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PFF is a joke. There really isn’t any analyzing going on there. Just a silly formula.
Refs always wave off baskets that happen after the buzzer. Part of the rules.
Players will be suspended. Kansas may get into a little trouble for their security not taking charge of this sooner. No issues with recruiting.
LSU was up10 with just a couple of minutes to go. Gotta learn to play better defense down the stretch. We were only a tenth of a second or two from OT. Nice win.
LSU is 27th and 29th in the polls. A 2-0 week should get LSU ranked. Gotta beat the Gators tonight.
LSU seems way too high in all of these early polls. LSU still has a lot of talent on the roster, but we lost more talent than we ever have. Going to be an interesting season.
I wouldn’t think very many LSU fans care about this guy anymore. His antics have worn thin.
You’re chasing way more than just Bama. I believe the Aggies have finished tied for second once in the West. That’s their best finish. You’re behind Alabama, Auburn, and LSU. Way behind.
Not even the Aggies are paying 50 million to fire a coach. That’s a ridiculous sum.
LSU should have the most players they have ever had drafted this year. That’s not really a good thing, but we will gladly take the trade off.
Both guys are definitely doing great things for humanity.
He’s been a good player for LSU. I hope all gets well soon with his personal situation.
LSU has its kicker for the next few years, so I hope he finds a spot.
I certainly hadn’t considered this. I’m not opposed to it as long as this is what Orgeron wants. I would have strongly considered going back to Wisconsin and getting their DC.
More nonsense and reaching. Even that season, LSU was 6-2 in the SEC, which was one game out of first place in the SEC West. Keep trying to discredit us. You’re failing miserably so far, but you do it with such confidence it’s comical.
When has LSU been middle of the pack? One team in the country has more NC’s than LSU this century. No one has more consecutive winning seasons. The middle of the pack nonsense is what hurts your credibility.
Your hope is no. You aren’t fooling anyone. The middle is the pack nonsense just means you have no credibility.
No one said he was a minor player. You have some erroneous thought in your head and you just keep repeating it. It’s foolish.
You don’t seem to know much about Orgeron. He was only the interim at USC and was 6-2. Nice try though.
He cashed them this year. That’s all that matters now.
LSU has actually been in the last four that New Orleans has hosted. They no longer host every four years as the NC is now spread out amongst more venues. They are currently not scheduled as of yet to host another one, but will be bidding soon. They did not host after the 2015 season.
Three is a row says you shouldn’t be overconfident.