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Mmm...Bama tears taste sweet!
Really don’t think Tua outperformed Joe. He’s jumped waaay ahead of Tua in the Heisman race. Tua played a lights out second half but made way to many mistakes in the first half that really cost his team the game. On the other side, Joe did not make any mistakes, had a higher completion percentage and had around the same yards as Tua. Joe won the night bigly because he did not make mistakes.
I was thinking the same thing as I read the small part of the article about LSU. Even the ESPN announcers said it. The arugment could be made that bith teams were without key personnel in their respective best phases of their game plans. It pretty much put them on an even keel. Then, LSU goes and spots UCF 2 scores on a pick 6 and a muffed punt. Sorry but that score by no means was an accurate portrayal of how the game went. LSU had four points taken from them on the first drive anyway. This guy needs to go flush the rest of whatever he’s smoking down the toilet. He got a bad batch.
Julius doesn't make unsuspecting hits against returners, he hits them square up. This guy targeted him on a cheap shot and got what he deserved--he was rightfully thrown out of the game.
Please stop saying Art Briles is the best choice though because the fact of the matter is that he is NOT the best choice. He has an entire scandal over his head from his time in Baylor. Anyone who thinks that Tom Herman won't leave Houston to come to a top 5 program from the SEC in LSU must be from the same group that wanted to keep Miles at the end of the year last year. You're mental if you think Herman doesn't leave Houston for LSU.
It has been written on the wall the entire time that Franks was going to UF long before the "Fire Miles" saga began. They don't have their top QB for an entire year due to the HGH scandal and their offense is a dumpster fire, giving Franks the opportunity to come in and start in year one. If Franks comes to LSU, he has to wait his turn until our current upperclassmen QBs are out of the picture. Had nothing to do with Miles' future with the program. I agree though that it may have had an effect on Moses. Frank Wilson's departure certainly didn't help either. We'll be fine if we can hang on to these commits through Wednesday but you guys know how it is going into NSD...crazy sh*t happens!!!
I'm ok with letting Chavis go. Wish we had done it before the bowl game tbh. That way, we could've caught Bo Pelini after he was let go from Nebraska. #bringbackBo As far as the QB play is concerned, we will never have solid QB development as long as Miles has his hand in the offense (which he always will as long as he is the head coach).