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Actually -we already have two creeps on the Supreme Court who have credible accusations of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault. Since this dude only looked like a pervert, Republicans would probably make him Chief Justice.
I got 6 letters for ya - R E L O A D !!! Roll Tide!
Alabama fans don't use anal sex as a remedy for getting over losses in football games. Is that the practice in the entire state of Mississippi or just Oxford?
THANK YOU! That play is the only one I had a has time accepting. Because it certainly lead directly to an Ole Miss win and the play should have been called back!! A simple fix would be to allow the penalty to be called if it's revealed on the replay. If a team wants to use these pass-play options to bait the defense, then the booth's review should not only include checking whether or not the QB's entire body is over line of scrimmage, but also whether or not a lineman has run WAAAAAY downfield. I'd also like to see the rule changed that would make it illegal for the QB to throw the ball if either foot was over the line of scrimmage. But it appears certain teams are "intentionally" including wandering lineman as part of the play. So what if they get caught, just a penalty. But if they don't, this play leads to a TD that could be game winner as it was in the Ole Miss v Bama game.
Should he not have touched the ball? Because that was about the lightest touch possible. Also, did the Ole Miss lineman "intentionally" run down the field on that pass-run play to throw off Bama defenders? Defensive players are coached that if linemen are down the field, they can quit defending the pass, since the play would be called back due to ineligible receiver down field. This is happening more and more, and refs seem to have a hard time keeping up with where linemen are in these situations. So my question is - are Ole Miss players taught to cheat, since if they don't get caught - TD?
LOL; good analogy. Of course, being a Bama fan, I'm thinking Saban as my team's coach is kinda like eatin a steak at the beach WHILE sipping an adult beverage with an umbrella stir stick.
Ummmm . . . do you know what happened to Urban Meyer last time Urban Meyer's team beat Nick Saban's team? It was not pretty. And the siren song Saban lives for is to pass Bear Bryant's 6 National Championship record.
If Dak Prescott wins the lawsuit and is awarded money, can he accept it? If so, there's a loophole players could use to get to profit off their name. Have some company use their likeness or sell their autographs and then sue them. Of course, I assume if a backroom "deal" was made, and discovered, there would be no monetary damages awarded and the player would probably incur NCAA penalties for himself, and possibility his school. Which is why it's ridiculous a player can't profit off their own celebrity status! But everybody else and their brother can. So I hope Dak Prescott wins the lawsuit and gets to keep any $$ awarded, even if he has to wait to collect it. He's gone after this year anyway, right?
The designated home team gets to wear their choice of colored or white, usually they'd go with the color. BTW - does anyone know how the home team is determined? Top seed, I'd think, but I don't actually know.
But I'm DYING to read the quotes. Somebody, somewhere must get a closeup of those quotes! They are sure to be profound. (Not sarcasm, cause I'm a BIG Bama fan). Roll Tide!
That we do, DN, that we do! Thanks for noticing - proves you're a hard core college football fan. Roll Tide!
Dear Nike - thank you for honoring our tradition, which is not to "fancy up" our uniforms, since our swag is kept in the (many, many, many) trophy cases. Sincerely, Alabama Crimson Tide PS We don't mind a "touch" of houndstooth here and there, as long as it's subtle.
He was Alabama's offensive coordinator from 2008 to 2011. He was there for both the 2009 & 2011 National Championship Seasons. If Florida is looking for offensive minded coach, he'd be a great choice. As a Bama fan, I'm glad for him but dread seeing a revitalized Florida offense!