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And the game of musical chairs continues.
Stingley will he drafted high because of his skills. He is as fast and quick as any corner coming out and he has better ball skills than any of them. Health is a question with him, but he should be ready at the combine so we will know more then.
Agreed. I would have liked LSU’s chances, but there are definitely no guarantees. We’ve lost to three pretty good teams. No shame in that. Our early conference schedule is brutal, with seven games in a row against all teams projected to go to the dance. I’m looking forward to playing a lower tier team soon.
It’s been two years and Stingley is most likely going to be the first DB off the board. Welcome to reality.
The Jags should look to trade the pick to someone in love with one of the pass rushers. They need lots of help.
Six catches for 83 yards is a good game, not a season. I suspect he will be using his degree moving forward. A practice squad could be a reach.
I’d like to see him at Baylor. Those returning QB’s are not good.
That’s good news. He and Jones should be the two primary LB’s next season.
Atkins was a senior and I think the only other punter on the roster is Todd, highly rated but hasn’t played. I think we can use him.
So now these kids are just playing musical chairs. This is just silly.
Saban was from WV. Miles was from Michigan. The culture thing is for goofballs. It’s all about winning. As a pretend former coach, you should know that.
The OLine is definitely our biggest issue. They weren’t good last year and most of the starters are leaving. A lot of backups got playing time due to injury, so that should help. Long way to go with that group.
I know nothing about this guy other than what I just read. Hopefully he is ready to help. We have used our 7 free guys from the portal and now they count against the 25 man signing class. I’d like to see us get about four more from the portal and seven more high schoolers to bring that total to 20.
Burreaux is certainly living up to the hype. Cincy was more than due after 31 years without a playoff win.
I don’t see how that works with conference membership agreements. Teams that leave the SEC would have to pay a ton to those left out. I don’t know what they would have to pay teams to basically throw them out of the conference. This would get real messy.
Tennessee at Kentucky should be a great game. Arkansas at LSU should be a good one. Bama at MSU is also a big game. Good day for basketball. Gotta mix in some Bengal playoff football. Fun times.
Plenty of P5 schools are only money makers because of the conferences they are in. They are no more worthy than many G5 schools, and less than some.
Dabo is an outstanding coach. I don’t think that’s really a debate. He is not in the same class as Saban. That’s not much of a debate either. Maybe if he wins a couple of more titles before he’s done, then he can get into the all time great debate.
It is a good movie. I watched LSU go down to Auburn 18-1. That wasn’t pleasant.
No surprise here. I wish him all the best.
Arkansas looked great against Missouri, but if we can stay out of foul trouble, we should be ok. Gaines stepped up big time and Days was his usual self when needed. It was nice to see O’Neal get some quality minutes. That’s big going forward.