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You must not be overly familiar with Sark's history.
If any school's fans/boosters can drive a coach to drinking, it's texas
You realize Texas is the most valuable team in CFB, right? They already produce Bama money and then some.
HoustonHorns, don't act like your fight song doesn't mention A&M as well. Not to mention the pettiness of the Bevo A&M themed poop bucket. You act like A&M is obesessed with the Horns. We left you behind and here you are begging to follow us. I will admit the kove makes financial sense, but every post you make reinforces what people have been saying about Texas fans. You say there are 2 side to every story. True. Everything you say just shows which side is more accurate.
Ridiculous. A&M isn't going anywhere. The move to the SEC has been a huge windfall. The funniest part about it all is how Big XII fans, especially Longhorns (I live in Austin), have railed against the SEC and how overrated it is. They've also spent the last decade telling A&M fans that the school ran away to the SEC because they couldn't cut it in the big, bad Big XII. Now, they come begging for admission. I'm not like most A&M fans. I'm not totally against the move. I miss the A&M/UT rivalry. Plus, it's just the way the landscape of CFB is moving, like it or not. It makes financial sense for the league as a whole. Texas will be Texas though and try to impose their will. We'll see how that works out. They will definitely whine and moan about not getting treated accordingly because "We're Texas". The most concerning part to me is the effect on A&M's recruiting, which will certainly be negatively impacted. That's life. Get on the field and win games. You put a good product on the field and the recruiting comes. You gotta beat the best to be the best. Hard to believe they want to give up the cakewalk the have to the playoffs currently, but it's all about the $$$
Let's not forget that Chip Brown was also the one who reported there was NO WAY A&M leaves the Big XII for the SEC. He also reported there is zero chance Jimbo Fisher leaves FSU to take the job at A&M. I believe he also reported that Saban to Texas was almost a sure thing.
UF, SC and UGA may see a yes vote as a better way of preventing in state schools from joining as 16 is probably the max for a while. They won't have to worry about those other schools since there won't be room for them.
Why would Texas want a Big 12 Network? They already have their own network. Part of the reason A&M left.
Hard like how, Booger? Like the pros? There are 32 teams in the NFL. 7 go to the playoffs. That's 22%. There are 130 teams in FBS. 12 would be less than 10%. Seems like it's pretty hard, statistically, even at 12 teams.
Texas Tech is a weird one to include in that group. It might be different if he grew up near Lubbock, but he's not even close.
The 2020 TAMU team "screams mediocre" but will forever go down in the record books as beating UF. Yup, guess your team got beat by the most mediocre 1 loss team in history. Probably not something to be ranting about on here. Let's not forget that TAMU was more consistent down the stretch, just like UF was. We played Bama early. No telling what the game would have looked like if it had been played later. If I can borrow one of your ridiculous phrases, that's not opinion, it's fact! It makes sense in this case though, because FACT is you don't know what any could've been outcome would be. You only know the ones that were. In 2020, TAMU was 1-0 vs UF... forever. TAMU and UF were both 0-1 vs Bama. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. In the record books, an L is an L
Foster is a BEAST! Hope he's taking full advantage of some weight room time.
He certainly seems to have the buy in from the team. Sumlin's teams never seemed to believe they could win the big games. Jimbo's teams seem to expect it.
What has A&M done? How about 10-1 with and all SEC schedule and a NY6 bowl win?
Les made $2.775M at KU. Elko makes $2.1M at TAMU. Will KU pay more than $2.1M to an assistant with no HC experience? Would an assistant leave a $2.1M job at a good program for the same salary to be a HC at a crap program just to have more pressure? I'm just thinking out loud here. I know they all aim to be head coaches, but it seems like a better opportunity will come along in another year or two.
I think Elko is doing well enough at TAMU that he'll get a shot at a much better HC job if he sticks it out. Going someplace like KU could relegate you to being an assistant for the rest of your career.
Why, in the name of all that is holy, would a DB EVER consider a Big XII school? Good luck
It says "Possession of fewer than 2 ounces". That's a threshold in the law to change the severity of the crime. He may have only had a roach in his car. We don't know. In Austin, possession of less then 4 ozs is only a ticket and release offense. In the county just north where I live, Williamson county, it might be life in prison. LOL. Jurisdictions vary widely. Austin won't even prosecute cases like this. Neither will most local jurisdictions because the law says you now have to show that the substance found in possession actually contains a certain amount of THC in order to be considered marijuana. The tests are overly expensive. The state police control the labs. If he was arrested by state police, they'll test every time since it doesn't cost them anything.
The "how far in the future" is the big question right now for UT, and it's going to depend entirely on how hard the NCAA is about to come down on the program. It may be a good while. SMU still hasn't recovered, but I'm not sure the NCAA will ever hand down as harsh a penalty as they did to SMU. If they didn't do it to Baylor, I can't imagine them doing it to anyone else.
I have to say, O'Gara, there's a lot of well thought out analysis, from many aspects, in this article. Lots of stuff people don't want to hear about their teams. Most fan bases will still believe their team is capable of a championship. They should. That's what fans do.
This is not how this is being sold on the 247 board. They make no mention of the offer being made and then withdrawn. They only state that Sark says the report that Stoops had been hired at Texas was not true. I'm sure Red McCombs told his buddies that "We'd better show him who's boss right now"
Williams sounds like he needs to beef up a little. 255 lb OT seems awfully small.
I think his issues at Houston were more on the GM level than the coach level. He was both and was not a very good GM. He was an OK coach, I thought. He was never going to get Houston over the hump, but he got them to the playoffs a few years.