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That's not a good sign related to Franks development.
Man. You're just crazy. Passionate is one thing, but this is just over the top. It's a hobby, not a way of life.
I don't know why they think they have to take it slow with this guy. He seems to have a high football IQ, and great motor, and is quite mature for a guy his age. I enjoyed everything about Allen in college, except his team colors. Excellent pickup for the Redskins.
This is a very nice pickup for Missouri, and probably a good sign going forward.
I think Fournette will be fine in the passing game. Not only can he catch, he is not a bad blocker.
That thing called the forward pass. I'm hoping most of the problems are from Etling's back injury, but they could just be Etling. Canada needs to bring more than a system, he needs to bring some serious QB coaching.
Neither Chandler nor Winslow ever played in the SEC.
It's a long offseason and he can get private workouts in anytime. This is a very selfish look, especially for a guy with his reputation.
Why are you comparing Manning to Brees? Drew didn't play in the SEC and the article is only about SEC players.
I don't think Bradshaw was being serious here, and I am surprised that so many people seem to think he was.
It's pretty clear you know absolute nothing about leadership.
The Alabama leglislature would not have any say when it comes to conference games. Moving both Alabama schools creates more disparity between the divisions than there is now. I don't see any changes coming anytime soon.
Even though he is an LSU guy, I have a hard time pulling for him. I know I'm old school in many ways, and this is one of them. He should be setting a better example and be with his teammates. Quite frankly, if he were not an LSU guy, he would be one of my least favorite players in the league. His antics are just so immature.
When was the last time Tennessee went 20 years without a conference title?
LSU has more of everything lately, wins, conference titles, NC's. This ranking takes everything into account, including the writer's opinion.
The three teams from the SEC in the Kings category all have multiple NC's this century. Auburn got very close. I had a disagreement with a UT fan about them being a college football blue blood. According to this, they aren't.
Find help. I am no Kentucky fan. My posts make it pretty clear I am an LSU guy. Well, clear to everyone but an idiot like you. Your bitterness is actually pretty sad, so I will do my best to ignore you from here on out. I don't want to contribute to your continued misery.
You are one deranged dude. Do you ever go back and read the nonsense you post on here? You want to believe that there is only one person here that thinks you are a full blown nut, and every comment that doesn't agree with you is from that same person. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are a full blown nut, and you have made sure that multiple people know it.
I see. One of my daughters graduated from UF, so I can't hate them even when they aggravate me. Bama has a ton of football history, so that has to complicate some things when it comes to rivals. Thanks for the response.