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Where'd you find the article that shows all the difficulties of schedules. It wasn't in the article linked here. I was looking for that.
It'll be tough to surprise TAMU in Kyle Field given USCe's history against TAMU so far. Stranger things have happened though. Just don't think the QB play for USCe is gonna be there.
Think he's asking why TAMU's isn't tougher. Seems tougher to me but they're awfully close and both absolutely brutal.
It won't be about the money if he goes. He's been given the keys to the kingdom and a blank check. He could name his price now. If he goes, it'll be because of his desire to get back home or some sour relationship he has with someone in the administration that hasn't come to light yet. I'm hoping he realizes what he has in College Station and sticks around. TAMU has opened the checkbook and given him everything he has asked for.
I'm really surprised Jace Sternberger hasn't moved into the discussion for 1st round picks. I think he's potentially the best TE in the draft and had a great combine, by all accounts. I've read numerous articles mentioning him in conjunction with the Pats since Gronk is retiring and they would be looking to take a TE early.
I have friends that are bipolar and it's very common for bipolar people to quit taking their medication. I've commonly heard them say that it makes them "not feel". That manic feeling is almost like a high. It takes some falling down to learn that they cannot quit taking the medication...ever.
I fail to see why A&M didn't climb more or Vandy fall more. A&M is 17-5. They played 2 ranked teams prior to Vandy (#18 Baylor and #17 TCU) and won both games as well as 2 of the 3 against Vandy. Vandy is 15-5. They also played 2 ranked teams prior to A&M. #25 Cal St Fullerton, which they won and the same #17 TCU, which they lost. Polls are so fickle.
To be fair, after last season, there's no other direction for expectations to go but up.
Mond has shown dramatic improvement from year 1 to year 2 all while learning a new offensive system. He threw for 430 yards against Clemson. The assumption is that will correlate into a continued improvement in year 3 after another year in Fisher's system. Time will tell whether that theory holds true. Bentley already seems to have hit a ceiling.
FSU makes a lot of sense for him since they can't seem to get a QB to commit. His path to playing time should be pretty easy. Don't see the Noles improving much under Taggart though.
Well, the Tigers have a great opportunity early in the season to derail that hype train. Looking forward to it.
Mond has to get his completion rate north of 60% if he's going to approach 4,000 yds. Either that, or they'll have to attempt a lot more passes.
Only 11 teams on the list. Very fitting that A&M is the 12th.
Make that 3. Texas A&M is on the graphic. He inadvertently left them off the list. Something he clarified on his Twitter feed.
The only real weight I give recruiting rankings is that they generate momentum. Ultimately, yes, you have to produce on the field.
Brian Williams is the A&M safety commit
Texas only surpassed A&M on pure will of the rankings services, particularly 247. Tyler Owens is a prime example. The kid had a meteoric rise to go from something like 900 up to being a 5 star with only 15 offers. His next best offers after Texas were Baylor, Nebraska, Purdue and Vandy. No offers from Bama, Notre Dame, Oregon, Florida, Clemson, A&M or any number of other top programs. Yet A&M Safety commit, with 33 offers including ones from a vast majority of the big boys, lost his 5th star. I fail to see the logic except to help pump up Texas.
A&M would be spanking Texas in recruiting if not for 247 lending a HUGE helping hand by bumping Texas recruits. One of them went something like 294 spots after committing to Texas. Funny that Muschamp mentioned that stuff happening when he was at Texas in an article on SDS last week.
A&M's is brutal too. Clemson, Bama, LSU, UGA, AU...and 3 of those 5 are on the road. Oof
tOSU only make sense if Fields doesn't get a waiver, right? Otherwise, he faces sitting there as well. I'm sure he's looking for someplace he's virtually guaranteed to land a starting role.
Better passer, but he's turnover prone and sometimes looks like his feet are nailed to the turf when he gets pressured. I'm not sure if he doesn't have the instincts to feel it or he just locks up.
How many shots is he gonna take? Best of luck, Nick
Yet, according to Horns fans, the Aggies aren't on their minds at all.
Kyler Murray is toxic. Just ask his A&M teammates. That being said, he appears to have a lot of upside, but he lacks size. Will he be able to extend plays and stay off his butt when EVERYONE at the next level is as fast as the fastest guys that got after him in college? If he goes first, he's going to a team with a bad record and, likely, a bad O line. What happens to his accuracy and escapability when he has 275-300 pound DL's in his face all game?
A&M/Clemson, LSU/Texas, Ole Miss/Cal (not as marquis as in days past, but still a big OOC series), Mizzou/WVU and Mizzou/Troy (watch out trap game). SEC is doing a little better these days with OOC.