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ESPN’s own power poll has UF much higher than UCF. Maybe one guy that works for espn said it. That’s not exactly what you said.
It got us a troll. You do troll all the superior programs in the conference, Alabama, UGA, UF, and LSU. Auburn fans should feel insulted. We are happy to be a part of your immature jealousy. One day, you might even be proud of your own team.
You’re responding to a troll, but that is your speed, so carry on.
Another dumb comment. They just keep coming. Orgeron has no history of destroying programs. He didn’t even really hurt Ole Miss, where he did fail. He recruited so well that they became a winner after he left. LSU winning a national championship really bothered a few Bama fans. That’s just odd.
It’s way too early to go into panic mode. LSU lost a ton of talent to the nfl and then two more starters before we even started the season. Those DB’s playing weren’t expected to. The opt out and then the illness caused serious issues. Getting Stingley back will certainly help. Flott and Ward are going to have to learn under fire. We need them to get better. Ricks did pretty well from what I could tell.
No kidding. His first line is a lie. He is only here to troll.
Stingley is a vital player for LSU. His absence was surely felt yesterday. As far as the more goes, there are no more. LSU has young guys that need to develop and play better. There isn’t much more to it than that.
Thanks for the life lesson from another guy living vicariously through Alabama football.
Living vicariously through a football team. Yes, that makes you some sort of hero in your own mind. Good for you. Brag on.
I don’t know what you’re talking about. For whatever reason, LSU losing seems to have emboldened you. That’s always a sad testimony.
I thought LSU could go anywhere from 6-4 to 8-2 prior to the season starting. Now, 6-4 looks generous. Lots of young guys should get valuable experience this season. That’s the positive for us at the moment.
I don’t know if the game will slow down for him or not. He didn’t show great QB instincts by any means. He doesn’t trust his arm or his receivers enough and holds the ball way too long. He has a long way to go. Thankfully, Vandy is next.
You’re full of it. The inferior types always get bold when the better programs lose. No one was saying anything about back to back titles.
You’re still just a poor little troll trying to make yourself feel better because a team lost. Just shows how sad of a person you continue to be. You attempt to find joy by creating misery for others. It just makes me feel sorry for you.
The most glaring issue I had with Brennan is that he doesn’t process info near as fast as Burrow did. He actually seemed below average at that during the game as he held the ball too long way too many times.
Flott and Ward were beaten way too often. Neither seems like a great candidate for man coverage. The team really missed Stingley. The OLine got beat too much, but Brennan made them look worse by holding the ball too long.
We just got whipped. The next man up thing only goes so far. Brennan didn’t look ready for prime time. No unit really did. We have a lot of growing to do. Congrats to MSU on a well earned victory.
The transfers have been huge. They are keeping us in the game.
One of the few bright spots for the offense. Brennan still doesn’t look ready.
The young guys have a great opportunity today. Hopefully, they are ready. Losing Stingley certainly hurts. Prayers for a full recovery.
I’ll be flipping back and forth during the first time slot. I’m more interested in KY vs Auburn, but the UF Ole Miss game has some intrigue also. Three and a half hours until kickoff.
I think Mississippi State could throw it 20 times more than LSU and LSU could still end up with more yards passing because of the big play potential. I’m just ready to finally watch SEC football.
They had to break out the WayBack machine for some of those highlights.
Lots of posters on this site took glee in telling everyone there would be no football. They were all wrong. Sankey stayed the course and here we are. It’s time for SEC football.