t count on that one if Auburn loses to LSU and UGA.
It’s also just a computer prediction.
You can either focus on the message or make it about the messenger.
Kiffin was fined 5k by the conference. As I said, you’re clueless. You still laughing?
It was a light tug. I have no idea why these sensitive types even watch football. It’s obviously not a sport for them.
Says the guy that still can’t figure out the reply button.
You’re obviously new to how this works. Or, just clueless as usual. There is a reason no coach will answer a question about officiating, and that’s because they could be fined or suspended.
I’m hoping LSU is more focused at home against Auburn than they were on the road against MSU. They will need to be.
You should quit showing your inferiority complex and just post when you have something to add. It’s been a while.
In sure he’s already done that. This was about that moment and he expected the QB to run the play as called. Every coach does. Isn’t there a pac 12 site you can troll and share your wisdom?
You don’t seem to understand how this works.