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Agreed. Brady’s system requires a smart QB. Gotta go through the reads quickly and know where everyone is supposed to be at any time. Franks is a decent QB, but that wasn’t his strength.
You obviously don’t know how the death penalty works. I’m not surprised.
LSU hadn’t even received an NCAA NOI yet. Six other schools have in relation to this. We will see what happens going forward.
Many conferences play a CCG. ND doesn’t and it doesn’t really hurt them. There is simply one less data point.
Every LSU fan is happy with the decision. Frost didn’t appear to be very interested in Burrow. That realistically leaves Cincy because UF wasn’t a serious option either.
What does that matter? You really think Ball State was going to add that much? Again, there’s no way.
There’s no way. OU won the computers with a 9.9. USC was a 9.7 and Auburn was at 9.2. They were closer to Texas who had an 8.8 than either of the two teams that finished above them.
We went to a four team playoff because of the LSU Alabama repeat.
The numbers for young people dying from this are minuscule with a very small m.
Florida and Georgia should be a nice battle in the East. Tennessee and Kentucky could play the role of spoiler for one of them. The other three teams in the division are far from contenders. Bama should be a big favorite in the West. Arkansas will be better, but they should still finish last in the division. Kiffin should have kept MacIntyre as his DC. Even with new coaches, I expect the Mississippi schools to finish just above Arkansas in the standings. LSU, Auburn, and the Aggies should finish in the 2-4 spots in the West. The order for those three is wide open as of now.
That would have helped some with the computers, but it would not have made a difference with the human polls and it would not have put Auburn in the championship.
He’s first in every other mock I have seen. There are several odd picks with this mock. Davis to the Jags is pretty bad and this is the first mock I have seen with Helaire in the first round.
He has Herbert going first. That would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous. If the Bengals don’t take Burrow, there will be issues with the fans. If the Bengals don’t want Burrow, they should trade the pick for more assets. I wouldn’t mind seeing Burrow in Miami though.
Your info about 2003 is not correct. The AP crowned usc at the conclusion of their bowl win over Michigan, which was before the actual NC game was even played. LSU could have won by 100 and it would not have mattered as usc was already crowned with their consolation prize. LSU won the title that mattered.
The article seems too broad to me, especially when there really isn’t much to write about. You could easily compare the best position groups of all time and make that a single article for discussion. Lots of teams have had great players at different positions. This article shows the RB’s at one time for one school and then all time for another. Odd. Get more specific on the criteria and you might be on to something.
So far, it appears the market is nonexistent. It may take an injury to spur interest.
I would love to watch all of these games, but if don’t get to, we will have much bigger problems than missing college football.
The goal of the game is to out score your opponents. LSU had no issue with that. Miami struggled with VaTech 26-24 and even BC, 18-7. They weren’t invincible.
What? No players anywhere have their S&C coach, so that is a silly take. These players all know that are going to be judged by Nick Saban once they return to campus, so I trust the majority are working as hard as they can. Saying this is bigger than the loss of Kirby just seems silly.