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If you look at the others on the list, Saban may be too low here. It isn’t overly credible.
You think Saban is going to tell him to go if he does? Not a chance. They have no other backup.
If it becomes obvious that Tua is the guy, then Hurts will probably transfer, and that will be the right decision for him. He didn’t go to Bama to sit on the bench, especially after starting for two seasons. No parent would tell their kid to stay and be a backup. Because he isn’t as good as Tua doesn’t mean he can’t start for another major program.
How does it hurt Bama? They have the scholarship room and a lack of depth at the position.
If he gets beat out, he could stay at Bama with the intention of redshirting unless Tua gets hurt. That way he would still get good coaching and not lose a season. He could still transfer and have two years left. JC won’t help him. Stidham went to JC and didn’t play, but Bama has better coaches than any JC. Lots of possibilities out there.
Others on the team have said they weren’t lied to. Patterson’s brother is still on the staff. Would he be if he thought the school screwed his brother? This isn’t black and white. We don’t have enough info. I still think he gets the waiver though.
And why would he still be there if he thought they screwed over his little brother? The NCAA should make him write a statement. That would be interesting.
Of course you are completely wrong TD. Nobody at Bama is ever guaranteed a starting spot. I think some kids are crazy to go there because of the inner competition, but they go anyway. Hurts took the spot of a 5* QB the first game of the season. Can’t blame Saban because someone else was better then. It’s the same as now. It happened at UGA last season. It will continue to happen at the better recruiting schools. It’s how Bama got Smith the CB from LSU. The best players are going to start. The others will continue to work and wait their turn or transfer. Everyone has options, but nobody is to blame regardless of what happens.
I don’t know why Hurts would transfer now. He can’t play anywhere else in 2018 but he can play anywhere in 2019. The other year of playing time is a consideration, but I’m not sure how big of one. Even if Hurts is named the starter, there is no guarantee he would keep the position. Hurts took someone else’s job early in his freshman season and the same could happen to him. Hurts will not be able to hide from his dad’s comments. This will get interesting.
Who knows what they told his brother. He wasn’t necessarily privy to all the info.
I don’t see him finishing that business this season. Last year was when the schedule was favorable. UGA and Bama on the road does not bode well. Who know what other QB’s will step up their game this season and put themselves in a position to be a first round pick.
Why can’t he do like the others are doing and ask for a waiver?
I’m definitely interested in seeing the QB’s play, especially the two younger guys. The big question can Narcisse pass. If so, he will be a strong contender with Brennan. Narcisse is a very good runner but his passing has been suspect.
Kirk has been mentioned in several first round mocks, so I don’t think it would be a big surprise to see him go there. The same can be said for Hurst.
Ramsey was in the same boat two years ago. The Jags took him 5th and he was well worth it. Already selected to a pro bowl.
You can break it down anyway you like and the SEC is the leader in a big way. The not so Big 12 has really fallen these past five years.
Good thing they waited two months to execute the search warrant. They sure were quick to put him in a diversion program too. Nice.
The defense will have to be better with all the questions on offense. White will surely do his part. He is a worker.
The numbers say he was 8 of 12 for 117 yards and a TD. Those aren’t bad at all, but the UF spring game was football’s version of goofy golf, so knows. I didn’t watch it.
The thing I am most interested in watching is Hurts against the DB’s. Hurts needs to improve his passing and progressions, and most of the DB’s lack actual playing time.
Mullen made fun and excitement a priority for the spring game. I can understand that irking some that take this stuff very serious but most teams are just doing vanilla plays anyway. I’m sure he saw what he needed to out of his players, but the stats should certainly be taken with a grain of salt.
All of the interested parties realized it wasn’t a good look after the commissioner gave his take. Freeze is a good coach, but he is a very flawed person. He needs to fix that and have some time pass. He will certainly get another chance in due time.
The school that he would transfer to gets punished by losing a scholarship for the following season. No major school is going to accept that so the graduates options will be severely limited. Grads have earned some benefits that others haven’t. This gets taken away. There aren’t enough of them to make a rule that punishes them. I hope this does not pass.
Discouraging grad transfers seems to run against the student athlete concept. I don’t like that one
If these pass, schools will have to think twice about firing mediocre coaches and will need to ensure they have the replacement ready right away.
As an analyst, all he is allowed to do is advise coaches.
No one really knows what to expect from the LSU running game. If Brennan and the receivers are who we think they are, LSU won’t see that many 8 man fronts. Three of the RB’s were four star recruits, so we do need someone to live up to that standard. The OLine really only lost two starters and neither is projected to be drafted before the third round. Malone was out most of the year so we really can’t count him as a starter. This will be an interesting season to follow.