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The ghost of Phil Fulmer is haunting Tennessee.
Translation: "Mmm, mmm, I like hamburgers."
I don't get all the falling back on the supposed knowledge of the boosters. Boosters -- everywhere -- are notorious for having more money than sense. So there's that.
Auburn: James Brooks, Joe Cribbs, William Andrews
"[M]any say had that game been anywhere but Tuscaloosa they’d of probably won it." Who are these "many"?
Herbstreit moved to Franklin, TN a few years ago because asinine, mouthy Ohio State fans (a redundancy, I know) were always after him for NOT being enough of a homer. It could be argued that if he has a secret agenda, it would be wanting to gig the Buckeye fans who ran him out of town by underrating their team. That said, I disagree with his #4 ranking.
Would not be surprised if Oregon is still ahead of Alabama, as Oregon, for some reason, seems to give the Committee a big boner.
You late for a Klan rally, bro?
I saw Ole Miss fans cheering, too, when they thought they had the go-ahead TD.
Are you insane? Good God, Ole Miss fans really are the biggest cry babies in the SEC. I hope they lose the rest of their games and return to obscurity. Hotty Toddy, MFers.
Unfortunately, some Ole Miss fans appear to be huge, excuse-mongering cry babies.
I'm a Vols fan, and no way, dude. Look we can barely win a single SEC game with Jones and haven't won one yet this season. Color me not very impressed. UT must pay penance for 40 years after running Phil Fulmer out of town.
(1) I though it might have been a facemask watching the play the first time. The replays sure seemed to confirm it. (2) If he didn't pull with his fingers, what was he using? (3) In college, a facemask penalty doesn't depend on intent. (4) "You don't kick at the ball." Maybe not. But you "don't kick at players," either (unless you're Dillon Day). And I am a Bama fan. I think they just missed the facemask violation. They also could have called a penalty for the kicking thing, even if was just kicking at the ball (which I think it was). Neither incident, however, was "disgraceful."
Sorry. Cannot bring myself to believe Ronnie Van Zant's fat, dumb nephew.