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I think he's pointing out that these are likely the only positions to see much in the way of competition with so many starters returning.
Entertaining read, but I'd have a hard time believing that Manziel would only go for 74 yards on 13 carries. Nevertheless, these articles sound like games I'd like to see.
^^This!!! The first team in the Big 12 to actually put together a defense may be mighty dangerous indeed.
Why all the Jimbo hate? He has a national title on his resume. He's bringing in highly ranked recruiting classes. He beat both Mississippi schools in one year (something Sumlin never did). He beat LSU (something Sumlin never did). Fans can see the trajectory of the program going in the right direction. The MSU regents, boosters and AD, apparently, couldn't say the same thing.
Charlie Strong has already shown he can't be a head coach in the Big 12 and AAC. Why do you think he'd be a good choice in the SEC?
The coach told all the kids to give up their phones and he wouldn't give his up.
After Texas beating #11 Utah, they're surely headed for another preseason hype ranking in the top 10 somewhere. Probably another 7-5 season though. Wash, rinse, repeat.
A&M has 2-3 scholarships left to give as well. Maybe 4. I could see them passing OSU if they have a reasonable haul.
Congrats to Max, but I'm still puzzled as to why last year's winner wasn't even in consideration this year. Maybe they just like to spread it around. Mann averaged 49.3 yds/punt on 105 kicks. His performance was down a little this year. He only averaged 47.7, but still worthy of at least being in the running.
If you read the Texas boards, it's all the SEC's fault keeping A&M from playing Texas
Dropped 72 on A&M last year and still lost. Games get crazy and it's why the teams play on Saturday. Should A&M win this game? Nope. Can they? Absolutely. Looking forward to this one and hope it's a close battle.
Funny. A&M's live mascot was there too. If I recall, she was sitting out in the rain. She also lives better than a lot of people. All dogs should have it that good.
No, you held them to 274 yards the entire game vs your 260 yds.
That is true. In the end, an L is an L, but it's stupid to continue pointing out that A&M had -1 yds rushing while failing to point out that UGA was outgained in the game. Also, UGA was held to their season low rushing of 97 yards. There was a very real chance that UGA was going to lose to a team that rushed for -1 yards.
A&M outgained UGA in total offense. Rushing isn't the only way to move the ball. UGA had 97 yards rushing. Hardly a shining example of how to run the ball. A&M had 274 yards of total offense. UGA had 260.
Yet A&M had more total yards of offense than UGA. What does it matter how you get them?
When losing an argumenr, resort to name calling. See you've got that one down.
It was definitely due to human error. The conspiracy comment was tongue-in-cheek. Still waiting for a sarcasm font. The rest of my comment stands though.
You're the only one that brings up this phantom simulating the snap. The announcers didn't mention it. No one else on here is mentioning it. You saying it over na dover doesn't make it true. The SEC needs the SECCG to be interesting, so they had an interest in UGA winning this game. Shouldn't feel good about it though.
Thanks to some home cooking with the refs. Truly embarrasing for SEC officiating.
The facemask against Renfro. The PI against Ausbon. The hold/PI against Wydermyer. You're pointing out things that you feel happened. I'm talking about stuff even the commentators are mentioning. Home cooking at it's finest. Take that TD that wasn't off the board and A&M wins. Give A&M the first down they would've had if Wydermyer's arm wasn't held down, and A&M might've had 7 more points. That's an embarrasment for SEC officiating and I'd think you'd see a statement from the league on it. It was truly that bad.
The officiating has effected the outcome of this game and it's shameful.
A&M schedule was 2nd behind South Carolina. I think South Carolina got the slight nod for toughest because of the game between A&M and South Carolina...A&M was considered the better team at the beginning of the season.
It's hard to make an objective judgement based solely on this game. Hilinski's hand was hurt. I believe it was his left hand and he throws with his right (correct?), but did the pain throw his timing off? He made some horrendous throws later in the game. Early on, he was hitting everything. Joyner may be a little more athletic. Still, small sample size.
Demani Richardson lead with his shoulder and had his left arm out in front of him. His left arm makes contact with Joyner's shoulder before anything else. Also, it was his facemask that made contact with Joyner's helmet. Brunson clearly lowered his head and launched his body into Mond's chest. The very top of his helmet was what made contact with Mond's body. That's the definition of targeting.
First off, I think a suspension for the rest of the season is coming and probably rightly so, but Mason Rudolph tried to rip Garrett's helmet off first, then he kicked him in the sac, and then, right before the helmet swing, he either punched him in the sac or grabbed him there. Can't really tell. Rudolph was definitely poking the bear. That was clear when he immediately threw his hands up after the helmet swing. That's always what the instigator does when they get the reaction they were hoping for.
You're a crazed fan! Technically, you're correct, it is still on the table. Probability is very low however.
Can you show me on this doll where the big, bad yell leader touched you?
Jimbo has a couple more years with a long leash. The boosters will be patient enough to let him build a team with his players to see how he produces. If he doesn't, it doesn't matter the size of the buyout. They won't think twice about going out and getting someone else. The big money boosters ponied up nearly half a billion dollars to renovate Kyle Field and all that money was raised in something like a week. The oil money here is just crazy!