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I preferred that everyone stayed in the game. That’s over now. The PAC and Big 12 are dead from a major college football standpoint. It’s all about the Big 10 and SEC. They will both probably go the 24 teams and come up with their own playoff system. The SEC will wait for someone from the ACC to make the next move. They are the next to die.
They could have gotten that deal anytime, but they didn’t until now. It’s only because the landscape is changing and they see the pac getting left behind.
I think a great deal of that money could have been made up with a guaranteed playoff spot, and their volleyball team wouldn’t have to travel across the country to play their competition every week. Sports is getting ridiculous and greed is the reason. I’m good to watch all of this play out. The big boys are getting what they want. They have now killed two conferences. The ACC members have now been warned. They’re next.
The rest of the members let Texas do what they wanted. If everyone else had a problem, they could have banded together. But, they knew Texas was a a bigger brand than the rest combined. That’s weakness. It’s not in the SEC.
Yet, they all looked to better their situations. You think that’s ok for Missouri but not Texas. Interesting. Texas did what it could, in large part because of the weakness of the rest of the conference. The SEC doesn’t have that issue.
I don’t really comment on them either. I don’t care for women’s sports. If that’s your thing, then good for you. Your sensitivities indicate you may be one. Again, good for you.
You’re comparing women’s basketball to football. They aren’t close to the same for me. I understand SC fans being happy with the accomplishment, but I watch zero minutes of women’s college basketball. That’s the same amount of minutes I spend on track.
Obviously this is a personal list because very few here care about SC women's basketball. Very few.
Every team that the SEC has added has asked to join for one reason, to better their situation. Texas is no different than Missouri in that regard.
Those schools were not going to save the PAC from USC joining the Big 10. Only a guaranteed spot for the PAC in the playoffs would have made that happen. The SEC said no, so Sankey is as responsible for this as anyone for the super conference thing. I’m sure he’s proud of himself
The breaking point came when they couldn’t agree on a playoff format. I wish they would have.
This doesn’t seem like much of a loss. If the rankings are correct, UF shouldn’t even have offered him.
That’s interesting. My middle daughter graduated from UF and then LSU medical school. She talks about LSU all the time, but the only times she has been on the LSU campus is when the family attended games, but that was when she was still a child. The medical school is in New Orleans and they still live in that area.
And Maryland is a former ACC member. They’re staying former.
There were a lot of players that were vital to making this happen. Elko is correct, but you can’t do a statue of the team as that would be way to big and costly. Most schools just do the coach.
That seem to be a lot of money for three no name coordinators. They are paying their OLine coach peanuts. That’s the biggest red flag.
Why would Penn State leave the Big 10? That’s not happening. Same for Maryland.
What does the PAC think they are exploring? There are no programs available that move the needle. Washington, Oregon, and Stanford are all that is left of the PAC. The Big 10 should just go take all three.
We should be applauding the writers for responding. Most don’t.
All they have are substandard options. None move the needle at all.
I’m definitely a fan of this. Most of the in state kids at Tech dreamed of playing in Tiger Stadium. This is their chance. It’s also extremely helpful to these schools athletic budgets. If we are going to pay around a million bucks for a game, might as well keep that money in state. This is especially true for a poorer state like Louisiana, but truly, it’s good for all.
Oregon? That’s too far away. Kansas? No. We don’t need a basketball only school. Duke is much like Kansas, but at least they are close. UVA and VaTech can replace Oregon and Kansas.