Roll Tide!!

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TDOW, Bubba nor Doug have ever played any organized sports. They have never sweat in practice. Competed for a starting position or ground out an entire season with effort, failures and success. This is the reason their posts about football are so far off base and ignorant. They are clueless, I just explained you why.
TDOW. Doug is ahead of you in line for my pecker.
Three star or low four star. If they have potential that is what the coaches have to determine. This guy has a lot of offers so more than just Alabama coaches think well of him. This type of thinking is out of Doug and Bubbas wheelhouse. Leg you get it. Signing every 5 star is not practical.
Dougie. I never knew you cared about my pecker son. Now I know.
Can have too many big guys. DeBoer just keeps rolling!! Picked up a punter this week also. Looking for a few big recruits over the next few weeks. Bubba and Doug are going to be screaming and hollering.
Bubbles and Dougie. What happened?? This player picked Auburn over Jawga. Kirbie is slipping over there in Athens. Schools taking players that Kirbie wants. This does not look good for you two critters!!
Dougie. Don’t go anywhere. You are free entertainment you nasty little critter!! Hahahaha!!
Dougie can’t get past the printed word that Jawga also wanted this CB but the player picks DeBoer and Alabama. Dougie can not mentally process this fact. Dougie will be stuck right there. He can’t move his brain.
Oh my my my. Dougie and Bubbles gonna be in excuse mode on this one!! The 6’1 190 CB from Santa Ana, CA chose the Crimson Tide over USC, Georgia, & Oregon Selected Alabama over Jawga!! Dam that is gonna cause some slobbering and gnashing of the teeth. Coach DeBore rolling hard on recruiting scene!! Roll Tide!!
Hopefully Kirby and his staff can keep this young man from drinking and driving resulting in something much much worse. We all know Kirby’s culture at Jawga needs a lot of work. Especially when the leaders can’t follow the rules and act right. Combined with how unsafe the Jawga campus is I would not recommend parents send their kids there. Just horrible the things that have taken place. Very sad.
Bubbles. Saban 7 NC’s. The GOAT. Try really really hard and you might just catch on boy!!
Leggie. I am proud of you for learning something. I am proud to be your mentor. We will continue these mentoring sessions. You have a little bit of attention. I am here for you leggie.
Leggie. You don’t follow instructions very well. You should finish the task.
Yep, Saban trapped them boys right into 7 National Championships. He sho nuff did.
Dougie you are correct!! Fat Kirby is 1-5 against Saban. While he is at Jawga!! Good job little feller!
Looks like s very solid kid. I wish him luck down there in that dangerous and deadly University of Jawga atmosphere.
UncleClutznuts. Be nice son. Heah now. That was a very mild comment compared to some of the ignant Jawga peoples comments. Lighten up Susie.
Time will judge that recruit, not a butt hurt LSWhoo fan who has a bad case of Saban Butt Hurt Salve. Rub some salve on it boy. Don’t forget yo lips.
Leggie. I am here for you. I will dumb this down for ya. The next big black guy you see on the street walk up him and ask him, “What’s up Buckwheat”. Some people learn by reading, listening, studying and asking questions. The slower group requires physical involvement. That is where I am directing you Leggie. And do let us know how it works out.
All right now. All together. You Jawga peoples wipe them chins off and stand up.
Leggie. Look up buckwheat on the Internet. Educate yourself. You will be smarter for it. I promise.
LSWhoo along with auburn and tinrsee are some of the best college football teams in America between February and August every single year.
Dougie. You using the word “Buckwheat” shows you are pure Rac ist You showed us all what you really are. We all need to remember that moving forward. You new SDS name for me is “Rac ist” You earned it.
Bubba boy and Bayou Tigger are playing butt hurt checkers. Everybody else is playing Chess.
Fat boy kelly could not get it down. DeBoer did. This college football stuff is rough on you boy.
Bubbles. You are stupid. I am stating obvious. Go back to sucking whatever it is you suck boy. Coach is doing a fabulous job on the recruiting scene.
TideLife. You seemed to be afflicted like Doug. You don’t read. This is from the article. “Barney’s offer list shows that it’s not just media types impressed by his play. Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Michigan and Ohio State are among the teams that have also expressed interest in Barney”.
Dougie. Let me help you out boy. Alabama currently has 3 verbal commitments from the Georgia 2025 group. The #7, #22 and #47 players. Also the #9 player from the Georgia 2026 group. Just getting started Dougie.