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I’m 65 years old. When a player does something that hasn’t been accomplished in my lifetime, it’s a pretty amazing feat. Outside of Moore, Tennessee wasn’t at their best, but they still found a way to win. That’s how champions are made. This is fun.
That’s not a 50/50 call. That’s 90/10. The bat was beyond the plate and body. Tennessee definitely caught a break there. They still had to make the most of it, and they did. The CWS is off to an amazing start.
Tennessee got a break on the check swing. It’s always nice when the breaks go your way. FSU was a heck of an opponent. UNC will be the same. The CWS is off to a heck of a start. Geaux Vols!!
What are you talking about. LSU won the championship. Tennessee has won one game.
Dabo seems to be willingly letting the game pass him by. You can’t win big today without help from the portal. Sometimes, you have to make changes.
We could sure use him. Those are draft worthy numbers, so we shall see.
Major congrats to UF!! They did what we couldn’t, and that’s finish. Impressive.
Odd question. The clown college has won the last two against UF and seven of 10. They were a playoff team last year until their QB got hurt.
So you’re ok with another losing season.
Well, now we know what Texas and OU bring to the table. Anybody excited?
He didn’t, but he does now. Nicely done.
That’s good stuff. But, the chances are pretty small that UF goes 10-2, and pretty small is probably an exaggeration.
The opportunity was certainly there, but we just didn’t make quite enough plays. Tough loss.
If LSU actually beats UNC again, they would host a super regional. I would feel real good about are chances in that one.
A 1 seed is not supposed to go out like this. Is this not a trend for Arkansas?
A loss is a loss at this point, but this definitely is not how you want to go out.
They took it to us. Our pitching was ok, but the bats went silent again. This is not ideal.
Good luck Florida. I can certainly relate to your situation. It’s not good.
The SEC had five teams finish 13-17, not three. Those teams went a combined 3-2 on day one. SC won and Bama lost.
Texas does have a favorable schedule and Manning should be ready if needed.
Both LSU and UNC struggled with their opening opponents, but got the win. This next game is huge.
Today is pretty much a must win game. They have to throw their beat arm out there.
A bit of a surprise, but all wins are treated equally from here on out. Congrats!!
Congrats to the Gators. Good luck tomorrow. Is Jac pitching?
I’ll be pretty shocked when anyone outside of the Big 2 plus 1 wins a national title. I don’t see anyone in the Big 12 or G whatever winning the NC anytime soon