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I have no idea what they have in the wings, but Hurts could look very good in that system. Certainly better for him than Auburn.
The Jags went and got the best available interior lineman just for him. He has missed way too much time for discipline issues. He has been suspended by the team and the league. He wouldn’t be any more mature on any other team. This has much more to do with Fournette than his teammates. He needs to grow up and put in some real effort.
Fournette needs to grow up. He has been a disappointment for the Jags and needs to start producing. His frustration is getting the best of him.
You enjoy flattering yourself. It’s just funny reading your nonsense. You try so hard to be taken seriously though. It’s not working.
Bama 718 is clearly a UGA fan posing as a Bama fan. How pathetic.
He doesn’t even play a regular position in HS. He seems like a good kid, but he is a kicker.
You are so pathetic. All anyone has to do is check either profile to prove it. You trying to add lying to your list of obvious faults here? It’s working. And the LOL nonsense just proves you are a child trying to hang with adults. Let it go and grow up.
Stalker? This was the first time I ever responded to you without you having followed me. You are a moron and the village idiot. I proved you wrong so this is what you come up with. Comical.
All but one of those were regular season games before the award was announced. He won the national championship the only time he faced one in the post season.
But way more times than not. There is a definite correlation between the best recruiting classes and the best teams. That is obvious to almost everyone.
I’m very happy with this class for LSU. It would be great if the two guys from Amite, Sospher and Lee joined the group. If they do, that would put LSU ahead of the Aggies and ought to keep them in third. That would be quite an accomplishment for Orgeron and his staff.
I’m just glad their class is almost full, so the chances of them taking any of our guys is at least getting smaller.
Morons. Butts was a fifth round pick and signed a four year 2.7 million dollar contract with Denver. He also received over half a million dollars in an insurance settlement due to his injury in college. Those are the actual facts.
Your coach is the one that blew it by trying to make your qb a thrower. That was funny stuff. Keep cracking on Orgeron though.
This just adds to the issues for Gus, the program, and the school. This is the kind of stuff people were saying would happen to Orgeron. Instead, it’s Gus. Unbelievable.
There is a big difference in being a top 10 program and a top ten team. You would think an AD would know that. This guy has zero credibility.
The 10th win and top 10 finish are both huge for LSU. UCF is kissing their starting QB and LSU will be missing both starting corners and a starting LB for the first half. That should balance things out. Geaux Tigers!!
Rivalries are normally more balanced. That would leave LSU with Auburn and UF. LSU has been dominated by Bama and is way ahead of all the other teams in the West in head to head matchups.
The only coaches poll that has any meaning is the last one.
That has nothing to do with this situation. Saban owned the vote, it’s just that the explanation was a bit weird.