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Lol! You're going for the positive rat poison. Yummy!
Boneless, Your such a freaking DEBBIE DOWNER and KAREN rolled into one. I bet you secretly wear Crimson/ White and listen to Eli Gold on game day. I say secretly because they see your posts and don't want you, either. I am curious...Is it possible that you have ever said anything positive about your Alma Mater?
It amazes me that some of our arch rival fans are capable of seeing the bright side of the situation and some of the AU fans can't. Thanks for the positive spin Blep.
If Auburn has turned into Boise St South, we wouldn't be having a discussion about Harsin's job security. Boise St has had a good program for many years and is expected to win the conference again this year. Debbie Downer(supposed AU graduate) try supporting your school (coach) for once in your life.
If you stop and think about it ( which you obviously have not), any top-notch coach that becomes available is going to have many employment options. How many would jump on an opportunity at a school that has fired two coaches in three years (your wishful thinking scenario) and have such entitled boosters? You bash Auburn worse than fans of the other school across the state. Why don't you go pull for them so we don't have to listen to your Debbie Downer whining? On second thought, they don't want you either!
True! I'm still trying to get used to AU opponents basketball fans storming the court when they beat AU. It is a testament to how far the AU basketball program has come under Bruce Pearl. I am so thankful he worked so hard for 8 years to get to this point. Let's hope it becomes the norm.
8X5, I believe you are 100% correct but please take it easy on the poor guy. The thought that getting Harsin fired will solve the decades of problems with the Curly, Larry, and Mo boosters who stroke their self-entitlement egos with their overabundance of money is just too much common sense for him. The institution will pick up the delusional patient shortly and get him back on his medication.
Unlike some folks, I found your sarcasm entertaining. Your second comment was spot on. Thank you!
A year and a half ago everyone was up in arms about Gus because he lost on average 4 games a year. He was let go ( and laughed all the way to the bank!) Nothing will kill a football program worse than a revolving door of coaches because continuity is a big key to success. like it or not Harsin has to be given a chance. Right now the Football team needs the support of ALL the REAL AU fans.
No worries. Don't you know all it takes is a "second" to beat Saban.
I agree. Unfortunately, the game is in CBS territory ( I have a strong dislike for the announcers) so the ESPN network isn't going to send their crew to the location.