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The ghost of Phil Fulmer is haunting Tennessee.
Translation: "Mmm, mmm, I like hamburgers."
Have a drink, Steve. Just saying.
I don't get all the falling back on the supposed knowledge of the boosters. Boosters -- everywhere -- are notorious for having more money than sense. So there's that.
Auburn: James Brooks, Joe Cribbs, William Andrews
"[M]any say had that game been anywhere but Tuscaloosa they’d of probably won it." Who are these "many"?
Herbstreit moved to Franklin, TN a few years ago because asinine, mouthy Ohio State fans (a redundancy, I know) were always after him for NOT being enough of a homer. It could be argued that if he has a secret agenda, it would be wanting to gig the Buckeye fans who ran him out of town by underrating their team. That said, I disagree with his #4 ranking.
Would not be surprised if Oregon is still ahead of Alabama, as Oregon, for some reason, seems to give the Committee a big boner.
You late for a Klan rally, bro?
I saw Ole Miss fans cheering, too, when they thought they had the go-ahead TD.
Are you insane? Good God, Ole Miss fans really are the biggest cry babies in the SEC. I hope they lose the rest of their games and return to obscurity. Hotty Toddy, MFers.
Unfortunately, some Ole Miss fans appear to be huge, excuse-mongering cry babies.