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Would it really be the best idea to honor a guy during the only week of the year when he is pulling for the other team?
If Bama can go back to 1988 for Thomas, then LSU would go a little further and take Burt Jones. Maybe you haven't heard, but we need a quarterback. Mathieu would be nice, but the QB position is an actual need.
I like Key's chances if he totally focused. For me anyway, there is definitely an "if" there.
These all star type teams are always a joke. They always pick two first team tailbacks, when they are never on the field together. Three receivers make sense because they are all there over half the time. They rarely pick three.
This explanation doesn't really make sense. He is downgrading from an academic and athletic perspective. Maybe there is a sick family member at home or something. Or, he isn't as good as he thought he was. If he is just homesick, I guess a pro career is out until the NFL grants a franchise to Jackson.
There isn't a single publication predicting LSU to win 6 games. The same can't be said of your school. Check yourself because your jealousy is showing.
LSU hadn't won less than 8 this century. Nice try at being a troll. You aren't good at that either.
That's a good motto for all of your opponents projected to get 5 or 6 wins. Doesn't really mean anything to anyone else.
CNN was just forced to admit they were fake news. Britt is not the one in favor of fake news. That, it would appear, belongs to you and your friends on the left. Your whole post was right in line with that. Perfect.
When an AD's ego becomes bigger than the fans wishes, that AD should go. Then again, maybe the fans of Texas and Kansas are just as upset with the departures. I have a hard time believing that the fans don't want to see the games though.
It seems like everyone wants to get in on the act. It's a major turnoff for most sports fans.
Florida is the most well rounded school in the conference. They do a nice job of combining academics and sports, and they are competitive in more sports than any other team in the conference. Nicely done.
Yes. All 10 Florida fans stuck around. Good for them.
I don't know much about Britt, but just about everyone knows how liberal ESPN is.
Congrats to the gator baseball team. Too bad some of their fans aren't mature enough to enjoy the victory.
Auburn is a very up and down team. It's just hard to predict when they are going to have those ups and downs. The positive in being overrated is that does normally mean the program is respected. That will keep you in the preseason rankings, even when coming off a bad season. That keeps you in the conversation.
Fournette didn't go to Vandy. It now looks like he could of if he had wanted to.
I believe it was the Sporting News that had them 1. That really doesn't count.
The only benefit to sanctioned sports betting is the tax revenue. That could be enough for some states.
His question was completely legitimate. Your answer was just petty. These kids clearly aren't very bright.
How many ultra wealthy people spend their time laying on a beach somewhere? They don't, unless it was all inherited money.
The East is still down. No one is saying otherwise. UGA should be favored based on what they return and what they added, but those predictions don't really mean anything other than talking points. Champions are still decided on the field.
If Bortles head is on straight and the OLine is improved, then Fournette can have a nice impact on the Jags. Bortles is the biggest question mark.