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He's been out of the game for 2 years. That's a significant span of a professional football player's career. It remains to be seen if he can maintain the turnaround. From my own experiences with friends who have bipolar disorder, there is usually a cycle of being medicated and then quitting the meds because they think they can "handle it" again. That never works out and usually leads to some pretty serious relapses in behavior. Maybe Johnny has been through that part already. No telling. I do know that it is a major step for him to be owning his past and to be so humble. I'm rooting for him.
I can't speak for all of the 12th Man, but my opinion has always been that he was a great player, lots of fun to watch, but was a mess off the field. I've rooted for him to get his life together all along. I wish he'd done it before he washed out of the NFL, but seeing him humbled and owning his past was refreshing. I hope he can maintain it. Love him or hate him, he was one of the most dynamic and entertaining players to watch on the field that I can remember and I'm not a young man.
Aggies have been on fire. Too bad they had that slump in the middle. They started out having a pretty special season. Guess we'll see how far they can go.
Really good piece. Glad the video was included to give context to the article. Glad to see Johnny humble and seemingly moving in the right direction. He's owning his issues and trying to move forward. Hope he gets back. He was so much fun to watch.
He's just doing what a head coach is supposed to do. He's out there touting his team. He did a great job in a short time. Barring a disastrous year next year, there's no reason not to be optimistic about what he can bring in a full recruiting cycle.
I was just going back and forth looking at this too. This article states 247 has UF ranked 17 but the 247 composite rankings on List them as 14. It's all subjective anyway. 247 itself seems to have 2 different methods of ranking. One has the Gators 17 and one has them 14.
Thought Manziel was already locked into negotiating with the CFL.
If Armani Watts goes in the 2nd round, someone is getting a steal.
A&M returns a majority of the team that beat SC this year. Notable losses being Christian Kirk, Armani Watts and Keith Ford. There are plenty of receivers to distribute the ball to at A&M. That's never been an issue. I believe that there is sufficient depth at RB to adequately replace Ford. The big question mark for me is replacing Armani Watts. We'll see how that works out. Overall though, you have a majority of the team that won this year returning.
I'm not saying it won't happen. It might. I was merely responding to Blep saying SC should beat A&M. I'm not sure where that comes from since they've never beaten them before.
Hambone, we didn't have Jimbo Fisher the previous 4 years and never lost a game to SC, so where are the problems A&M needs to go away in regard to SC? Where's the logic in stating SC "should" beat A&M when they NEVER have before?
SC is 0-4 vs A&M. Saying they "should beat them" is like saying A&M should beat LSU. Yeah, eventually you'd expect it to happen, but until it does, I'd give the edge to the team with the winning history.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! One of those 2 coaches has won a national championship.
ASU passed on Sumlin for Herm Edwards. I'm betting they're going to be regretting that for a bit.
You'd think he'd have someone close to him that's smart enough to advise against this decision. He'll be lucky to get drafted at all. Maybe he can pick up a FA deal.
You won't find me on here talking much crap about other programs, unless it's the horns, but I'm curious what exactly would lead you to believe that A&M was a cesspool? You're concerned about QB's not staying. You must not have followed the events very closely. Kenny Hill lost his starting job because he went out and got drunk the night before the Bama game. He was promptly demoted to backup. He transferred knowing he wasn't going to get playing time. He even admits himself that his problems at A&M were his own doing. Kyle Allen was doing pretty well. This is where I will admit that I think Sumlin handled the QB situation poorly because he coddled a diva in Kyler Murray at the expense of developing Kyle Allen. When A&M fired their OC, Kyler Murrray's dad wanted a say in who the next OC hire would be. Sumlin told him to pound sand and told Kyler he had some soul searching to do. When Kyler went to the locker room, other players had, apparently, packed his stuff and put it outside. Shows how much the locker room cared for him. The only one I think was a shame that they left was Kyle Allen, but he even got benched at UH this year. Not looking great. Sumlin was a great recruiter just not a great coach. Lacked the skills to develop the talent. Even last year, he passed on Stidham to make sure Kellen Mond stayed committed. I figured that would turn out to be a mistake and, in the short term, it was. Bigger picture remains to be seen. Don't think Jimbo's system will be great for a dual threat QB like Mond, so I look for Starkel to get the nod again next season.Those are football issues. I fail to see a cesspool, but maybe you have some knowledge I don't.
No one should have seen it coming. Texas was playing without almost half it's starters due to sitting out, suspension or injury. I thought Mizzou had a real shot to run rough shod over the sips. Really sucks that it went the way it did. As an Aggie living in Austin, I hear enough crap as it is. Now, I'll have to listen to how the SEC is overrated. Hope the Ags and the rest of the SEC show up better than this.
When I first read his comment, I paged back up to see if I missed Mizzou on his list. LOL
A&M underutilized TE's the entire Sumlin tenure. Hopefully, we finally have a staff that will make use of them for things other than blocking. It would be nice to attract some talent at that position.
What we have to hope now is that the change of scenery and an open wallet reinvigorates Jimbo back into top form.
One thing I'm pretty sure of in regards to Jimbo, big Aggies boosters aren't overly concerned with his contract. Regardless of the buyout, etc, if he isn't cutting it in 4 or 5 years, they will cut him loose and try something else. I don't see how he can't be an improvement over Sumlin, but time will tell. Either way, he'll succeed or he'll be gone in 5 years.
Well, I'm an identical twin. I went to A&M and my twin went to tu. The rivalry was always fun. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I miss the game. Looked forward to it every year, win or lose. My twin died in a car accident in December of 2005. The horns won the Championship in January. He missed it. I'd probably still be hearing about it. I want this rivalry back and I don't think I'm the only Ag that feels that way. Yes, the sips were whiny little girls in doing away with it. Deloss Dodds did the ultimate "I'm taking my ball and going home" move, but the fans suffer.
I disagree. This game was part of Thanksgiving my entire life. It WAS one of the best rivalry games in college football. It's time to put all the sour grapes aside and get back to playing on Thanksgiving. Right now, the game probably benefits tu more than the Ags, but it definitely has not always been that way. If nothing else, it's a game that the entire state of Texas takes interest in and it was usually a lot of fun.
Not so sure the current laughing stock of college football should be remarking about previous laughing stocks. Hello, Title IX?
If you knew anything about the A&M band, you'd know that it is not "military style". It is a company in the A&M Corp of Cadets. An organization that still commissions more military officers than any school in the country other than the military service academies. It's not "military style". It IS military. They only play military marches. Also, as ekinggill pointed out, that was a very small fraction of the band. There are over 400 members in the Aggie Band. Jimbo was shown some good Aggie hospitality when he arrived. Aggies like to make people feel welcome. LOL
I wouldn't be excited about a trading a coach with an 83-23 record for one with a 47-50 record and trying to sell it as an upgrade either.