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1. Half true. Kentucky did a good job at disguising a 3 man front with a loaded box so Will never correctly checked into a run. Should have adjusted to it and tried to run it anyway. 2. True 3. True 4. I would argue we got spanked all 4 quarters aside from 1 drive. 5. Very true. The boom or bust defense Arnett has only works if you can get to the qb which we could barely do last night. We pressured him a few times but not when it really mattered. I still don't think a guy should be THAT open though.
If you are so tired of this guy after 3 years, I have no idea how you withstood Mullen for 8 years.
I always find this mindset hilarious. I hope yall's defense really does just drop 8 the entire game so Will Rogers can dink and dunk you to death with a few runs mixed in. We will have at least 300yds passing on 5-10yd attempts and 100yds rushing and then every fan will moan that the defense didn't get after the qb.
I am convinced that you just have an emotional vendetta against Leach because nothing you say makes any logical sense. I don't understand how you can be upset with an offense that is getting an average of over 400yds per game with one of the youngest teams in all of FBS. Everyone said drop 8 would stifle the scheme and now opposing team fans are upset that they won't rush more than 3 and are getting diced up by dinks and dunks. Maybe you should just become a Florida fan if you want Mullen back so much. I am sure you will be absolutely dazzled by the QB Draw play calls on 3rd and long every game.
Your entire argument is pretty shaky when you consider the fact that offense went blow for blow with various teams last year that are loaded with the 4 and 5 star talent that you mentioned. Not to mention the fact that it was the first year it was implemented without a spring practice and that it was also one of the youngest teams in all of college football. Did it look abysmal at some times? Sure. But it also looked plenty effective when properly executed. Its college football, never discount any team/offense. That is just naive.