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And a record number left early after the Arkansas drubbing.
We would love to get Jimbo back, he should have gotten the job the first time.
That's unfair, many many people have been calling for Les to be fired for years.
This is LSU's page, not the volunteer or dawg page. This is precisely why Les will be fired because we don't want to be talking about who is more irrelevant.
No Technic, stupid penalties, offensives line gets confused, qb hasn't learned anything new, can't call two plays ahead during 2 minute offense wasting precious clock time, absolutely incapable of calling the correct play at the correct time. These players are not in the peewee league, they should know more. I could go on and on. Either these players are stupid or their coach is incapable of teaching?
I wasn't at the game but I did turn the tv off and go out side out of frustration. This team is so frustrating to watch, it's unbearable. I'm not blaming you Dillon or any specific player but obviously something is amiss.
applauds to Esec. great post. They are a joke and the university looks like one too.
Leave! We really never wanted ya'll anyway.
"especially that a black mans life was on the line" stfu! I guess if it was a white man's life that wouldn't matter? Or that you forced a white man to quit his job, because of an anonymous person called the 7year college student a bad word (doesn't matter) 7year student (sounds like he was really scared for his life on campus? I have no respect for the university or it's football team and they have just become my least favorite sec team. Heck I will pull for them to lose every game, even non conference games. White privilege my ass. How about making the football team represent the racial dynamic of the population? There are way to many blacks getting black privilege from football????
I'm appalled that the university would even consider mandatory diversity training for all incoming students!!! If i'm paying for an education I do not want it to be based on these wacko minded, entitlement wanting demonstrators. The university needs to grow a pair and stand up to this instead of bowing down. Mr. Wolfe the group of 1950 DEMAND your head on a stick and for what, an anonymous name caller? Is it true that there are about 7% minority students attending the university and the percentage of minority faculty exceeds that number?
Les MIles #1 Koodos to Les especially after all the flack from Lsu faithful. If We can dish it out after last years offensive woes we surely have to applaud the accolades this season. Number one in recruiting so far this year and Hires awesome assistants, More koodos for Ed Ogeron and Frank Wilson.
He didn't have 40 yrds Florida had 55yds rushing. Take the 20yds away from their so said backup qb and the running backs managed a whopping 35yds. Maybe they should make Mr. Harris their starting running back?
YouMustBeGatorBait that was a classy response and if there were more Florida fans like you I would not mind a rematch. As for the fake FG let us all not forget the Tim Tebow jump pass so yes I completely feel your pain.
DWM I believe he was referring to Florida being able to stay within a touchdown of a Power House in a season in which they were not supposed to do much, even if you did not win. That is a moral victory for a team that hasn't been on the radar screen in a long time and without preseason expectations. Surely the same would not have been said had Florida lost to say the Memphis Tigers. But that's just my own opinion.
Lets not forget a field goal would have been enough to win the game! But I want to remind you that your so said backup was the initial started if not for an injury, heck he was your leading rusher with 20yards scrambling, take that away and your rushing total for the game would have been 35 yards. I will take the win happily if you accept the loss gracefully? Otherwise we could bring up the 7 off a muffed punt, the 7 off of a punt return and the lucky long pass that kept the game from being a complete blowout and hash out what ifs all night long.
We are talking about poking players in the eye and keeping them from getting hurt some of the Florida fans need to call the wambulance
How about your coach worry about his running backs only getting 35 yards. lol Maybe he could teach his defense that poking players in the eye is not part of the game of football.
Steve Barnes as an LSU fan I have a problem with your assumption that Bama will win over Lsu especially since Lsu beat (emphasize the beat) one of your other underrated teams, Florida. You sound like a lot of the gator crybabies on message boards who use the excuse of the refs, or their backup qb (who btw only became the backup after an injury) etc. Let me remind you that had we just taken the fg that it would have been enough to win. Not to mention that if you take the 20 or 25yds of scrambling yards from Florida's Mr. Harris that would only leave 35yds for the running back of Florida total. Compare that to the 180 yards by Fornette alone. I would assume that spotting Florida 7 off a muffed punt and a touchdown off special teams you would take into account how stout Lsu is on defense, not perfect but very stout and VERY UNDERRATED AS A WHOLE.