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"Tigers have fared better with the “game-manager” model in the form of Matt Flynn and Matt Mauck, who led LSU to its past two national titles." Are we still talking 2003 and 2008? Still living in the past? So I guess we we'll have to wait until 2018+ to beat Bama. "...allowing Canada to scrap his dual-threat schemes"? "Allowing"? I guessed we dodged a bullet huh"? You people would rather have mediocre seasons, and have a (code word) "game manager", than win a national championship playing modern football. Saban owns the SEC because he created a low self esteem mentality within the minds of conference coaches, media, and fans. He's done so, all the while changing the way he approaches the game. Unless LSU gets more out of its QB play, Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Ohio State, and others will continue to dominate recruiting and the playoffs. Here's to your game manager.
These write this stuff and know nothing about the depth the chart.