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No surprise here. What player with any type of potential want to play on a team coached by the most incapable , incompetent head coach in all of the SEC? FIRE this loser.
There is only 1 (one) step required to improve South Carolina football in 2020: FIRE MUSCHAMP'S SORRY ASS!
Great. Another loser brought in by the biggest loser head coach. Maybe by some miracle when Muschamp wins 2 games next season (and that's being generous) the BOD and Caslan will grow a pair of balls and fire this train wreck.
Hey-you all need to calm down and count your blessings. At least Will Muschamp is not the head coach of your team.
Forgettable first half-forgettable head coach. Suck it up, pay this BUM his undeserving buyout and get a real coach in here to try and keep some of the commitments.
App State beat NC today. Just saying. Vandy , Florida, and Tennessee will def beat SC. Kentucky will annihilate SC. Tossing my season tickets now or suing Tanner for a refund.
The only comment we need to hear from this bum is "I resign".
Why are we fans surprised? Muschamp was a loser at Florida. Of course he sunk the program. What we should really be angry about is the ridiculous contract Tanner awarded this bum. FIRE Muschamp immediately. SC will lose EVERY GAME REMAINING ON THE SCHEDULE. 1-10 season.