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I liked everything about this game, other than the play of the QB's. I liked the preseason game like conditions. Ones against ones, and no special jersey for the QB's. The defense looks great and Delpit is a star in the making. It's the same old story for now though, just wrapped in a different package. We need a QB that can make plays.
I didn't expect much improvement from Etling, but I was hoping for some. He looks like the same guy, and I don't think a change in scheme can hide him. Our hope is in the young guys.
I like Adams and Allen a lot. Not only do they have a ton of physical talent, but it's their intangibles that set them apart. Great leaders with great motors. I look forward to following their careers.
I don't think there is much doubt that the LSU defense is going to be outstanding again this season. Even with all the losses in talent, there was no drop off. Delpit is the real deal at safety. There is still plenty of doubt about the QB position. All the shifting in the world won't turn Etling into any sort of dominant player. I surely didn't see any improvement in him last night. McMillan didn't look good either. I haven't seen any stats from once the game moved inside, but Orgeron basically makes it sound like everyone playing QB left a lot to be desired. Thankfully, there is still a lot of time before the season starts. I have doubts that Etling, a senior, can get much better. We need the light to come on for one of these young guys. It was great to watch football again though.
But there was. The fact that he is dead doesn't change the facts or history related to the past.
That was a very cool scene. I don't know anything about Jones, but I will be pulling for this guy, except for the LSU game, of course.
The most popular spots I have seen him in the mocks are either 3 to the Bears or 5 to the Titans. I have seen him as late as 10 though, so who knows.
Those extra opportunities hurt Hurts last season as he is going up against playoff teams. Those aren't games made to pad your stats.
So is Hernandez now the first known gay player in the NFL or am I forgetting someone?
I think just about everyone agrees that Bama will be preseason #1. The question is, where will FSU be? They will be in the mix for #2 with USC, Ohio State, OU, Penn State, and even Clemson. The voters may give FSU the nod to help make history. No matter what, this will be a huge game of interest for college football fans.
I believe most LSU fans believe that the key to success lies with Canada and Etling. The defense lost a ton of experience, but there is still a ton of talent there and the fans have the utmost confidence in Aranda. It's on the offense to do it's part. It's been a while since that has happened.
At this stage, I think who is recruiting the player is more important that stars. If both FSU and UF offered, then this is a good get.
This is a wow moment, and not in a good way.
It could also be just as he described. We just don't know.
Who does this lawyer want hearing the case? It can't just be the SEC he is against. UNC just needs to admit they lost control and throw themselves at the mercy of the NCAA court. This has been going on for way too long.
There is also a term, regular season for those first 12 games. There is post season for after. Season should mean both.
If they test like they do NFL players where the tester watches you, then this shouldn't be a big deal. I saw this on many occasions while in the Marines.
The Aggies spread those first round picks out nicely. Seven years in a row is impressive.