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Fun fact, especially for Gator fans. Bill Arnsberger was the HC at LSU from 84-86. He left to be the AD at UF. Spurrier applied and lobbied hard for the job to replace him. Arnsbarger thought or at least said that he was not the right choice and instead lobbied for Mike Archer, his assistant. LSU choose Archer. Less than three years later, Arnsparger hired Spurrier at UF and the rest is history.
I’m a little surprised Auburn is still the favorite. I realize they are at home and are a very talented and balanced team, but they are seriously deficient in the offensive play calling department. It should be a hard fought and competitive game either way, but I think UGA gets this one in the road.
Everybody in America can predict the outcome of Bama’s remaining games. I’m sure there are lots of people out there hoping for an upset, but nobody is realistically predicting one.
Nobody has a better focus on the task at hand than this guy.
This is a must win for LSU. The season goes right back in the toilet with a loss.
Whew. 24 is a huge number. My guys need to stay real quiet prior to this game. Bama doesn’t need any extra motivation. LSU can’t start like they did against Auburn and expect to even keep it close. Sadly enough, I am hoping for a moral victory here. The team just needs to keep improving.
The Aggies lost to Bama, so they do not control their own destiny.
Last season, there was no team in the conference that could compete with Bama. This season, there are still a couple of maybe’s. Even though Auburn blew it against LSU, they still have an outside chance against Bama if they were to get their playcalling fixed. They gave the game to LSU because of that, but the team is still well balanced and talented. UGA is the obvious choice to compete, but we won’t see that until the CCG. No one else is close.
You are still clueless. No LSU fan thinks LSU has any realistic shot of beating Bama, so you clearly don't understand what this is about, which is nothing more than the meaning of, controlling your own destiny. Get it now?
And I never questioned his speed. I questioned his work ethic prior to the combine.
He is back down to 230. He was overweight when he ran at the combine. His time at the combine was not impressive. He is doing well as a Jag, but he still needs more help. They lost today because they gave up two ST TD's. He fits what Coughlin wants.
Come on gump. We are only talking about what it means to control your own destiny. That automatically assumes the team in question winning out. No one thinks LSU is winning out, but that doesn't change the FACT that LSU totally controls its own destiny.
Wow. I'm amazed at the ignorance on this site. Guys calling themselves football fans but completely clueless as to the meaning of controlling your own destiny. I am 100% correct. If LSU wins out, they win the West no matter what anyone else does. Same for Alabama of course. No other team in the West can make that claim.
No one expects LSU to win out, but if they do, they win the SEC West. Not true for Auburn.
Does anybody that writes for this site actually know what, controls their own destiny actually means?
Well, he played in the first game. He started the second.
I probably watch just as much SEC football as anyone, and I am not sure about the bottom four in this ranking. I do think I would have both Ole Miss and UT ahead of Missouri. Arkansas and Vandy both seem to have collapsed.
When the season started, I thought LSU would go 9-3 and possibly even 10-2. The Bama loss was a given and a loss to Auburn was likely. I thought the third loss could come from UF, A&M, or UT. When we got crushed by MSU and then beaten by Troy, that thought moved to 7-5. Beating UF on the road and then upsetting Auburn has moved the hope back to 9-3. Crazy season for LSU so far, but at least the needle is pointing upward now.
You should learn how this works before going through all these scenarios.
What makes Nebraska a better job than Arkansas, and why would Nebraska be able to pay more? Arkansas isn't poor by any means.
Your first statement is wrong and you lack credibility on so many levels. TCU beat Arkansas by the skin of their teeth and you call it a blowout while cracking on Bama's 30+ point win. On another article, you showed you don't even know how division winners are crowned. You are becoming a troll. Trolling Bama just isn't smart.