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You sound like the guy that says he supports the confederate flag because of southern pride. It’s nonsense. You should change your avatar if you want to be taken seriously.
Yet you made it a point to go out of your way to crack on just one. Both do suck, but we had to pick the lesser of two evils.
So you supported Hillary? That’s so much better, or not. You are a strange liberal.
I have never heard him interviewed, just observed his actions.
I expect him to do great in the physical drills. It’s the interviews that will be the tough part for him. If he can’t handle the pressure while being a college player, he is going to have a tough time convincing nfl personnel that he now gets it. I am sure he is being coached up on what to say.
No. You are just extremely dense. Someone could also be the best passing DT QB without being the best DT QB. The fact that you are too shallow to understand this is your problem.
You sound ridiculous. Everyone knows he is a DT QB. The writer’s only point was that he may be the best at the running part. No one has said he is the best DT QB. Try and keep up.
You make no sense. The article makes no mention of dual threat QB’s. It simply talks about his running ability. A QB takes the snap from center. If you don’t understand that, you should probably not be here. Even though Navy and GaTech have QB’s that hardly throw the ball at all, they are still college QB’s. Learn the game before throwing another tantrum.
Very nice win by MSU last night. That will surely help their cause.
I’m here because I enjoy it. You are here either spewing hate or making up lies, fooling no one.
Why would it bother you? If I say something you disagree with, so say. It’s a message board and everyone is free to comment. I am retired. I like this site because of all the different articles and I can post from my phone.
This is a great message. I should probably buy the shirt because I know I need constant reminders.
I’m not sure where you are getting your info. I would be very surprised if Chark isn’t gone by the end of the third round. The question is, can he climb into the second.
Still stuck on fashion? Isn’t there a more suitable website for you to go to?
I don’t think anyone doubts his ability. It’s his mental toughness that is being questioned. This has nothing to do with Orgeron.
That’s what I’m thinking and hoping for LSU. Some of that will depend on how many SEC teams make the NCAA tournament. The more the merrier.
I quoted the bloggers opinion and Bruce. He doesn’t sound credible or completely innocent. If he was, he would be completely cooperative, not just cooperative enough. It sounds like he is hiding something and is hoping the truth doesn’t come out.
He also doesn’t have a 40 time listed anywhere. Is he supposed to be fast? I’ve just seen him listed as versatile.
No one in their right mind would say Bo was easily the best offensive player in NCAA history. Walker had way more yards while still playing one less season. He was a true workhorse and carried his team throughout his career. Both were great college backs, but Walker did more.