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This is just another reason why computers are out and the committee is in. Both of the computer rankings commonly shown here are a joke.
UGA being a 7.5 favorite over the Gators seems a bit of a stretch. Their defense should keep them in the game until the end. That will be fun to watch. The MSU DLine will give the Aggies fits, but their weakness is pass defense and MSU can’t pass. Texas A&M is definitely the more balanced team and should win that one, even on the road. Kentucky can also play good defense. Missouri being a TD favorite is also a bit of a surprise. Kentucky passes about like MSU though, so that too should be interesting. LSU isn’t playing this week, but I am still looking forward to a very good slate of games.
You won’t find anyone else that has UGA third, Auburn 18th, or Missouri 23rd either. This system is a joke.
This was a bush league move on the part of Jones. He built that poor excuse of a Tennessee team and then celebrated them getting beat by a team he had nothing to do with assembling or coaching. No wonder no school in America will give that clown a real coaching job.
He istbt right at all. Helmets hit on multiple plays in every game. He didn’t hit with the crown, nor did he launch. He ran into the guy with his head up. It was a nothing play that turn significant because of the refs. I could see roughing the passer, but that’s it.
The call on White was just bad. We see much worse hits in every game that aren’t called. The fact that some guy in a replay booth is the final arbitrator on such a major decision is just as wrong. The fact that you can’t appeal doesn’t mean the SEC office couldn’t take corrective action, but we all know they won’t. That would require courage and integrity, attributes they have never shown.
Fitz has regressed. The Moorhead magic turned out to be a hoax. The team has some serious talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball, but the QB has turned out to be a liability.
It’s good to be the king, even if it is only the king of moral victories.
You crack on ND, yet they beat your team? You also crack on Vandy, but Vandy played ND tougher than Michigan did. You are just talking in circles now.
Nobody here is doing that. I don’t even know what that other site is, but you have brought it up more than once. You trolled an LSU page on this site and got called out for it, and then made up something about Louisiana and mobile homes. You would be all up in arms and calling others a liar if they spread false info. You can’t blame others for calling out your trolling. You also don’t appear capable of admitting you are wrong. Troll away if that makes you feel better.
You started it by trying to crack on LSU. Your Michigan team has the much weaker schedule and lost at home. The good news for you is Ohio State was exposed tonight. Y’all might finally beat them this season.
They’re still good wins and LSU still has a better schedule than anyone else in the country. Nice try sport.
I switched to this game after the LSU victory. The OSU defense looked pathetic. They aren’t playoff worthy.
Are you just trolling now? You are way off on your trailer comment. Alabama is fifth in the country while Louisiana is 13th by percentage. Your state has over 20% of its homes on wheels. LSU played a good game and everyone that has commented on the targeting call on this site has said it was a bad call. Maybe you should save your trolling comments for the site that you say is crying. You like to say that your trolling is limited to when others start it. Tonight, you just showed yourself to be a troll. One that makes up stuff at that. Not your best look.
I have no expectations of beating Bama. I don’t think anyone can beat them. LSU can still go 10-2, and I would be thrilled if that were to happen.
21-6 at the start of the fourth quarter and OSU was just forced to punt. Too funny. OSU could lose to a team that lost to Missouri. Missouri also just destroyed a team that played UCF to within a single point. Nice OOC job by the other Tigers.
The LSU defense was outstanding, but so was the MSU defense. Moorhead came to MSU with some hype, but so far, he seems terrible as a HC. The only thing worse is Fitzgerald as a passer. It’s a shame that MSU is wasting that defense. The LSU offense does just enough to support the defense. I’ll take it.
I guess I’m watching the game with my purple and gold colored glasses on. I didn’t see targeting there and I watched the play several times. Oh well. Another break for Bama, like they needed one.
This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The team that Jones built was not going to beat what may be, and probably is, Saban’s best team ever. As long as Tua is healthy, I don’t think anyone can beat them.
Fitzgerald will surely be a challenge for the LSU defense, but not the biggest one. The MSU DLine is the biggest concern. LSU will be starting it’s seventh different starting OLine this season and Simmons will be lined up against a true freshman. That’s a serious concern for LSU.
Are they really cheap shots? The numbers bear it out. Lock has been great against bad defenses, but has been below average against good ones.
The guy in question works for Adidas. He isn’t pimping out players to Nike schools.
He’s a troll pretending to be a UGA fan.
Tennessee already lost to Florida.