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I'm going with Walker and Thomas here. Maybe I'm showing my age.
This is a great story. Very happy for the fans there. History is always fun to witness.
This is not a good look for these Kentucky students. They clearly don't understand competition. Kentucky suffered another tough tournament loss, but at least their coach can brag about all the players he puts in the NBA.
He referred to himself as the head ball coach.
LSU loses many more than those mentioned. Jackson was great at the nickel, Riley even better at LB, and both Neal and Bower were solid starters. LSU has recruited well and has outstanding depth, but that is a ton of talent going away. Add that to the offense playing at a faster pace, and I expect LSU to allow more points than last season. The defense should still be very good though.
The smaller schools can't afford to pay these players, so they aren't voting for that, and there are more of them than there are P5 schools that want to go this route. Allowing them to make money off their likeness should not be as much of a problem for them as it doesn't cost the schools anything. All other students are allowed to make money any way they want, even those on every other type of scholarship. Why not athletes?
I would have Errict Rhett #1 on this list. He was a big part of a great offense but he is never talked about.
That would be my initial thought also. Big difference in those completion percentages. Why don't they break down the other QB's numbers?
Reggie White was great, but Thomas had 27 sacks in one season, before college football had near as many pass attempts as today's game. That was probably the most dominant season ever in college football. Thomas should win the whole thing.
This is pretty much a joke, especially the inclusion of Julio. He is nowhere close to having the best season ever for a receiver. The voters just showed how clueless they are when it comes to the sport. Not really a surprise.
I watched basketball for the first time this season last night. To see three SEC teams earn victories was pretty sweet. Very happy for all three fan bases.
I remember the earthquake game well. Quite the exciting moment for LSU. It's probably not the highlight I would have gone with though. I would have gone with Chad Jones strip sack against Bama in 2007. That was just as exciting, and that helped get LSU to the NCG.
JM didn't do himself any favors after he was cut from the Browns with all of his antics. It seems like he has finally been humbled and is ready to take this seriously. If he stays sincere, he will definitely get another shot. Someone will offer him a league minimum contract that will allow him the opportunity to prove himself. The Saints are one of the teams that would make sense.
Well, Ole Miss beat them twice and that didn't get them to the title game either time. We will need to have a complete season to get back to the title game, and beating Bama will probably have to be a part of that.
I'm pulling for Wade, but basketball is not even on par with baseball at LSU. Heck, the women's gymnastics team outdraws the men's basketball team. And you are correct about the difference in a Sweet 16 and a division title. Double digit seeds make it to the Sweet Sixteen. You can't be ranked that low and win the SEC West.
I'm not sure what the writer means by higher profile. The article makes sense when it is known that this is the opinion of a basketball writer. I'll leave it at that for now.
Canada seems like a great fit for LSU, and he actually seems like he will be a good OC for us. It's been quite a while since LSU had a decent OC. Fisher was it, and that has been about 10 years. It's somewhat amazing that LSU has been as competitive as they have been with such poor performance from our play callers and those responsible for QB development. Very excited about the change.
I may be way off here as I don't follow every SEC team that closely, but I don't see the rankings in the same way. I will take Bama's depth at RB over all others. UGA would be a close second. I would probably put both Auburn and A&M over UK and SC, with LSU about even with them. Maybe some more knowledge fan can inform me why I'm the one off here.
Good for Kirk, and shame on ESPN. First Take is not watchable anyway.