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I’ll keep the hope, but won’t be disappointed if we don’t get them. The OLine should be the focus for LSU as that is our weak spot. I don’t hear much about that position group though.
That’s not a simple solution. The nfl has no interest in forming a minor league when they basically already have one, and no one can make them do it. Nobody is stuck. College football is a great sport, and school affiliation is the main reason for that.
I don’t think any of these suggestions have any chance of ever being enacted. Fournette and Moses are not the best examples to list as both did fine and the early offers surely didn’t hurt them. It might seem silly to offer these young kids, but it doesn’t hurt anything. I realize a new coach may find himself in a numbers situation, especially when there is a scheme change, but they can’t be encouraged to run out the kids they don’t like so they can sign about 40 kids in a single class that fit their scheme. This was an interesting read, but these changes aren’t coming.
LSU signed two high profile RB’s in the most recent class. I doubt we get another 5* in the upcoming class, but it’s ok to hope.
Corgi’s shed like crazy. I’m glad y’all love your dog, but I wouldn’t have one. One of our dogs is an English Cocker Spaniel, and she is pretty bad too. Not cool, but we’re stuck.
Everyone has their own criteria. That’s why we get so many different opinions. Some guys only have a one year history while others have done this for decades. If we are just comparing careers, then Miles would be in the top 5 nationally, but no one but Kansas was willing to hire him. That’s why we will never have a true answer to these types of articles.
His last two seasons as a HC are 9-4 and 5-6. Nothing elite about that.
Other than for Saban, cases can easily be made for the rest of the guys to be moved up or down. None of it will have any impact on the upcoming season.
Must you always be a dork? There was a legitimate discussion going on. You can’t contribute, so your immaturity takes over. Nice.
That’s not right. I did a bit of research. Vandy gives non athletic scholarships to these kids, so they do have way more players on scholarship than the rest of us. They just aren’t called athletic scholarships.
Someone needs to ask BB about this. His response will be interesting to hear.
I don’t think she’s a troll. She’s real, but she mainly comes here to comment on social issues and represent the left. I have even seen a few football related comments. I crack on her pretty harsh at times, but her convictions are real.
Baby boy? How cute coming from the queen of whining.
I haven’t heard anyone outside of the media or bleeding heart liberals complain about this, and definitely not to the degree that you are. I’m a retired Marine. We have thicker skin than the average liberal that does nothing but complain. You keep talking like you are above everyone else. The rest of the folks, like those first responders, perform the action that you simply talk about. You aren’t being stalked. You responded to me and others. You just don’t like the responses because we don’t agree with your silly takes. You keep trying though. There are a few other liberals here, so I’m sure you’ll get some support.
Schooling? That’s comical, but so typical of a liberal.
This article says that, and we surely can’t take that as any sort of fact.
I say plenty. I’m not surprised you don’t understand.
Tua was great against Auburn, terrible against UGA, all world against OU, and then mediocre against Clemson. Did the injury just impact him every other game? That’s not how injuries work.
You definitely don’t know that. Fields looked very unimpressive in his limited playing time. If the coaches didn’t have any confidence in him, that should tell us something.
I’m one of the sentimental masses. Martin has been good for college baseball and been to 16 CWS without winning one. Plus, my youngest graduated from there, but that is pretty minor in this. I don’t recall ever pulling for FSU in any other sporting event.
Notice how the ultra liberal Alabama fan has no comment here as it doesn’t fit her agenda. Typical of her ilk.
Big time. Teams get 85 football scholarships and only 11.7 for baseball.
It’s definitely you that is triggered. You always show up here for the social issues and always represent the far left view. Trump is a horrible human being, but so was the person he was running against. Pick your poison.
Did Mond really not make the cut, or did he have other things going on and choose not to attend? He is definitely better than some guys on this list.