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Thanksgiving is for family, food, and football. It doesn’t get any better than that.
Why would Tennessee fans be worried? A couple of their know it all fans have said Gruden is a done deal. They should alert the rest of Vol nation so they don’t fret unnecessarily.
Why would that be great? Most UGA fans still like Richt and he still obviously likes them.
Who was 4th or 5th string? Bama has four starting LB’s and only a few guys are injured? He was the number one rated LB in the country.
When was the last time this game was this significant for both teams?
Moses is a supreme athlete and a pretty bright guy. He should be fine. I’m not buying the LB concern. The guys have been with the team all season. They should be ready to compete.
Arkansas is a tough away environment? Raise your standards.
If I was a UF fan, I would be hoping for Chip or Frost. Frost won’t say much now because he used to work for Chip and will not want to be seen as competing with him for a job. I really don’t want UF to get either of these guys, but I think they have a great shot to get their guy.
Frost isn’t going to a small school. He will be at a P5 school next season. Both schools you mentioned are step down from where he is now. Not sure what you are thinking, but it’s way off
I’m not really sure what is going on with LSU and defending the screen, but we just don’t do it very well or often. Gonna need to work on that.
You are a Georgia fan. What do you know about trophies?
He is this fired up for Kansas? Baker still has a lot of growing up to do.
This is the worst I can remember Jackson playing. To add this stupidity to his poor play was a really bad look.
LSU is now the only P5 school to have won at least 8 games every season this century. That’s something.
That’s not how it works. The SEC assigns the bowls at that level, so don’t blame the Belk Bowl. It does seem to be setting up for the Taxslayer though.
The kid stuff just shows you are an immature wannabe tough guy. You aren’t. Grow up.
Ok sport. You sound like a moron, but you are who you are. Like you have any inside info.
Nothing has happened yet. Everything is just speculation. Enjoy the ride and wait for the result before passing judgment.
Very true. The vast majority of us are fans. Some are truly fanatics.
It’s supposed to be fairly cold in Knoxville tonight. LSU hasn’t played well in the cold these past few seasons. Be interesting to see how they handle it this evening.
Attractive P5 opening is the key. He might be ok to hang out where he is for another season or two to wait for the right opening. He shouldn’t act desperate like he did last season.
Chris seems to have it out for the B1G. I look at Wisconsin Michigan as a win win. Either Wisconsin or Harbaugh takes a hit today. I’m good with either. Kentucky beating UGA would be a bit of a shocker.
This is a pretty good week for the banged up to heal. There is a lot of young talent on that Bama LB group and two of them are from Louisiana. The young guys can gain some valuable experience this week. I’ll mainly be watching Wisconsin vs Michigan, but I will check in on this one.
Great coaches have big egos. Mullen knows there are limitations at MSU when it comes to competing for championships. He may be ok with that and turn out to be like Bill Synder at Kansas State. If Mullen is going to leave MSU, the opportunity should be there this offseason.
I suspect it is an IT problem that should be fixed before long. This has happened before.
I see LSU as a top 10 job, but #3 seems a bit high. The last coaching search should serve as an indication of that. Herman choose Texas over LSU, and LSU didn’t go after any other big names.
I don’t think Taggart is a big enough name for UF or UT. Both want to make a statement. If the schools can’t work out something with the big names, the Taggart could come into play.