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If he has a good season, that really won't matter.
That made me laugh a few times. It also made me wince a few. Nice work.
The defense has been top four in the SEC almost every season. I'll gladly take that. How often has LSU been top four in offense? With Cam as OC, the best passing attack LSU has was ranked 45th, even with a 3k yard passer and two 1k yard receivers. We can't defend any of that. LSU hasn't had a good OC since Jimbo. It's been a while.
He's a senior. It's smart of him to transfer so he can play and be seen.
That's not at all how the calls broke down. They went months without talking and then there were periods where they talked every day. The longest calls were centered around the investigation. They may have played golf on occasion, but it doesn't seem like they were regular playing partners.
If you think the majority of people in Berkeley are like the majority of people in Alabama, then I don't think you have been to either place.
You going to include the parents in that. I suspect it's them doing most of the paying
Has anyone requested the roster? Did the school delay the release?
LSU can finish second in the West. It depends how Auburn does at Tiger Stadium. Things would have to go real bad for LSU to finish worse than third.
That led to a national championship. Florida is good to hear that every day.
LSU failed to score 20 points in all four of their losses. The defense did their jobs all along.
There is a reason no one has ever heard of this guy before.
It's not my list. There is certainly a changing of the guard happening, but blue bloods get the benefit of the doubt with most football experts. Most fans just go year to year.
I think the SEC is the best conference, they just didn't have their best season last year. Even the best team loses every once in a while. If the ACC is best again this season, they will have a stronger case.
There is a group of 8 teams that are most considered blue bloods, even though many haven't done anything in years and are in danger of losing their place on the list. Alabama Ohio State Michigan Texas Oklahoma Notre Dame Nebraska USC Oklahoma That is the list according to ESPN. Their next group in order LSU Penn State UF UGA FSU Miami Tennessee. Fun debates.
I don't think FSU can hold Bama to 14. I think they score twice that.
I'm far from sold on Etling, but at least there is some hope going forward.
Then why not be like every other school in the country and publish a roster. Why delay when mandated. I'm no fan of the media, but this isn't in them. This is Harbaugh being who he is. He is a good coach, but he's nutjob.
They aren't even asking for a depth chart, just a roster. Harbaugh is a nutjob. He might be the only coach I pull against.