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He wasn’t playing much and had been passed by three true freshmen on the depth chart. I don’t think this has much to do with Orgeron leaving.
People love comparing him to Chizik as both did win national titles and then got let go shortly thereafter. Huge difference is, Chizik only had one season in his career with less than five losses, and his final season, went winless in the conference. Orgeron has already won twice in conference this season and hasn’t had a losing season at LSU. Bottom line is, I’d rather be compared to Chizik than any coach that never won a title.
Woodward has given 10 year contracts before. You gotta be really sure about the guy to do that though.
Reports are that LSU is very high on him. I didn’t know a lot about him, but he’s had a nice career. Definitely someone to follow.
LSU is certainly going to have a hard time slowing down Ole Miss, but they are going to have issues with our offense too. Should be another fun game.
I like Franklin the least on that list for LSU. The possibility of Tucker is definitely growing on me. Matt Rhule, now at Carolina, is another possibility.
What rebuild? LSU has way more talent than Michigan State.
They really don’t. Your comments are pure speculation. I actually read about his current contract. No buyout if he chooses to leave.
I read Matt Rhule’s name earlier. If he is souring on the NFL, he could be a nice hire.
Not close to true. Texas A&M would owe Fisher that money if he were fired without cause. From what I just read, he owes the Aggies nothing if he leaves. Saban has the same clause in his contract, and the same agent. If that’s true, he could very well be the next coach at LSU.
Everything related to Orgeron is complicated, from his initial hiring on. He certainly wasn’t my first choice, but he brought LSU a national title and leaves the future coach with a ton of talented players, as long as LSU can keep them out of the portal. I don’t regret us hiring him at all. Too bad it didn’t work out.
The media will just keep throwing names against the wall and asking sitting coaches about it, all the while knowing that none of them are going to say much. Lots of them will get raises for not saying much.
Why would Fisher even consider this? I obviously have nothing against LSU, but what advantage is it to him?
He’s been here for a while. Trolls multiple teams under different accounts. Not sure what would possess anyone to do that.
Lots of guys will get raises and contract extensions based on all the media rumors.
You’re not going to get a sitting coach now. It has to be at the end of the season.
Oh. Social media rumors. Good for you.
What? It’s the same scheme they used against Kentucky and they have been working on since camp. They even ran it on occasion against Mississippi St. Injuries forced them out of it. That’s all from the article after the Kentucky game.
I’m not sure who you heard that from, but it doesn’t make sense. He stayed for two more years and Aranda helped Orgeron identify our current DC.
You think they are faking injuries and lying about surgery. Solid take.
Basing a coaching hire on half a season isn’t very well placed either. That’s kind of the point.
Three in a row against your team. I’m sure you are happy to see him go.
As long as they win a national title before they go, I’m fine with that.