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I don't think the word "facts" means what you think it does. You're stating your opinion and calling it facts. "Any normal LSU and Auburn team would destroy A&M..." That's an opinion. Not a fact. We played the normal LSU and Auburn teams they put on the field this year and beat them both. That's a fact. We were split evenly with Auburn with the away team taking every game except one year. That's a fact. You are stating opinion.
The financial payout on the Orange Bowl has been far greater than the Cotton Bowl in recent history
The Orange Bowl was the better bowl draw so, regardless of the situation with UNC, it was the best option for TAMU.
I disagree. A&M matches up pretty well with ND. Everyone has an off game now and then. A&M definitely had one for about 3 quarters tonight. They didn't quit though. Under Sumlin, these kids would've thrown in the towel and limped out of Miami with an L to end the season. Tough teams keep at it. Even when things aren't going their way. Outscoring your opponent 24-7 in any quarter will usually win you the game. ND was terrible against Bama and full strength Clemson, who gpt destroyed vs tOSU. I like A&M's chances against ND.
To be the best, you gotta beat the best. That takes recruiting at a high level. A&M is at least checking that box. The product on the field is reflecting that reality. Keep winning and the recruiting gets better. I like where we're going.
Shows the strength of the SEC in recruiting that TAMU has the #7 class in the country and is 4th in conference.
Was the paraphrasing incorrect or are you just upset that I'm right?
That's what a coach with a little class might say. Not, "We fielded a bunch of scrubs" like CDM said after the game.
The easy thing would have been to put A&M at #3. Then you avoid the Bama rematch unless A&M gets by Clemson. #3 and #4 are pretty subjective anyway. It always felt to me like the committee put ND at #2 just to make sure they could justify keeping them in when they got blown out by a full roster Clemson.
Not terribly sure that OU deserved a NY6 bowl either, although they played like it last night. People moaned about Iowa State's high ranking, and rightly so. It served to prop up OU when they beat the inflatedly (I'm making up words) ranked Iowa St, who had already beaten OU once. OU lost to a TERRIBLE K-State team who got smacked down by Iowa St something like 45-0. It certainly makes UF look all that much worse.
Sp far, Trask is playing himself out of the Heisman conversation
Wonder if anyone told him it gets COLD in Minnesota
I thought, since he accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl, that he couldn't come back.
No, because the percentages aren't in their favor. You act like no one ever rides the bench at Bama and that everyone makes the NFL. In actuality, the overwhelming majority of kids that play D1 ball don't go on to have successful careers in the NFL. I'm not saying kids shouldn't go where they have the best shot, but I am saying that every 18 year old kid that gets a D1 scholarship thinks they are going to go on and play in the pros. That's mathematically impossible. The vast majority of those kids will end up figuring out something else to do with the rest of their lives.
Yes, it sucks. People are fleeing CA because of the consequences of their politics and then think they will work somewhere else, but pretty much every major metropolitan area in the US is blue. If you look at the voting map of Texas, it's a vast majority red. The state government is still red. I think there may be a little less blue in the next election. Trump motivated lots of people to vote.
Yeah, the fastest growing state in the country, with no state income tax and business friendly government....who would want to live there? Just in the last 2 months, Tesla and Oracle have left California and moved their HQ's to Texas. Not too mention Dell, Apple, IBM, Google, Facebook, Vrbo, HomeAway, the first Samsung plant outside South Korea. Yup, it's terrible here. Please don't come.
The part that is most short-sighted on the players' parts is that the star players that stay in state are always taken care of after their careers. Those boosters have LOTS of money and love to throw at these kids if their pro careers don't pan out. 18 and 19 year old kids don't think like that. Can't blame them, really, but those kids that go out of state and want to move back "home" one day aren't gonna find the big money folks as welcoming. Reality, if you want to recruit the top kids in any state, you have to put the best product on the field. That's never gonna change.
Hate that we'll have to face him but glad he picked Bama over OU.
Ed O is bitter! LOL He's the only SEC coach that didn't vote A&M in the top 4.
The shoe throw was beautiful. Seeing Herbstreit at the end of these rubs me the wrong way now. What an OSU homer.
Easy solution to that would've been to put TAMU at 3. Let them face Clemson. I guarantee, if TAMU beat Clemson, there would be some national interest in the rematch.
They played Clemson the last 2 years and didn't get boat raced.
I would agree but not necessarily because I see a lot of great teams on here. More because we just don't know because of the conference only seasons. My feeling is Indiana and Northwestern might be in the bottom half of the SEC, but I guess we'll find out.
Auburn and Ole Miss need to handle business and show the masses how ridiculous the argument for OSU in the CFP was.
I wouldn't call Clemson beating A&M on a BS call that the pylon cam showed was incorrect "embarrassing Mond". Nor was holding them to their lowest point total (by more than 20 points) on their home field all season last year. Clemson's D is suspect this year and A&M is a different team than they've been the last 2 years, especially on defense.
OSU relied solely on one RB to win that game. Northwestern would be in the bottom half of the SEC. Likely Indiana would be as well. To your point though, Fields injured his throwing hand and that made them struggle? You just made the point of why a 6 game team shouldn't get in. Those that played 9 and 10 games dealt with those injuries all season. Did tOSU even play 2 consecutive weeks in a row? Would OSU beat A&M??? Maybe, but you saying they would beat every SEC team not named Bama just seems ridiculous based solely on their performances this year. You really think Indiana or Northwestern would beat every SEC team besides Bama, because that's basically what you're saying.