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Extra $20 million? We don’t know that. The amount just keeps increasing. All rumor.
This guy doesn’t seem any better than the last commissioner, and that guy was terrible. That conference is in trouble.
That’s a pretty harsh comment about OSU. I’m not convinced it’s true though. If Texas was out of the picture and OU approached the SEC about them and OSU joining the SEC, I think the SEC might have taken that deal. When Texas was substituted in, it made it a no brainer.
This really shows that the SEC isn’t afraid of competition. The same cannot be said of the Big 10 and Ohio State.
The Big 10 has expressed no interest in Cincy. They should, but haven’t. The best two sports options for them in a sports conference are probably Iowa State and Cincy, and neither expand their footprint. The Big 12 could go after Cincy to pair with WVU, but Cincy shouldn’t even consider that until people know what is happening with that conference’s media rights going forward. Maybe, if they can add Cincy, UCF, and maybe even USF to pair with UCF and add another big TV market, Boise and BYU as they both have a small national following, and Memphis. I’d also consider Houston and Tulane because of their TV markets. That conference won’t make P5 money, but it should be worth more than the other G5 conferences out there.
In the case of the ACC, it’s 14 years of media rights. Someone will have to pay that money to those 12 remaining schools.
Who is talking about MSU? They aren’t anybody’s rival other than Ole Miss. And, you can’t move three teams to the East from the west as the numbers won’t add up. Bama and Auburn should have to move east and Missouri west. That keeps things even.
Stop with the ACC stuff. They are locked into their desks until 2035.
He just keeps posting the same incorrect info. Probably a serious facebooker with all his bad info.
The ACC schools are locked in until 2035. They aren’t leaving.
How about if the Big 10 gets involved and makes an offer. To me, that would be better for the long term health of the sport than them going to the SEC. They could also pay a ton. They would certainly close the gap on the SEC.
Not if they get two shares. Every other school still makes more than they would otherwise. Maybe Iowa State gets a Big invite, but that’s it as far as better opportunities go.
Kansas and anybody is bad, but they are already there. I did the best I could with what I had to work with. They could take Houston instead of Tulane, but that doesn’t really expand the footprint.
Big 12 media proposal. 16 teams. Four pods. 1. Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU. 2. OU, OSU, Kansas, KSU. 3. Iowa St, Boise, BYU, Cincy. 4. UCF, WVU, Memphis, and Tulane. They keep thei two national powers and add the Orlando, Cincy, Memphis, and New Orleans TV markets, plus a decent sized religious following. These pretty strong compared to everyone outside the SEC.
I think Iowa State is on the rise and would be a logical addition with the Iowa rivalry. They are also an AAU school, which is important to the B1G, even for a sports conference. I think you are correct that they have expanded their footprint while lowering the quality of the product. They need to convince or override Ohio State an invite Cincy. They are the best available in the area.
Or a few of them. That might be my longest post yet on here.
If OU and Texas leave, there is no one else to lead the conference. That will cost them a ton of money. UCF, Memphis, Cincy, and Houston are all decent additions to a conference, but none have the name brand to lead it. Boise and BYU would also be decent adds. If I’m the remaining teams in the Big 12, I’m talking to my media partners about the money that lineup could bring in. If the money isn’t there, then it’s every school for themselves. I think the ACC will add two teams in short order. WVU is the most logical one. They will certainly go hard after ND as I believe the ACC has an exclusive deal with ND related to conference membership for the next five years. If not ND, I don’t know where they go. They already have two schools in Florida, so Memphis may make the most sense. I do wonder if the Big 10 will let Cincy in. Sports wise, they certainly fit but Ohio State doesn’t want them in. They don’t have many options to expand their footprint, so Iowa State could be the other. The PAC 12 needs four more teams. They need to expand their footprint and add quality. They also need to get off their high horse if they ever want to be competitive again. They could go the Texas market route and add TT and Houston, along with Ok State. If the PAC brings in Ok State, then they should seriously consider Iowa State for the final spot. Boise would be another consideration. BYU, Kansas, KSU, TCU, and Baylor are left combining with what is left of the AAC. Just a thought.
I’m not advocating rankings. I think the conference championship should be decided by conference records and the best two pod champs should play.
Your divisions are ridiculous. We also aren’t adding a conference playoff game when the playoffs are expanding. If we go to pods, there would be two premier teams in each. Conveniently, in your scenario, there are none in Tennessee’s pod.
Comical. Ever heard of LSU and Texas A&M? Both beat you last year. Both have had much better seasons than UF in the playoff era.
They can be preserved. Put them all in the same side or live with playing every two years. Playing a team once a generation is ridiculous.
Completely agree. The three spot in the East was available for someone’s taking, but that will surely change going forward. Due to Drink, I actually thought Missouri could get it. Now, Missouri will either end up as the third team in a four pod system, or battling for fifth in the West. This move actually hurts every bottom half team in the SEC as they all will fall in the pecking order. There will be a hard line for the have’s and the have nots. Going to be tough to across that line going upwards. Only the Aggies have done it previously. Other teams have had good seasons, but none have sustained it.