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Why dont we have Tua start a game of smear the queer next practice!!! My goodness can we just get to Atlanta without another injury!
6 teams is the best answer. I believe adding one extra home game for teams ranked 3 and 4 to be played against teams ranked 5 and 6, respectively, the week after conf championships. Then everything else stays same. 1 and 2 get much deserved bye.
9-6 east vs west is hardly a floor mopping. The previous 5 years were floor moppings!
Coaches don’t come in and “take over” the offense or defense. They manage the Saban way.... Perfectly Said!!!
Does Auburn have anything to show this decade that is not some back door fluke?
Being a SC fan, I can understand why you would ask Why would he. The difference in Clemson and Alabama can't be described, either you understand or you don't.
Dooley didn't want to face the Bear every year... big difference.
Does anyone really believe a 9 million dollar per year contract and a 6 million dollar Alabama buyout "really" locks in Dabo??? #pocketchange
Translating Translator: i really dont have a clue and ought to just stick to basketball.
I totally agree with your list. Id like to add an honorable mention of Ark 2007, Sabans 1st year. This gave us a taste of the new Sheriff in town. Led big, then got down, only to pull it out in the final seconds. I just remember being in the stands thinking Bama is Back!
The narrative continues to tell that Tua has not thrown a 4th qtr pass...which actually adds to his aura. As long as they keep reminding everyone that his numbers wont have to be gaudy.
I think the rule is a great one. It creates more strategy to take better care of the ball as you get closer to the goal. AND... if you fumble at the 5 it goes to the 5, where do you put a ball that fumbles out of the back of the end zone? You can't. The rule itself is akin to the Safety rule, where you can't mark a ball anywhere except between the 2 goals. Excellent rule.
6 is the perfect answer. Here's why: 1) 1 and 2 get a well deserved BYE for being the best two teams in college football. Creates a reason to play hard late to get one of these valued spots. 2) You now have 4 additional teams that can satisfy all major conferences if they are truly good enough to be considered. 3) You have 1 additional round of football the week before Christmas, its held at the Home stadium of Teams 3 and 4; the last 2 teams to get in are on the road for these two wild card games. 4) Every other game will remain the same, the bowls aren't disrupted in the least.
Im confused about your 9th 10 win season this century remark? Bama has done it 5 times. ND, Aub, Tx, LSU, wisc, FL, USC, Miami. Did you mean SEC schools?
You would think with that many schools and coaches and players one thing would have made me LOL. Nope.
Lets also not forget that all 4 NCs came with wins against undefeated teams... combined for 52-0.
When you consider that of Bamas 13 losses in the last 9 years, six of them have come to a team that played for the National Championship (4 won it). So in other words few chokes... Bama has played the Best and no one else is even close in that span.
Your numbers are all wrong. Alabama lost to Florida in the 1st SECC in the Georgia Dome, 24-23. (You had the 1st score ever which was in B'ham.) Secondly, Florida has won 6 SECC in the Georgia Dome (1 in Bham). And Bama has won 5 SECC in the dome (1 in Bham).
Aubun has won 10+ games in back to back seasons exactly 1 time... 1988-89. Pitiful consistency.
Yes. Don't forget UF did it in 2009 as well. Wonder when/if we will ever see another 12-0 matchup in the SECC? That was awesome!
Bama hasn't lost more than 1 regular season game in 6 years. I suspect it will be the same this year. Typically (not including last year), its always about the schedule. They have a really tough game that they pull through then have to start over the next week. If this holds true, I see the Arkansas game being another tough win, then they have to go on the road to UT the next week. That will catch up to them. But they'll get their wind back, and beat UT decisively in the rematch. Back in the 4 team playoff.
I would like to see the list on which opponent was being played when the record was broken. I have a sneaky suspicion that Alabama comes up in more than half of these stadiums.
I only agree with a few of these... NFL rules is just dumb and shows no appreciation for the college game. ..its not NFL for a reason, we already have the NFL. Dont mess with play clock, we already have the NBA too. And when you score a TD act like youve been there!
auburn went back to back in '88 and '89. You state that they have done this twice. When was the other time?