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I like LSU’s chances of getting into the NCAA tournament. LSU has the worst conference record amongst the three teams mentioned, but the best overall record and RPI. We need to win the series against the Aggies to keep the chances up. No real margin for error.
I think he’s looking for more than that. He’s looking to make this a competition.
I wouldn’t think that the guy who has been commissioner for 10 minutes has a whole lot of inside scoop.
And the ncaa is still sitting on their hands looking for help from Congress.
If other states are doing it, then your state has to or they fall behind with recruiting. Louisiana will follow suit shortly.
I don’t see him going to Alabama or UGA to be a backup. If he goes to Auburn, he has to be prepared to lose that battle. MSU would be interesting.
What the heck. This is as bad as hiring the head of women’s golf. They think this is the prototype. Comical.
You either think Bama will score more than 48.5 points per game or you don’t. Even with the easier schedule, I don’t think they will. In order to have better numbers, they have to have their best season ever. Otherwise, they regress.
Odd time for a rant against the targeting rule. These are kids, not professionals.
I would definitely be in favor of a pool arrangement and I think it would be a positive for the locker room.
That’s not true. Most rational people do not think Alabama is going to have their most prolific offense ever this season. Their numbers will be worse, even while playing a few patsies.
Showing your sensitive side on a sports site isn’t your best look. Most of the writers on this site come from UF and Missouri, so surely those schools aren’t hated. LSU has taken a beating on this site lately, much of it deserved, but I don’t ever think they hate us. They’re just trying to get clicks.
We were glad to see you go. Everybody wins.
I’m no fan of Trump, but he didn’t have anything to do with shutting down the pipeline or giving people a raise to not work when there are plenty of jobs out there.
Does Golic know if Tebow can block or catch? I don’t see Tebow as being much of an on the field contributor, but maybe he surprises. The media is just being the media here. That’s not a good thing.
I don’t remember the guys issue being anything related to domestic violence. I believe he was let go at Iowa because of insensitive language.
LSU leads LaTech through seven. That would be a big win as far as us getting into the tournament.
He underestimated the cancel culture and then bowed to them. Two bad calls.
I think Atlanta did a good job with their QB room. AJ is a very capable backup and Franks has a lot of potential, and should have plenty of time for them to develop it.
You and he are both ridiculous. If Tebow makes the team and plays, he will have earned it.
He’s nuts. And he calls others delusional. Comical.
What can Gabbert add to the conversation?
Making the regular season virtually meaningless to save the bowls is a ridiculous thought.