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if they get all 3 of the Dolphins 1st-rounders, they could get a quality QB and 2 other skill players. that would be a huge addition. It would be hard to pass a deal like that up.
Is coach O talking to him? We do not know. Coach o hasn't confirmed anything. these are all rumors. Also, even if he is talking to him, it could be just to make the boosters happy. Unfortunately, the head coaching position is a very political one. you have to make the guys with the money think you are listening to them. Honestly, none of us know anything. I just really, really, hope that they don't hire this jackass. IMO, it would be a very bad fit.
You are assuming that LSU is going to hire this guys. Don't get ahead of yourself. this is a rumor that is likely be spread by Pelini himself. I'm sure there are some boosters who still like him and he is trying to get pressure from within to force O's hand.
I would be really, really surprised if he gets the job. We will see, though.
Do you remember the Pelini days? Raymond did his recruiting for him as an intern in 2006 and an assistant in 2007. Also, his temperament is so drastically different from Aranda's, the defense would be in shock. I just don't think he fits the culture...unless of course, he has drastically changed his personality.
I was thinking the same thing..."I will continue to drive your already mediocre program in the ground if you don't hire my brother."
I could see O punching him out on the sidelines when Polini yells at him for something.
I'm pretty sure that Pelini's agent is the "source" for this article. his last contract with YSU was just over 200k. I'm pretty sure that he would love to get back to a DC position with a major program. As a fan who watched Pelini when he was at LSU previously, I do not like the idea. he has a reputation for being a hot-head who doesn't like to recruit. maybe, since getting run out of Nebraska, he has decided to change his was. I'm just know sure tat5 he is a good fit for the culture of the program. We have to trust O, though. He seems to know what he's doing.
So, we can most assuredly say that Saban is a Top 5 coach. would you say that the Tide has "skipped a beat" this year? I would say so, for sure. that doesn't mean that he isn't still a great coach, but that he had some attrition that affected the team. An 11-2 record is still really good and if LSU goes 11-2 next year, it would not mean that O isn't a great coach.
And there is still roster and staff continuity. There will always be some continuity and some attrition. That is the way CFB is.
So, by your logic Alabama is the middle of the pack in the SEC West, correct? Is this really difficult? Also, your are using you're prospective record to assess their ranking in the SEC. that's pretty ridiculous. why should anyone care what you go an record with? You're original statement was that they were middle of the pack prior to Brady and that is clearly an inaccurate statement. If you can't even properly assess previous seasons, you probably shouldn't make a habit of projecting future ones. take your "middle of the pack" Tide team and go somewhere else with that nonsense.
To be fair, team has ever been as good as the 2019 LSU team....ever! So, yeah, they won't be as good. I don't see more than 2 losses though. they still have a lot of talent on the team.
2 consecutive top-10 seasons is considered "duplication of success", I would say.
The vast majority of the talent they lost was on the defensive side of the ball. the same people who are saying "one and done" are the say guys who said "LSU's defense is trash". Well, if they had a trash defense what does it matter of they lost 6 underclassman on defense. clearly offense wins championships now, right? They will not be as good in 2020 as they were in 2019, but NOT team Ever has been that good, so.... LSU will still have an elite offense. They still have the best receiver in football and several really good WR's with him. They still have 3 RBs who would start for almost every team in the country. They still have an elite 11 QB who has studied under JB for 2 years. They have the highest rated TE ever coming in. They still have a top-5 Db who will be a So next year. They still have a great D-line that will have more experience and will be stronger than ever. really, the only two areas that are a concern with this year's losses are the O-line (but they do have some experience coming back) and the LBs (that is an uncertainty for sure, but they have some talent on the squad that could fill the gaps there...see Jacoby Stevens) Will they go 15-0 and win another Naty next year? probably not. Will they be a strong team and compete in the SEC? Most assuredly!
Middle of the pack? What game are you watching? certainly not CFB.
he actually didn't have a sideline pass. last I heard was that LSU was investigating how he got on the field after the game. Of course, the program could just be saving face. Imagine though, you are a security guard making $10-$15 an hour and OBY hand you a wad of cash le look the other way for a second while he walks past.
LSU was awarded, but did not claim the title in in 1908, 1935, 1936, 1962. and 2011 for sure. They claimed the title in 1958, 2003, 2007, and 2019. I'm not sure about the 1959 and 1967 titles, though. Either way, if LSU were to claim everything that they could, their program would be just as historically dominant as Alabama's.
LOL. I do love your post. I really enjoyed reading it and agree with the accuracy of what you wrote. The biggest difference is that LSU has not claimed all of the national titles that the could have and Alabama has claimed every single possibility. Anyway, while your post was just about the greatest thing tat I have read this decade(keep in mind that's only 17 days), I believe that RTR2019 (the gump) meant was that these players have never been there...not that LSU as an athletic program hasn't.
Kirk is not salty about OSU losing to Clemson. BOTH of his sons play for Clemson. He is wrong here, for sure. outside of the OBJ fiasco, I didn't see anything wrong in the celebration.
the cars that Alabama boosters gave away were most certainly real. Yes.
I was talking to the people commenting, not the writer. Even if it wasn't fake money, it's an easy fix. They give the money back and report the incident. Man, though OBJ is a complete moron. he need to stay away from the LSU program until he gets his crap straightened out. This is ridiculous.
Ehh, I can't edit it...oh well. Anyway, when was the last time that LSU had entire season's vacated?
LOL. I didn't catch the typo there. I guess I was distracted by all the fake up[roar here. Let me see if I can fix it.
"Smart enough to be trolled properly"? What does that even mean? Don't blame me for your weak trolling game.
Nope. that was Bama. Heck, they might need to start that program back up after this season.