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I would be curious to see how he arrived at this. I’m guessing he has LSU 10-2 with losses to UF and Bama. Does he have the Gators 11-1 or 10-2. What about Bama and UGA? Inquiring minds want to know.
He is definitely out there. A very different fellow.
A&M was a four loss team last season. Auburn lost five. Good teams, but they aren’t exactly murders row. Cry about that schedule, and you will be laughed at.
Having South Carolina as the permanent foe doesn’t hurt.
LSU has an actual Tiger. He doesn’t go on the road though.
Soldiers are in the Army. People with military backgrounds know this. People have every right not to serve, but those that didn’t don’t have a right to crack on those that did. Well, Willybob, I guess you do have a right to crack on those that did serve, and the ones that did serve helped to protect that right. Keep making a fool out of yourself. It seems like a very simple task for you.
A little surprised to see the Aggies a 20 point underdog and LSU an 8 point favorite on the road.
UGA is not doing something that helps an opponent. Obviously the powers at UGA think there is something advantageous about this move. Hopefully they explain it.
It’s definitely the OLine for LSU. They should definitely be better this season, but the question is by how much? If the improvement is significant, LSU could be a serious contender this season.
Auburn has nothing to do with the schedule change. That came from the conference. UGA needs to quit complaining about the previous schedule. Y’all still had four conference home games, just like everyone else.
Ohio State lost their HC and finished in the teens with this last class. LSU finished fifth and has carried that momentum forward. Y’all have no idea how this will end.
It’s just math. The latest and greatest formula for deciding worthiness.
I don’t think it will really make the nfl any more popular either, so I don’t see them spending their money on it.
This is the first mock draft I have seen without Greedy Williams in it.
Why have a shot. LSU isn’t the most talented team, but they are still pretty good and have the most favorable remaining schedule.
There are a lot of programs that still consider themselves national powers that haven’t accomplished anything in years. In some cases, decades.
This puts LSU #1 in the 24/7 composite rankings for now.
The guy is nuts. I don’t mind him following me around. He is a Louisville fan posing as a Kentucky fan and he is upset that I called him out. I’m now charter member of some club he created. Almost makes me famous.
There are five different college baseball polls. This is the one from D1. I’m surprised they kept Vandy #1 after a loss this weekend.
There are more names on the list but these are just the ones the writer hand picked. Herbert is on the actual list.
I’m surprised to see that LSU jumped up as high as they did. I was expecting 15 or 16, but I’ll gladly take this.
There are only six games left, so for SC to get to 20 wins, they are going to have to win out and win a game in the conference tournament. I also think that your toughest games should include Ole Miss. It’s a tall order, but I do agree that SC has a chance.
I live in Florida and you don’t need to continue to prove my point. Mission accomplished.