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The conversation was about TD’s, not completions. The comparison would be, what percentage of passes from the one go for TDs and what percentage of passes from midfield go for TDs. I’ll take the one.
Nothing loose about it. We were the undisputed national champions. It doesn’t get any tighter than than.
I see you moved the goalposts. No one was talking about completion percentages. We all know that it’s easier to complete a one yard pass from midfield than the one yard line. But, it’s a lot easier to throw a TD pass from the one than it is midfield. That’s the point.
That’s funny. I was thinking beer league softball. In his case, church league. I was surprised to discover baseball in Japan when I was stationed there. They play baseball like we play softball, to include senior leagues with 60 year olds pitching. They take it very serious. I loved it.
This is nothing more than a hobby, and he’s using his name recognition to pursue it. Enjoy.
Don’t worry about it. I looked it up for you. 52% of TD passes happen inside the 12 yard line. I hope you learned something about football through that stat.
Sure. Check the stats on where TD passes come from. You may learn something instead of coming across as a know it all arrogant prick.
Yes. They are all just guessing now. I don’t see LSU against Texas in that bowl game either. We aren’t at that level.
That’s a bit over the top Boxter. The guy diminished Trask at every opportunity. He’s clearly a putz and defending him is not a good look.
That’s not an explanation. That’s a homer trying to justify his idiocy. Instead, he validated it.
That was supposed to be the Cotton Bowl. I guess writers don’t have an edit button either.
The interviews are happening via Zoom. They’ve already interviewed a coach with the virus. The president having it does nothing to the search. Surprising that they have interviewed two guys and not much chatter out there about either interview.
He’s played one game. No way is he over any of the top five.
It’s time for Alan Faneca to make it. He was a six time first team All Pro. If the Guard position has any value at all, he has to get in. Hopefully, it’s this year.
Why would he be 2nd? The guy at 4 better numbers.
This should be our best team in a while. Need leadership, but other than that, this is a very solid roster.
Nobody is chasing you. You just post so much ridiculous stuff that I can’t help but notice. The talk radio stuff is the best.
There was definite improvement all the way around for LSU, but the defense still gave up too many big plays. Arkansas went 0-10 on third down but still averaged 8.4 yards per play. Ridiculous.
How long ago was this article written. O’Neal has been cleared to play. I know we don’t have an edit button here, but certainly the writers should.
The defense played their best game of the year without Muschamp and those two corners.
This is terrible, but it really isn’t very surprising. If you are fortunate enough to have a franchise QB, you have to protect him. That patchwork line was not capable of doing that.
You’re talking stupidity while quoting sports talk radio as your only source of news. Neither the coach nor player have said anything close to the nonsense you continue to spew.