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The only quotes I can find from Saban relate to grad transfers within the conference. What is it you think he said about this particular situation?
LSU hasn’t lost to two teams from the East in the same season since 2008. Those two teams, UF and UGA. Hopefully there is no repeating that this season.
Why would the board sue Chavis. The hypocritical part is A&M had no problem going after a coach under contract with another school. Now, they seem to have a problem with it when it is their guy that got poached.
The story of Deaf/Death Valley is pretty interesting, at least to LSU fans. A guy in the press box told another writer that the stadium was so loud it sounded like deaf valley. The writer listening couldn’t hear him very well because it was so loud that he thought the guy said Death Valley and wrote that. Even after the speaker clarified what he actually said, the Death Valley term stuck.
These were the best two candidates all along, but now we have no depth in case of injury.
A lot of media members seem to be in love with UF, though not to this degree. That’s why they play the games though, so we will see. That would be an all world turnaround.
These kids think they can play and want to. They see what’s happening on the field and know their place in the pecking order for the position. I don’t blame anyone for transferring. He gave it a shot and doesn’t think it’s working. Best of luck elsewhere.
The Baton Rouge paper says he is indeed going to a JC in Mississippi.
Harris sucked. He went to UNC and regressed. You’ll need a better example than that to make your case.
This has nothing to do with the new rules. What exactly did Saban predict?
He won’t have four years of eligibility left if he transfers to a major program because he will have to sit out a season, and he has already redshirted. It probably makes the most sense to go to a JC in need of a qb. He won’t have much time to learn a new offense, but most of those keep things pretty simple.
None of them that left went anywhere and did anything. This stat isn’t as much about not being able to develop a QB as much as constantly picking the wrong guys. Transfers have actually been the most productive.
Not a huge surprise. Players see how things are going at practice and they know when others have passed them. Hopefully one will stay, preferably Narcisse.
Odd that the Aggies would do this. They had no problem with Chavis breaching his contract with LSU.
Where is the contradiction? Parted ways could mean he resigned, was fired, or the departure was mutual.
X is definitely a troll. He tries way to hard to sound stupid. It’s all an act to embarrass UGA. Some UGA fans do that naturally, but this is an act.
90-10 isn’t actually pumping the brakes. An injury to Tua is the only way I see Hurts starting.
You also predicted/guaranteed that Fulton would win his NCAA appeal. How’d that work out?
Based on this ESPN computer metric, I think UF is the team most likely to disappoint. They are favored in 9 games. I think they might win 7.
It’s already been reported several times. He actually said it himself in one of the articles.
That’s not a very bold prediction when it comes to LSU. Several players have already said this.
It wouldn’t necessarily be an upset based on a preseason computer module. If LSU wins against Miami, lots will change. Even this model doesn’t believe it’s own numbers.
Agreed. Even worse at LSU with having four guys split reps. Orgeron needs to start making some decisions.
I trust you mean SEC history, and I seriously doubt it. Bama has an outstanding rushing attack. None of those teams did.