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Why is Florida with OU. There’s nothing there as far as any rivalry is concerned. A total lack of leadership is the issue here. Who decided the three permanent opponents. How will the 5-4 home and away be decided, as far as who gets the five the first year. I want all of the top contenders to be the same, regardless of whether we start with the four or five. Where is Roy Kramer when we need him
Two are now guaranteed. We will see who else makes it.
Gee whiz. That’s a tough break. I guess when you are Indiana State, you don’t expect to need to host a Super Regional.
Their pitching just crumbled. Not sure what happened there.
I would consult them on the must haves and have nots. I would have relieved Vandy of SEC status long ago. They aren’t trying and don’t belong.
Congrats to the Gators. That guarantees at least one SEC team in the CWS. SC is playing good ball too, so this should be a good series. Hopefully UK hangs on as that will give us two guaranteed.
I have to give Coach Johnson credit. I was not happy that he started Skenes in game 1, but he obviously knew the weather situation in the area. It seems like he made all the right decisions through the regional. Very happy with how this turned out.
They’ve been out. The schools control them. If we go to 9 games, some will have to be cancelled and bought out. Who pays for that.
As of now, the only thing being released is the 8 game conference schedules.
Media partners? Why do they have a say? They aren’t paying for the 9th game, so they shouldn’t have a say in who plays who. Get the AD’s and coaches in a room with Sankey and figure it out. They should be able to do this in an hour or so. This is what a lack of leadership gets you.
What? Without looking, I know that LSU plays FSU and UGA plays GaTech every year.
All I want to know is, who was involved in picking the permanent opponents, and what logic was followed. How is it that they gave Bama those three opponents that they disapprove of. Doesn’t seem like the AD’s were even involved in the discussions. It does seem like ESPN may have been. The nonsense is so bad that they couldn’t keep it behind closed doors. This is on Sankey and there simply is no way around that.
Very nice. Congrats!! Hopefully we can join you soon.
They lost late night/early morning to OSU in Baton Rouge.
What? Sorry, but that makes no sense. Every team makes the same money. Why should Vandy make as much as Alabama while they play no one that draws TV eyes.
Saban remade LSU and turned us into a national power. I will always appreciate him for that. I would think that he may have a soft spot for LSU as we gave him his first championship. You always remember your first.
That’s hysterical. Those were the first two words that came to my mind too; oh boy. Who is Mike Bratton anyway?
It should, and that was my original thought. But, that’s not much of a TV draw, and that may be why ESPN is whining. Ole Miss would make for better viewing. That said, Bama has played MSU more than any other team. I’m fine to let Bama have State and for LSU to have Texas A&M, UF, and Ole Miss.