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As much as I would like to believe in UGA. Idk about them being the 2 seed.
Dude even your fellow Florida fans don’t agree with you, get your head out of your ass.
I think if my 6 year old cousin can tell me that we are about to run up the middle and it wont work. Then yes I believe he is terrible. Chaney was good when it came to his plan A but once it wasn't going well then he had no plan B. Take in example Georgia 2016 vs Ole Miss when the offense wasn't working and we did the same thing all 4 quarters with no adjustments.
I can't take a Notre Dame team that only beat Ball State by 8 points serious.
Drew Lock is one of the best QBs to play in the SEC. His season was looked down upon bc he started off really bad but picked it up near the end of the season.