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One from NFL & one from D2, everyone starts somewhere. Just because someone was a coach @ P5 school doesn't mean crap. Look at what happened last year with BP what a dumpster fire. I think O is looking for fit more than a name. We will see how it all plays out on the field. I agree Nick Saban gets it right more often than most. See you on the field.
Well, it appears he may have been suspended for smoking the weed at LSU. I have been seeing that he may still have to sit out some games at Flordia. LSU may be able to push for a year for transferring inside the SEC, per SEC policy. Hope the young man gets the help he needs this was not about being homesick or LSU.
Good for him LSU not using a fullback much anymore and it's his turn to try his luck in the NFL with his degree in hand. Good luck and Geaux Tigers!
Call it what it is, quitting on your team. Opting out makes it sound better. I call it BS!
I'm hoping our 2 tackels return for next year Charles was suspended about 1/2 the year and Austin Deculus needs another year to develop. Coach O and the staff is putting an amazing class together. My take on Bama is that the loss of staff members is starting to take a toll.