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Ill disagree with that, besides the bench press, he did really well, considering he had a bad illness the previous day. The fact that he was out there and perfermed rather well is telling that he has a lot of heart. Sutton is the bigger loser considering how deep this corner class is and his pedestrian combine #s.
Lololol, i agree with your assessment. It was a piss poor example point. So let me fix that one. 5. Defensive Fortitude. While the UT defense is facing some turnover from major contributors, Barnett, Sutton, amd Reeves-Maybin, they are not bare at those positions. Kongbo moves from the interior back to his natural position of DE, along with McKenzie and Tuttle coming back from injuries. Cortez McDowell stepped up when JRM was injured and Elliot Berry did well when McDowell went down which leaves Kirkland coming back from injury. Lastly Baylon Buchanon started several games last season once Sutton got injured for the season, and played pretty well goving hope for the future.
I'm with you, hire Blackburn as AD and have Fulmer fill a role like what Bowden does at FSU. Its crazy to me that we would hire Fulmer for a position he has never had.
LA doesn't have a draft pick, that pick goes to Tennessee.
They could have done that this past weekend but both schools want the dolla dolla bills now. The suggestion i gave settles all parties issues and only changes UGA's bye week by 1 week. I would say this is the best solution and prevents UF and LSU from getting an extra bye.
So why not move the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party moved up 1 week and play the Florida-LSU game on the 29th? LSU gets a away game inbetween 2 home games doesnt lose their South Alabama game and SECCG gets played on time. Florida gets to play the game at home and the wheels keep turning. The only problem is the Jags stadium being used but if the Fins and Canes can do it in Hard Rock Stadium then so can the jags.
The playcalling wasn't better in the second half, just less drops and better execution.
That would be really dumb on Saban's part. You're better off looking at Herman or Satterfield.
9-3, East winners with losses to Bama, OU, and Arkansas. While I got those 3 right, I should never underestimate is blowing a lead to Florida. Wasn't Gaulden supposed to be our slot guy last year before he got hurt?
I did a wire up and the only conferences that could give us a run is the Big 12 and Pac12
I mean does Tennessee v Georgia not count? It took a Heisman performance from Gurley to beat UT and that game wasnt included. This is a SEC West lovefest.
No love for Josh Dobbs? I mean if he can maintain a level like he played against SCar and UK them he would definitely be in the mix, but if he plays like he did against Vandy then he won't. If Tennessee's offensive line improves just marginally then it would be a better predicament.
Whoa, let's pump the brakes Tennessee well be better next year but 15? Let's start in the 20s and work our way up. Still gonna have one of the toughest schedules in the nation next year that we have to overcome. Plus how is UT above LSU and Ole Miss? Now importantly 10 teams from the SEC in the top 25, every team from the west is in the top 25? I know we are the best conference but this is a little much.
This is exactly correct, if the big 12 would quit smoking the Texas pole, and grab a few good teams and go to 12 or 14 they would greatly improve their conference SOS. BYU, Boise State, UCF, San Diego State, Memphis, East Carolina, Cincinnati, and Colorado State would all be deserving of a Power 5 invite, BYU, Boise, Cincinnati, and either UCF or East Carolina would be the most deserving IMO.
Dont count on it, UF is gonna be better, and UT is only getting stronger, UGA will still be good. Dont put the cart before the horse.