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You know what I mean. Seems like they're trying to do it. Here in Texas, there's a university just down the road from Austin that used to be called Southwest Texas State University. A few years back, they just decided to be Texas State. It was really all about marketing. Moving themselves from a school perceived to have a regional population to one that appeals more broadly statewide.
If you go to, they refer themselves as the "Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns. Their jerseys say "Louisiana" in bold. all caps across the front. The banner on their website says "Louisiana - Sun Belt Conference West Champions - is Bowling!" It also says "Official Home of the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns" at the top of the page. Seems to me they're doing a pretty good job of marketing themselves that way.
Maybe they're just trying out the UAB model.
The Dawgs had better be up for this game or risk being caught off guard. Texas' D is as good as a Big 12 D can be (not saying much, I know), but they make some plays when needed. If Lil' Jordan Humphrey doesn't sit out, he's a threat against anyone and Ehlinger has wheels and a good arm. Keep him uncomfortable and it can be a long day for Texas fans. That's what I'm hoping for. I live in Austin, so I deal with the smugness on a daily basis. One of my friends said, "If A&M had only been better this year, they could've been playing Texas in a bowl game." I told him that A&M and Texas had the same number of losses and A&M's came to better opponents. Told him he'd better thank his lucky stars Texas plays in that weak a$$ conference and that UGA got left out of the playoffs or they'd be looking at a trip to the Texas Bowl to play Vandy.
Look at his posts. Just a UCF troll on an SEC site. The kid is a 3 star that was "encouraged" to look elsewhere. Ags must have their sites on someone else.
tOSU admin seeing $$$$ with all those savings
On Thursday, his casket will be taken by train from Houston to College Station. First president since Eisenhower to be taken to their final resting place by train. Union Pacific has donated the engine. It's painted Air Force One colors and says "George Bush 41" on the side. It's engine #4141. Very cool looking.
If only that worked in all games. I agree, Aggies should curb stomp them, and I hope they do. We'll see. That's why we play the game.
TAMU's matchup with NCSt is worrisome for exactly the reason Connor points out. Can they figure out how to stop the pass? I think this may be one where the 2 high safety look may work for the defense since NCSt isn't known as a rushing team. Guess we'll find out soon enough.
Would love to see Kingsbury back at A&M. Not sure he's right for TE coach though.
Lots of respect for you, LSUSMC. Always appreciate reasonable fans. I try not to be one of the nutjobs. Here's to hoping the rivalry continues in good spirit.
LOL. The troll game is strong with you. Another created account to post 2 comments.
You have a real hang up with my name for some reason. I don't have to keep telling myself anything. You can go see for yourself. 4th and 18 from your own 39 yd line. It doesn't take much mathematical skill to figure out where they need to get to and a few keystrokes can show you the replay, or explain to you in elementary school terms how yard lines work and how far 18 yards is on the field. Don't let facts get in the way of your narrative though.
My name is NOT LynnBob. Just my screen name. So what about it? Secondly, I didn't say anything about a 1st down, but if you're talking about the one where the SEC Network admitted their onscreen yellow line was off by 2 yards, it most definitely was a 1st down. It was 4th and 18 with A&M at their own 39 yd line. That would make the LSU 43 the line to gain, but the onscreen yellow line was across the LSU 41. That's just a technical issue. Quartney Davis caught the ball and landed down between the LSU 42 and 41. Well, past the 43 that was the line to gain.
The replay on TV clearly showed a still picture of the ball on the ground and 1 second still on the clock. Also, the formation was NOT illegal if they are covering the center, which they were. If you want to say it was an illegal formation, pretty much every pass protection lineup would be illegal as the O-line tends to line up more in a U shape than straight across the line. This from a write in NOLA: "The image Shanle used to highlight the play on social media uses a misleading angle. On the actual TV broadcast, the Aggies players are much closer to the line of scrimmage. What’s more, linesman Chad Green is in perfect position on the line of scrimmage before the snap so he either overlooked the misalignment or viewed it as legal." And another take: "McAulay, an LSU alumnus and current rules expert for NBC's Sunday Night Football, explained that "a player is on the line if he breaks the plane of the waistline of the snapper. The #2 and #4 receivers appear to do that. #1 and #3 are close. This is only illegal if five players are in the backfield and that is not the case here." I'd stick to hanging your hat on the fumble non-call. Pretty much all the others have been shown to be valid.
...and if the 4th down TD had been reviewed and overturned, take 7 off the board for LSU. Then what? Questionable calls happen. There were some bad ones in this game, but they did go both ways. You wanted an exciting game. Definitely got that.
Aside from the fumble/incomplete pass call, which ones can you point to that haven't been shown in other articles to be the correct call? Don't forget, as lovindagame mentioned, many calls in regulation went against A&M. Horrible spots that ended drives. LSU was awarded a TD on a 4th down where the runner's knee was down possibly prior to the ball breaking the plane. Not reviewed.
What about the LSU runner's elbow down on 4th down before the ball crossed the plane. That wasn't reviewed. A&M got spotted at least a yard short of where it should've been at least twice leading to punts. Even the announcers commented on it. It wasn't all in favor of A&M.
..and the LSU player's elbow was down on 4th down before the ball crossed the plane. Not reviewed. A&M was spotted short on 2 plays that lead to punts. The bad calls were everywhere.
Wish I could remember which Arky fan posted earlier in the season about how Aggies would be having buyer's remorse and how happy they were that Arky got Chad Morris. Capped a stellar first year.
It's a shame. There's no reason this game shouldn't be played every year on Thanksgiving Day.
I think it'll be an exciting game too. A&M's DB's have the potential to make Burrow look like a Heisman contender, but he's gonna have to prove he can sling it. As far as special teams, Braden Mann is the best punter in the nation and can flip the field every time. Roshauud Paul has had some pretty good returns this year as well. Our place kicker is less spectacular. Not sure which overall special teams unit gets the edge.
By all accounts, Murray was toxic in the locker room. When all that was going down, the information I read laid it out like this: Sumlin had fired the OC. Kyler's dad, Kevin, told Sumlin he wanted a say in the new OC hire. Sumlin had a meeting with Kyler telling him that wasn't going to happen and Kyler had a decision to make. When he got back to the locker room all his crap had been packed up by some teammates and put outside. I'm sure that eased his decision. Don't get me wrong. It would've been nice to have that talent around. He was just a diva. He lost the locker room and that's not a good thing. Haven't seen any accounts of whether or not he changed at OU. Doesn't matter though since he's going MLB after this year anyway.
Except the LHN bleeds money. It hasn't made money since it's inception. You can find numerous articles on the millions of dollars it's lost over the years. So, your assertion that the SEC Network and B1G Network were based off the success of the LHN is false. Or, at the least, it's a poor business model to base other businesses off of.