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Ohio State would’ve gotten waxed by Clemson, and that’s the last thing I would want to live with in this state. They’ve been awfully quite for the past week.
We didn’t that in 2013 and won. That was UCF’s only loss of the season on their way to beating Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl. Great season then and great season now. Good job Knights.
I’ve heard Bobby Bentley’s name tossed around.
Please take him! Not only would he be a great HC, but he would be out of Clemson!
I felt the same about Muschamp. Just give him a chance and he may surprise you. We were a 3-9 team in 2015. Two years later we’re an 8-4 team. I think the fan base will stick around even though you didn’t get the “sexy” hire.
I agree. I think Nebraska fires Riley and Frost goes home.
Smart on their part since the UCLA job opened up today. I would think he’d rather go back to the PAC-12 instead of the SEC. Florida must be thinking the same thing and are trying to get him before the Bruins call.
What’s more embarrassing is that Bentley threw another interception later in the drive. How many QBs can say they’ve thrown 2 picks on the same drive?
I agree with you. People that actually believe Kirby should be fired are srupid. Kirby is doing a good job in just his second year and will only get better as the years go on. Fans can be so impatient, but others are realistic and see the improvement. Don’t let one bad game discourage you. You’re in good shape Georgia, so don’t worry.
Come on UCF. Your team isn’t playing good ball, show up!
I wasn’t sold on Muschamp at first, but after everything going on at Florida it makes me think he wasn’t the problem after all.
I'm excited about being 2-0, but let's not get ridiculous. Georgia is still the team to beat. We are looking like we are going to have a better season than last year, but that doesn't mean we are on the verge of a "Special Season." I've been watching this team long enough to get my hopes up. We will probably lose to Louisiana Tech at home and then save Sumlin's and Bielema's jobs for another week.