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It's funny to me how many experts there are on the site. This may turn out to be a great hire. Obviously there are people in much higher positions that know much more than any yahoo on SDS site that lead to this hire. You think just because it wasn't a sexy hire like Freeman that it is going to be a bust. LSU is loaded with talent and just needs a good D to get back to championship form. Aranda never had a stellar D at LSU and look where that lead. As a true LSU fan I am excited to see what the future holds for these young men. Geaux Tigers
If LSU wins, that will be 2 top 10 wins as well. Does that put LSU at no. 1?
Remember what Jake Fromm said last year before he rolled into death valley? He would be able to drown out the noise and play like it was a regular game. He wasn't intimidated by the "rumors" at all. 3 hours later...the worst game of his UGA career. End result? 36-16 Tigers. Don't think that playing in Death Valley on a Saturday night won't make a difference. That place is crazy! Dont believe me... go to a SEC game in that place on a Saturday night and tell me otherwise. Geaux Tigers!
These scores are ridiculous. LsU is averaging 58 points a game and they're predicting that LSU only hangs 40 on a MWC school. I can see Utah St. Scoring 18 but most likely LSU will score 55 or more. Also UGA will beat Tennessee 49-7
Who still takes this guy seriously? UCF might be a decent team, but if they were to play a top 50 schedule they would be exposed badly. Yes their offense can put up points but if they played a SEC schedule they would be average. OU played several ranked teams last year and had the Heisman winning QB. Baker would have thrown for 700 yards and 10 TD's against UCF. Get a life Kanell and quit hating on the best conference in College Football.
I dont care who you are. If you're a college football fan this has got to get you pumped up!
LSU has one of the best Defenses in the country and held the #1 scoring offense to only 10 points. How in the world are you predicting the Florida offense to score 20 points on LSU? LSU wins 31-6 and ruins any hopes of Florida getting blown out in the SECCG by Bama!
I'll agree with that statement, I just wish LSU would've had Coach O when we played. Not saying LSU would've won but I'd like to know how it would have turned out with an approved offense.