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It wasn’t much of a shot, but it was obviously intentional. He should get a reprimand of some sort. Being suspended for a game seems appropriate.
He doesn’t represent me. I completely quit responding to him several days ago. That would be like saying some of the rude Bama fans on the site represent you. We all stand on our own.
Because LSU, UGA, and the Aggies have all improved their recruiting over the past few years.
I don’t think that was ever really the conventional wisdom, just what some people said. They still say that, but coaches and systems are what are most important to players. That’s pretty much been the case for years and years.
So far, there are five 5* QB’s in this class. UGA, Texas A&M, and LSU each have one also. All of those schools have been recruiting great. Bama is obviously still great, but they will have more serious competition going forward.
Waddle’s numbers just don’t compare to the other two. Not even close. He wasn’t even as productive as Marshall. All of his explosiveness didn’t compare to the others. He never had a 1000 yard or a 10 TD season.
I think Daniels is a stud. UGA no longer has issues at QB. Actually, they are now very similar to LSU as both have very deep rooms.
I think he will do great. See, it isn’t very hard to make a prediction, and it’s far from impossible.
The game has changed. The players are bigger and faster. They dominated other smaller and slower teams. LSU and Bama best them by multiple scores. Easily.
And I couldn’t get under an 8 handicap until I retired and started playing multiple times a week. I dropped four strokes in about four months, but I’ve maxed out unless I can find a driver to add 20+ yards.
If I started playing from the old man tees, I would be scratch. That day is coming. I had a hip replacement in 96. Sometimes I feel that if I have to do a lot of walking. My wife wants me retire from golf and join a boat club. I don’t have the money for both so I’ll have to quit being selfish at some point. I’m hanging on until I start getting worse or the grandson gets old enough to enjoy the boat. I don’t fish and can’t ski because of the hip, so the boat thing isn’t that appealing.
The average pro hits it about 300, and probably a little less. I’m pretty accurate with the 280, but it causes issues on the really long holes. I play with some guys that top 300, but chipping and putting more than balance the scale. Josh Scobee is the only guy around that regularly beats me, outside of the college kids in the area. Lots of good young golfers here.
For a base club, that’s a very nice course. I don’t play it often. Not really sure why as it’s way more affordable than most.
Golf is a weird and addicting game. I normally play 4-5 times a week, all with different groups. I’m 61 and hit my driver about 280 now, so I always play from the back tees. Normally, I am the oldest in my group, but on Wednesday’s I play with a group of older guys who all hit from the front tees, normally reserved for beginners. Some call those the ladies tees, but the better females actually play from the middle tees. The old guys are happy to break 100 from the front tees. It’s a long day watching them hack all over the course, but it’s my only opportunity to play this particular course so I put up with it. All are retired and extremely educated, but they all curse like sailors throughout the match. I’ll quit playing long before 100 becomes the goal. Kirby would have a blast with these guys.
The Aggies are easily #1 on the list as of now, but that doesn’t mean that they will be the first to do it. Their window is now, but if they don’t win the conference in the next few years, others will have the opportunity to catch up.
You can say it as many times as you want. It doesn’t mean people are going to agree with you. If it wasn’t LSU from 2019, it was Bama from 2020.
I don’t see the ouch. All of the punishments were self imposed and probation doesn’t mean anything as long as they don’t get caught again during that period.
I’ve never been. There will be no golf on Saturday though. That’s reserved for football.
You don’t get a lot of foul calls when you don’t take the ball to the rim. About half of Bama’s shots were from behind the arc. Live by the three, die from the three. They were also only 3 for 8 from the foul line. Just wasn’t their day.
Excellent article. Very happy for coach Pittman. It’s nice to read about humble leaders.
I just googled Miles interviews with Wolfson. No issues with any I saw. You don’t seem credible in the least.
Sorry, just saw this JTF. If you are talking about the FL GA weekend, I won’t be in town. My wife likes to go away that week. I usually stay here, but this year, we got an invite from a friend to go to their place in Bakers Bay, so I will be playing golf in the Bahamas for the first time. Enjoy.
The conference should just announce that the Aggies season is over. They are clearly an embarrassment at this point.
We can surely hope, but some medical professionals and politicians are saying things very different.
We really don’t know what Chase has been up to since he opted out. I guess we will find out at the pro day. Hopefully he is in shape and has been working out.