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State just hired Butch out of the Saban Rehab Clinic.
Ok, I didn’t see it during this game but there is video evidence. For those saying Pittman is making excuses, watch the interview. A reporter asked his opinion he gave it, he never used it as an excuse, he said in the post-game interview that the defense wasn’t there in this game. If you notice he didn’t celebrate the 2 point conversion because he knew that the D had to step up. He acknowledged the teams shortfalls. This entire article was based off one snippet of the interview. No excuses were made, Arkansas lost that very close game all on their own, and I believe they will make adjustments.
Really, that probably would have done it. They could have run it out had they gotten the 1st down.
Arkansas fan here. Ultimately, the last Arkansas possession and special teams issues cost the game. I say that because had management of the last possession been better, this wouldn’t have been an issue, as well as the special teams gaffs, without those this game looks a lot different. However, Bo Nix tried to give it to to the Hogs anyway, the officials just blew the whistle to early for that to happen and used a lawyer speak to justify the mistake made on the field when they killed the play. Thing is the Hogs are finding their identity again, yeah mistakes were made this game, but the Hogs are coming back to life. That’s really all that matters, with experience, mistakes will quit happening and games like this will be wins. WPS. Go Hogs.
In my uneducated opinion (didn’t play D1 ball and have never been around it except as a fan), I think Coach Pittman and staff are going after the needs they can get that will help increase the skill of the team. They know they aren’t going to be competitive against more successful teams on the trail. Fight the battles you can win. Once there has been success on the field, you will see the higher caliber recruits. Sam Pittman was successful in building an o-line in his previous stint here, and he and his staff can do it again. Yeah he built a great line at Georgia with star recruits, but that team was nowhere near the dumpster fire Arkansas has been the past two years. As he hasn’t coached a single play as head coach of the hogs, let’s see how it plays out. You all make valid points, but until this team sees action, and he builds a team of his recruits, we can’t know how successful this staff has been on the recruiting trail. Just my thoughts.
I agree that this is not the belief of most Razorback fans. Fans in Arkansas need to realize if they want a true shot at the top they will have to start at the bottom and build a team. Even with the current team Coach Morris and staff are making improvement. At least let the man recruit his own team.