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Forget having no championships, they have all of those 5* QBs have not no offense. It really is confounding.
I didn't think it was all that bad. I do think the guys is way too small for O, though. Dwayne Johnson called Coach o and told him that he wanted to have a character of him in the show. I think the intention was there, even if the execution was not the best...still, not all that bad.
Man Gump, you are truly obsessed with LSU Football. You keep coming on to the LSU stories and post silly little comments.
But he was sim ply answering a question. Blame the reporter, if you must blame someone.
Well, if you had watched the interview you would know that he did not bring it up. he was asked a ridiculous question and did his best to answer it with poise and in a professional manner. You could tell that he was not comfortable with the question, but did the best he could to get through it.
JB was not a primary plat caller...Peetz would be....and has NO experience at it.
I agree completely. This is really confusing me. I would think that with O being so hands-off in the offense, he would want more experience in his OC.
I agree that the 4-3 base defense is probably a little antiquated. I would like to see a hybrid that can play from either the 3-4 or the 4-3 base set...kind of similar to what bama does. It requires personnel who are both very large and very fast, though. Not many locker rooms can pull it off...LSU, might actually be able to with the personnel they have (and are getting).
Depending on how good of a talent evaluator Coach O is. let's hope that last year was the anomaly rather than 2019. Both hires last year were a dud.
Not sure that is the case. Coach O is looking for the future and sees a 4-3 defense as being it. I'm not sure he is right, but it's his job to make those decisions. I thinks there were may other issues with Bo Pelini other than defensive schemes.
It was 1 year that Linehan was out of a job.
It's a made-up position. most teams don't have one. LSU created the position for Joe Brady...Coach O kept it because it worked and filled in with Linehan. I really think O though that he could just skate through and keep winning. he learned this year that he could not. the offense certainly needed a change. It was fairly simplistic compared to last year. Honestly, if teams weren't able to score at will against the LSU defense, teams would have gotten more innovative and shut the offense down.
He was not given an option. Coach O brought him in to run the 4-3.
They should have won against MSST as well. It easily could have been an 8-2 season...with a 1/2 way decent defense they would have been.
Pelini was a competent DC for his 3 years at LSU, but he was never "The Man". Saban's defense was great. The 2011 defense (the best LSU has ever had) was under Chavis. I di not understand the Pelini hire and then decided. He is competent, but not great. they would have almost certainly had a much better defense in 2021, but O needed to move on from this season as quickly as possible or he was about to lose a lot of players through the portal. Players don't come to LSU to win 1/2 their games.
He was not given a choice. Coach O brought him in for the sole purpose of running a 4-3.
OL is the biggest need for LSU. If there is a great place for a top lineman to start right away it is with the Tigers. I have had Tristan going to Oklahoma the whole time. Now, with them signing some big guys and him putting off his decision, I think LSU is probably the front runner. Could just be wishful thinking, too.
I would not been surprised if Pelini moves Jacoby to an OLB/S hybrid. This would give him some flexibility in his 4-3 for better pass coverage. The DL will be the pride of the team next year. everything I am seeing is saying they are expected to be one of the best groups in the SEC....Defense will be fine. As far as offense, the OL might take a step back, but every other position should on par with last year (except Burrow. No one will ever replicate that season, but that don't have to)
Weren't you the same guy guaranteeing an Alabama win last season? All of these guys talking about how LSU will be next year were the same ones saying the same nonsense before this last I said to the UGA guy DoubleOseven...pure hope and speculation.
What exactly are you using to base your "projection" on? Looks like pure hope and speculation to me. I bet that he passes for over 65% and I highly doubt he throws double-digit INTs. the LSU offense is a high percentage pass offense.. there are always check-downs and dump-offs when the QB is in trouble.
yeah, he isn't Burrow. You are correct...but what is he? As far as heart, leadership, fearlessness, and completive edge...we don't know. What we do know is that he is taller (they are listed the same, but seeing them side-by-side, Brennan is taller), faster and has a better arm than Burrow. The rest, we will have to wait and see.
Yes. Linehan came in to "tweak' the offense and "teach something new" (O's words). he will most certainly be the x's and o's guy with Brennan's development. Steve E is a really good coach. I've said it for a long time. he is just not known to have the most ingenuity. he does know how to develop skill though...and the players love him.
Venables is an anomaly. Either he doesn't want a HC job or they have some serious dirt on him. I guess that it's possibily tgat at 52, Bo just wants to make 20-25M over the next 8-10 years and call it quits.We shall see.
I had a comment with the word"D-A-M-N-I-T" in it and it is still waiting for a moderator....6 hours later.