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That's fine. Bo Nix starting at Auburn is great for the rest of the SEC.
Umm, when Brennan went down, they only had 2 true freshmen available to start. he did handle it well, but not as well as max Johnson did when he got his chance. I really like TJ and want to see him thrive somewhere, but I don't think he was a great fi8t for the new LSU offense...mobility is key in the RPO game.
baseball and football are different sports. Traditionally baseball players have much more class than what Tenn showed. I'm not crying about it, I'm just pointing it out.
It is just going to get better, too. 5* in 2022 with Walker Howard and then....maybe a Manning finally chooses LSU?
I think it is interesting that he is injured as well. I mean, how do you get injured before spring practice?
Well, Bama is always about excuses. Remember all of the excuses from the 2019 loss? You win the games with the players you have. It's that simple.
2nd best team in the SEC? Hmm...I remember the tournament differently than you, I guess.
"It’s not like he said Fu(k LSU…. " With this statement you are trying to show a difference between what Coach O said and what Oats said. So, stop saying that you didn't try to say it was different. that was the entire point of your idiot post.
I am assuming that you are talking about Coach O in the locker room. He said "F*** You!" In HIS locker room in front of HIS team. Not in public on the field at the other team. There is a difference. Also, LSU fans aren't even mad about what your classless coach said. We just laugh it off on go about our business. Alabama fans are still whining about the Coach O video.
GOATs of what? Alabama basketball? that;s not really saying much. that would be like the best Vandy football team ever calling themselves the GOATs.
I kid taking spring ball off to get his grades up is a good thing. It is certainly not indication of what happened in Tennessee. Man, fans of other teams sure love to predict demise for LSU. It is comical, actually.
LOL...Now that's funny. IF he were to leave LSU (which he isn't. he is simply trying to get his grades up), but if he were, Auburn would certainly not be on his list of team to go to. I would assume it would want to win something.
I know that's what he said, but his actions and words at the time tell a completely different story.
No, it was not proven that he was innocent. Actually, the report lays out a whole different story. he was, at the very least, harassing young women and inappropriately propositioning them.
Saban left LSU to save his marriage...or so the rumors say. I honestly don't know one way or the other, but rumors are always fun, right?
Just remember 2021 is the year for UGA. Forget about 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015....I know they thought those were going to be the years, too...but NEXT YEAR, That's the year!!!
NO LSU fans would put this much effort into a post just to look like an idiot.
Imagine putting all of the time and effort into all of these posts just to be the laughing stock of this page.
Forget having no championships, they have all of those 5* QBs have not no offense. It really is confounding.
I didn't think it was all that bad. I do think the guys is way too small for O, though. Dwayne Johnson called Coach o and told him that he wanted to have a character of him in the show. I think the intention was there, even if the execution was not the best...still, not all that bad.
Man Gump, you are truly obsessed with LSU Football. You keep coming on to the LSU stories and post silly little comments.
But he was sim ply answering a question. Blame the reporter, if you must blame someone.
Well, if you had watched the interview you would know that he did not bring it up. he was asked a ridiculous question and did his best to answer it with poise and in a professional manner. You could tell that he was not comfortable with the question, but did the best he could to get through it.
JB was not a primary plat caller...Peetz would be....and has NO experience at it.
I agree completely. This is really confusing me. I would think that with O being so hands-off in the offense, he would want more experience in his OC.
I agree that the 4-3 base defense is probably a little antiquated. I would like to see a hybrid that can play from either the 3-4 or the 4-3 base set...kind of similar to what bama does. It requires personnel who are both very large and very fast, though. Not many locker rooms can pull it off...LSU, might actually be able to with the personnel they have (and are getting).