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I'm so glad to hear this. It is a wonderful thing to do as long as Georgia and Clemson and Alabama, etc. stay away!
Bryan Edwards? He'll be most missed.
I love our players and hate for them to read on message boards that fans expect them to lose. Also for recruits to read it. Our players love Muschamp. It will cost so much to buy him out. He just needs to get rid of all coaches who are someone's dad, QB coach, and conditioning coach with all these injuries.
I agree AFan and cola cock, but those kids LOVE Muschamp. Who can we get in to round out the recruiting class and keep players from entering the Transport Portal? I think it has to be one or the other and Tanner has many winners in sports other than Football, Basketball and Baseball - so....
I thought Meyer has a brain tumor or heart attack or some such thing that he can never get stressed again or he will die. What is going on here?
Chad Morris is a much better coach than people realize. My kids went to Lake Travis and I saw him take boys who would be mostly average to Championships every year. Then as a Gamecocks it crushed me to see him go to Clemson and play a huge part of their turnaround. Give him time.
OSU got a great pro style QB who was redshirted last year from Lake Travis, TX. Matthew Baldwin was compared to one of his predecessors many times - Baker Mayfield. He's ready if all these Juniors don't work out.
I'm with you! I mistakenly got married June 10 in Aiken, SC and was cussed for...well I'm still being cussed but my cousing got married in Atlanta in March and we froze and the law says you have to wait 6 months but that would be football so I did June and well, hell - it was beautiful but the cake toppled it was so hot.
Where on earth is September 4 not the hottest day of the year? Jesus that's just cruel. But hey - you do you.