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Star coaches are pursued by multiple teams and therefore can use leverage from other teams to dictate terms of the contract. You can either give him what he wants or do without. I guess you knowhow to negotiate a football coaches contract better than the “idiot ADs” though. The poster you responded to was right. This guy has zero leverage. He will sign the contract. But if he has success, he will get a better contract. With a better buyout. This stuff is pretty simple.
Are these comments serious??? No way he throws the ball around like that against sec defenses. Not to mention his total disregard for defense. His “top 10” team just gave up 67 points at home to a team that hadnt scored more than 14 points this season. Gave up 50 second half points. This guy just had the third largest collapse in the history of college football. And blew that lead against an 0-3 team. And some of you are scared to play him???? Please! Hes a re run of Hal Mumme!
Regardless, it was just another debacle that shows how incompetent Tennessee’s program is right now. Why was he hired to begin with? On top of it all, to the best of my knowledge, the guy didnt do anything wrong. From what I read it was a guy who actually DID see Sandusky molest children and did NOT report it to the police alleging that another assistant coach told him that Schiano once said he had seen molestation even though the guy who allegedly told him that denies ever telling him anything like that. And the accuser was saying this during. a civil suit where he was suing Penn St for millions. So it was a botched hire that went awry because of totally unsubstantiated, third hand allegations. So while thing was a disaster that everyone else laughed at.
“After the Dooley and Butch debacles”. Is the author really going to leave out Kiffin? He really made Tennessee look like buffoons on the national stage and they have not shed that image. A jerk of a coach comes in talking crap louder than anyone in the country, talking of how hes restoring Tennessee, goes 7-6 and then leaves the Tennessee program, that had gone all in on Kiffin, high and dry and looking like the fools that they are. Btw, Greg Schiano.
Why does everyone keep saying he’s a mid level SEC qb??? He’s clearly a basement level qb.
That’s what happens when players are more worried about taunting the fans (Franks) posing like fools in the endzone (also Franks), and wearing things like turnover chains and td rings (Miami). It’s hard to believe that in right games that supposedly mean soooooo much to these players that you have idiots dancing and acting like fools on the sidelines of games they lose!
I came to this site because they said there wasn’t many redneck morons. I guess “they” lied. Lol
And you don’t know how Georgia is going to look either. So I wouldn’t be so cocky at this point.
What about the fumble? What about his OTHER 4th qtr pick where he had two receivers open and couldn’t hit either one of them? What about again having issues finding open receivers? He constantly fails to get the ball to open receivers. What about when he hung Perine out to dry? I could go on.
You really can’t tell a lot from first week games. Florida looked like a mess. So did Miami. A lot of teams will play equally as bad next week but will be playing cream puffs who won’t put up resistance so it won’t be magnified. Either one of these teams could, and likely will get better from this point forward. I think this is getting blown out of proportion. Of coarse, people said too much would be written in to this game because everyone will be watching with no other teams to talk about. They were right.
CO Jones has got to be a guy that posts on the Gainesville Sun website. He’s on of those guys blinded by the orange and blue glasses. Good guy though.