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Good for him, going to a quality head coach to can maximize his talent. Its a sad day when a high profile player leaves UF for a mid-major. Mike White needs to be sent packing
CDM will play the best player. He has zero loyalty or ties to Trask. That isn't his guy, but he has clearly outplayed Jones and if Jones wants it, he has to take it.
Lol...Miss St thought they could do better without him. He knew he reached his ceiling there.
Gator fans shouldn't open their mouths until they actually beat Mizzou. This game concerns me and should most Gator fans. We haven't looked all that great since LSU. Vandy is just terrible and it still took a half until we actually got going.
Well last time I looked at a calendar, your 3+ decades away from your last Glory Days
I'm pretty sure a couple of recruits committed to UF because of him. Hopefully they were aware this was a possibility, I'd be upset if I wasn't in the loop.
Spurrier single-handily got them those ratings. He kept it Interesante
I'll be shocked if UF wins too. Doering is right about Franks and his inability to have any touch on his balls. O-Line is garbage, D-Line is underwhelming, Secondary is thin and inexperienced.
Pruitt looks like an oompa loompa. Matches that orange perfectly.
I don't believe Mullen will start Franks if he keeps it up. He didn't recruit him, he isn't tied to his success.
Jefferson by many accounts has been the #1 receiver this spring and its not even close. He was the #3 or #4 receiver with Ole Miss before transferring. So put those two facts together and I take this article with a huge grain of salt. As a fan, I hope this article is true, but we still have a mediocre QB throwing to these guys so many fans like myself will have a wait and see attitude.
Giddy this guy continues to be the FSU coach. He is a perennial underachiever.
Huh? Makes his family look like a nightmare, not Florida. Bunch of selfish people in his family if you ask me.
Mullen is intelligent enough to at least give him a look. The same couldn't be said for the last staff.
Guess you haven't watched any Florida games lately?
He was told to look elsewhere. Mac and Shannon holdover, Adios
This is a McElfart 3* leftover. We just transferred in 2 stud WR's and have another 2 coming in that are much more highly regarded. The writing was on the wall, best of luck.
Feel free to go support UCF 100% of the time. Real Gator fans would never pull for Georgia...ever.
Everybody knew there would be attrition. He was a Randy Shannon guy, said he would leave if Shannon left. It's too bad, but it is what it is. Shannon sucked, if we have to lose somebody over it, so be it. UF puts enough DB's into the league, it's his loss.
He turned down UF, what makes you think he will accept UT? $10M a year?
FlaGator85.... I'm thinking your English paper was pretty bad based on this.