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AggsFF, that's incorrect. UF was definitely ranked #4 when we played them last year.
The game is in JerryWorld. Arky is just the "home" team on the scoreboard this year.
If the TAMU O-line can't figure out how to work together, this could well be the year Arky finally gets the better of us. The D should be able to keep it close, but the O-line has to protect Calzada and give the run game a chance. Hoping Ainias gets to play. Would love to see Demas touch the ball 10 more times.
Jimbo has won against LSU 2 out of 3 seasons he's been at A&M. He's also beaten Auburn. Not sure where the "almost beat" came from.
Can he seriously think OU is still in the top 10, let alone the top 5, after being lucky to get by Tulane?
Did you mean to post this on the UT prediction article?
That 1968 victory in the Cotton Bowl was one of the classics. Gene Stallings defeating his mentor, Bear Bryant. There's a great picture of Bear lifting up Stallings after the game in celebration.
They're misdemeanor charges. Have to see if the charges stick before I'd expect disciplinary action from the athletic department. He'll be suspended until there's some resolution to the legal aspect.
Jimbo gave him the weed and told him to go drive around?
Did you REALLY mean to imply that Shane Beamer led the 1999 Hokies to the NC game (where they lost) as a deep snapper? Never in the history of football has a deep snapper led a team to a national championship game. said Pac 12 and powerhouse in the same sentence.
I didn't say he would win a starting job, but it's hard to ignore a kid that size out of the gate. Yes, S&C goes a long way for these kids out of HS, but this kid could go anywhere and at least make a case to be on the line from day 1
A college ready kid like this can go to any school in the country and compete for starting time. I think he's gonna watch the teams during the season and see whose defense he thinks he'd like to play in the most. No sense reading too much into this.
By all accounts, both possess a deep threat ability that Mond was lacking. Whether it was on Mond or lack of deep threat receivers, either of those issues are supposedly gone now. Calzada has a rocket for an arm, but less mobility. If both can deliver accurately downfield, and make good decisions, you take the more athletic one all day, right?
Least of all, the majority of the athletes playing the major sports.
You know why they do their "U" hand sign the way they do? You can do it with handcuffs on
Isn't the Colorado game in Denver? "Neutral" site?
Like I said, I think it requires elite talent at the QB and WR positions. I'm not sure State has all those pieces in place. Time will tell though.
Rush 3, drop 8. Make Leach try and run the ball. It's pretty one dimensional. Not sure there's enough standout athletes in the WR corps to be able to beat all that additional coverage.
Hope Jahmir pans out, cuz we need some experience on the OL this year.
We weren't even in his initial top 5. After the BBQ, we ended up in his top 3. Not saying we land him, but you at least have to like the chances.
According to the NCAA website, Texas A&M had the best total defense in the SEC last at number 9 nationally. Georgia was number 12 nationally and Bama was number 32 nationally.