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I’m not sure who I would want for LSU. Jackson would be nice, but Guice or Chark would be just as good if not better. LSU has nice potential at the WR and RB positions, but nobody proven.
I think this is still a nice get for Ole Miss when considering his other offers. Ole Miss “fans” that really only crack on their program really aren’t fans but haters. Kinda like that crazy guy from Kentucky.
Besides football? I don’t watch any of that nonsense. Football means it isn’t crashing. The rest is just filler.
I don’t see anything wrong with a kid saying he doesn’t want to go to a particular team. That doesn’t mean they won’t draft him anyway, but I don’t think that would be very smart.
I just think they are idiots. Their top QB’s are Tate from Arizona at 4, Milton from UCF at 13, McSorley from Penn St at 15, and Grier from WVU at 22. Lock is next. The list doesn’t appear very credible.
All of the SEC QB’s are way too low. These guys don’t seem to value the position near as much as they should.
Three qbs is a lot for one class. When all is said and done, I would expect Bama to sign two. No idea which two.
Your idea of an offer is like some kids thoughts on a commitment. If the kid said yes today, would Bama back away from their offer? Interest is not the same as an offer or a commitment. It could be that Bama expects to lose one of their committed QB’s.
This is huge for LSU. After last season’s late loss and with Williams possibly going pro after this season, he is much needed. Hopefully he stays true to this commitment.
That was just my plan and hope. My other thought was Wynn from UGA. The Jags surprised me and took a DT instead. I think that could turn out to be a mistake for a team looking to win now, but we will see.
Read the linked article. It’s pretty clear. The kid stays in school and continues on scholarship until the semester ends. The SDS article is the Readers Digest version. They aren’t throwing the kid out of school, but they can basically dismiss him from the team.
That would true if the West only had a two game margin over the East each season, but the actual disparity is much greater. Even without Bama, the West still wins easily. My bubble in intact. Facts always win out.
10-6. That’s not as bad as the head to head, but it’s still a decided advantage for the West.
It looks like he gets to remain on scholarship through that semester. He’ll probably lose his meal privileges and anything else extra.
The injuries to Simmons and Embiid weren’t as serious as messing with a back situation. If a team is convinced he will eventually make a full recovery and they are good being in tank mode like Philly was, then he could be a good pick as that almost guarantees another very high draft pick for the following season. Worked out well for Philly with those two. The Fultz pick looks pretty wasted though.
From what I read on Football Scoop, it looks like the scholarship can be cancelled immediately but doesn’t actually take effect until the end of the current term. If the player doesn’t like his transfer options, he can reapply for a scholarship at his current school, but they don’t have to grant him one. It’s not as harsh as it originally appeared.
Agreed, but if a player has a destination in mind, he will likely contact someone there if he knows them or have someone else make contact. I would think that normally, it will be a team that originally recruited them, or they know a school is looking for a transfer at a particular position.
You might want to research that per capita claim.
Maybe Lock can be Missouri’s first nil starting qb. Time will tell.
That makes no sense. What have not should have been in the playoff and who should have been left out?
Bama doesn’t play in the East. They did have two players listed in the West, the superior division.
He is one of the guys I was hoping would fall to the Jags later in the first round. It will be interesting to watch his career unfold.
The Jags receiving corps is not very established. Chark should get a chance early to show what he can do. I was very excited with this pick.
Or the fact that he has been first team All pro two of the past three seasons.