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You’re the joke. You hate Kentucky and troll them all the time while pretending to be a season ticket holding fan. Pathetic.
How do you know Brennan won’t be a good starter? He was more acclaimed than Jones, and LSU will still have a lot of talent around him.
Arrogance has no place in sports, especially from fans. We aren’t the ones out there. I am pretty confident in an LSU victory but wouldn’t be shocked if we lost. Definitely disappointed though.
One of the guys at CBS picked UGA and so did the guy at That’s at least two from what I’ve seen.
So neither Texas or the Aggies have any confidence in their ability to beat the other? That’s just sad.
Oh please. Gene Chizik? You’re just reaching now. Chizik won 8, 14, 8, and the 3 games a year at Auburn. Orgeron has already been more consistent and recruited way better. He won 9, 10, and now 12 games and counting. Losing Burrow will hurt, but Orgeron and LSU will stay in the hunt for many years to come. You should just get used to it.
LSU can still have a successful season without beating Alabama, but it sure was nice to get the monkey off the back. I thoroughly enjoyed last season, but this is another level.
Most of us feel this is our year. Joe Borrow has been lights our all season. No idea what next season will bring. If LSU plays up to its potential, we have a great shot at a NC. Gonna enjoy the ride.
LSU still won. That’s really all that matters. Same for tomorrow.
Keep trying child. My four year old grandson is more mature than you. He has better football takes too.
I know who he is. When 60 is as old as dirt, you are obviously just an immature child. We all knew that already.
Says the guy that keeps predicting Orgeron and LSU to fail. You’re always wrong. Poor little fella trying so hard to be a somebody.
Alabama fires him just before the NC game. Saying that guy has matured is just funny.
Winning 10 games in the SEC is a successful season for everyone but Alabama. Winning a division is a successful season for everyone but Alabama. Going into the last game of the season with a shot at the playoffs is a successful season. Both of our teams are in that position. Good stuff.
I don’t really want him running unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s not worth the risk at this point.
Definitely a chance. I’m obviously biased, but I like LSU’s chances a lot more.
I saw 70-30 for UGA. Thankfully the crowd doesn’t play, and the LSU offense has been fine on the road against Texas and Bama. Can our defense stay focused and in their lanes will be the question.
Fromm? Great guy, but this hasn’t been his year. Hopefully he returns to UGA next season and gets to work with a better OC.
None of those offenses are near as good as LSU’s. The UGA defense will surely be tested Saturday.
Lots of future Marine Corps officers on that Navy squad. Geaux Navy!!
Fromm is without a doubt the lesser of the two QB’s in this game. The UGA defense is what gives them a chance.