Grown man sh*t quick to bring that thunder hince Zeus and LSU. Joe for heisman

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UGAGrad417, man it feels so good to be 13 and 0, SEC Champions, #1, record setting offense, one of the 4 best teams in the nation, #3 as of now in recruiting, a supreme coaching staff/football team, a real life a-pex predator Mike the Tiger.. I mean the list goes on. And guess what its gonna be the same feeling all day today, tomorrow, a week from now, a month, shoot 365 days. Haha! I sure hate your on the outside looking in at the Big Dog, but keep your head up kid your bullpuppy will be "also-ran" next year. Lmao oh did I mention how great it feels to be us and not you. Hahahahahaha Geaux Tigers!
Jomo say it with your chest next time and stay off the meth in your little ol town. Have a great day. Geaux Tigers!
I don't get it. I know the committee has got to base their decision solely on LSU's Defense but hell when your up 30 plus points in the 1st half ain't nothing wrong with easying up a bit when you have a Burrow Brady Cylde Chase Jefferson Moss etc etc. Conserve your energy makes perfect sense to me. Regardless, if you score Burrow is just gonna match you. Just saying... we're 11 Wins Zero Losses better resume but whatever it'll change again after Conference Championship when LSU plays number 4 and wins while Ohio St plays 12 or 8 and wins.
I may have over stepped a bit. 46 pt spread is a lot for any sec matchful shouldn't be that high to begin with. I'm thinking more on the lines of 45 13. Your right Arkansas isn't some D2 school they are a highly respectable College with all levels of talent. If Vegas keeps that same spread I'm gonna bet big and win big on their money and bet against it. That article/tweet just rubbed me the wrong way I guess. Geaux Tigers
Grover I didn't know until during the game UM has so many freshmen. They're gonna dangerous in the near future. Only Clemson has more. And once JR gets a little more accuracy to him we all better watch out. Dude gashed Us (LSU) big time especially 3rd quarter. Win or lose gotta be proud of the fight in Ole Miss they had. GEAUX TIGERS Forever LSU
But Ole Miss!? I get it 600+ yards is way too much, but UM is not a horrible team like lets say a Rutgers or Wake Forest. We (LSU) for as long as I can remember always get an opponent that plays one of their best all around games of the year every Saturday. I'm not saying your 100% wrong Les East. I'm saying whether after halftime LSU got complacent, lazy, disengaged, injuries, or worn down over the course of a brutal scheduled season, we're still perfect 10-0. Look up Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama (to name a few) schedule and that'll tell you just how much energy/work was spent the last 10 weeks. It's simple, play better teams exert more energy. After all that defense does need a breather, "Hey Joe!" "Of course, without sacrificing production will you stall the offense a little over the next 2 weeks to give our defense a couple more mins a series to catch their breath." Haha Geaux Tigers!!
This is obviously click bait. With all due respect to the author he must have been late to all the other stories more relevant. This is silly I even ran across this. I mean I actually got dumber reading your article sir. Here's a better story, "LSU Steams Rolls Arkansas Continues Win Streak to 11; Burrow's Heisman to Lose." Or "Coaching Finally Matches Talent." Wow! Send money and I'll write the story first. Lol