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Emerging juggernaut? Ok then. The Aggie offense should be better, but I don’t see them as anywhere close to elite.
It’s a mock draft before the season even starts. It’s only purpose is to get fans talking. These things are never correct.
I didn’t think we had much of a chance for him. LSU seems very happy with Nussmeier, so hopefully he ends up as good as Williams.
I don’t think that is hard to say. Cam is away better nfl QB than Tebow ever was.
The same can be said for Alabama. Every program goes through down periods. MSU has never been a national program. Is Leach really the guy to change that?
The old folks don’t want to go out. I bet the younger grads do something on their own.
I don’t think this is a good thing. It just shows that the players are challenging to deal with.
I don’t see the defense struggling. Two highly regarded defenders are leaving because they can’t seem to find playing time at LSU. That means we have plenty of talent.
I don’t know about Brennan throwing more accurate passes. Burrow just set the conference record for accuracy. I am looking forward to what Brennan brings to the table, but we need to keep things in perspective.
Racey should be the third or fourth receiver. He’s certainly the third most experienced and should get a good amount of opportunities. The top two guys are elite though. Brennan will love throwing to them.
We’ve had him for a while. He doesn’t spend much time with us though.
Comical. Why a comment about Alabama losing to two freshmen QB’s? That makes no sense. Surprisingly so.
Auburn was 9-4, and the freshman of the year title is a joke. He had a nice year for a freshman. He wasn’t close to all conference, much less all American.
Still the village idiot. Good for you. Fooling no one but yourself.
He was Brennan’s favorite target because they were both backups. He won’t be his favorite target once Brennan gets to play with the starters.
After the Morris debacle, Arkansas just needs some stability at the top. I hope Pittman and his staff deliver. The fanbase definitely deserves much better than what they’ve gotten recently. Franks should be able to help.
At the beginning of the season, all of the better teams had one goal, and that was to win the BCS title. No one had the goal of winning the AP. LSU won the BCS, therefore, they won the national title. Usc has every right to claim the AP title. I certainly would if I was a fan of them, but it’s still only a consolation prize.
Michigan wasn’t a national contender in anyone’s eyes, so how can that be more impressive than beating OU. Even the human polls had OU ranked higher than Michigan, both before and after the bowls.
Franklin won there. He also got better talent. Mason is not a good HC. Are you saying Franklin is way better than any coach in the conference?
LSU is two points behind OU. LSU won a NC and played for another. OU won a bunch of Big 12 championships. The playoff era has shown us how big of a deal that is, or isn’t.
He’s a worker. I look forward to following his nfl career.
He didn’t mention the flag at all. Silly liberal.
That seems like a pretty silly statement, but ok. We know who Mond is, so I will gladly take my chances with Brennan.
If healthy. I think Cam will be the starter at some point. I like Stidham’s talent, but I have doubts about his mental makeup when it comes to being a high level QB. Maybe he has learned having been Brady’s backup, but he hasn’t shown a lot of poise when pressured.