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We may not "need" one, but I'd bet lots of money Jimbo is gonna get one. May be a 3* but he's gonna put one on the roster. He has to start getting kids that fit his system in.
Keep it rollin', Jimbo!! Putting together a monster class. Now, to hang onto all of them.
But he can't develop them. I find this a strange move. I've heard that the kid's folks had a ton of influence in the decision. Jimbo is supposed to be a QB whisperer. Sumlin has lost more QB's to transfer due to his poor handling of them than I care to count.
There has to be a clause in the MLB contract that lets them out of the guarantee if he gets injured while he's scrambling for his life every week during football season, right?
He's gone. Lincoln Riley says he hasn't lost any sleep over it. He's had discussions with Kyler and his dad, Kevin, about their commitment and Kyler will be there next year. I followed Kyler's time at A&M and saw how Kevin's discussions went with staff. This is a big pay day for Kyler. I'm pretty sure Kevin's word to Riley doesn't mean squat and I'd bet a lot of money that Riley lost a significant amount of sleep last night. Kevin Murray's phone is probably going right to voicemail this morning. LOL
I've stopped believing anyone is committed until they put pen to paper on one of the signing days. Even then, it's a bit of a crap shoot.
I had a feeling this was coming. By all accounts, he's a pretty good kid and very level headed.
I think Hamilton is at least gonna have to give him some significant playing time after all the hoopla that was made about him going there. I hope he has his act together this time. He should at least add another element of excitement to the CFL game. I already think it's a pretty interesting sport to watch. So much movement and only 3 downs to get it done in. Not to mention that big a$$ field.
Don't recognize the name at all. I'm very surprised to hear a walk on played in 5 games as a freshman. Must be trash time in blow out cupcake games. Best of luck to him at Zona. I don't think he was going to ever see the field much at A&M. This article doesn't say if he's getting a scholarship at Zona or walking on.
Since joining the SEC in 2012, TAMU has gone 51-27. Ole Miss has gone 45-31 in the same timeframe. Hello pot, this is the kettle, guess what? You're black.
You notice who is #6. There are probably enough fans of #6 and #7 that hate each other enough to land each team on this list. Texas is obviously higher because anyone that's ever been in the Big 12 or SWC hates them.
Not sure what you mean by, "That’s hard to imagine based on what the new coaches at each program inherited from the previous coaching staffs." Jimbo inherited a talented roster at A&M. Same with Mullen. It's not like the schools have been lacking in recruiting. The right coach can make significant improvements on the previous year's record in pretty short order.
It's not ideal, but who could pass at the opportunity to play for their dad and father-in-law. A&M has been known to produce some pretty good O-linemen. I would think there is sufficient depth to fill the void. Time will tell. Someone has already been seeing significant time at the position since Koda's heat stroke.
Tends to find himself wide open downfield a lot. Guess that's what I'd post on my highlight reel too. What I found most impressive was the ease he has in bullying guys at the line or even blocking downfield. Looks like a sold get.
If you think the A&M boosters will feel like they're "stuck" with Jimbo for a long, long time, you weren't paying much attention to how he was hired in the first place. A&M boosters won't hesitate to buy out his contract after 4 years or so if he's not contending.
I think the maroon stripes in the field look really cool.
Some harsh critique in the comments here about a team that finished pretty strong last year. Are there some question marks? Sure. There are for most teams. TAMU has a ton of them. They have to learn an entirely new system. No one has any idea how they're going to come out and perform. We won't know until the season starts, for sure. I think you have to give LSU the benefit of the doubt until it's proven otherwise. Is O the right choice at HC? He certainly wasn't a splashy hire. I don't think he will last long either unless they continue to show improvement. That being said, he is what they have and I think they're still better than a 6 win team.
Finally, someone else looking at Kirk in the first round. It'll be hard to believe if he goes 2nd round.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Von Miller was on a guided fishing trip. I don't know that for sure, but he doesn't live in Florida so it's more likely than not that he hired a guide. Shouldn't the guide be the one in hot water. It's their job to know, and follow, the harvesting laws of their state.
It's refreshing to watch video of the practices and be able to hear them talking and yelling as opposed to only hearing LOUD music blaring across the field.
I've stated on numerous articles here that, if Kirk goes 2nd round, someone is getting a hell of a bargain.
It's not like it's a huge gamble either. My guess is he'd take a 1 year deal at league minimum just to have a chance. As long as it's not Cleveland, I'd love to see him get back in it.
Wonder if NRG is gonna let those sand Aggies bring tortillas in the stadium.
HAHAHAHA. I was thinking exactly the same thing when I saw the picture. His head matches his shirt almost perfectly.
Maybe you should check the crystal ball predictions. 100% TAMU. You need to understand how different school recruit stronger in certain regions of Texas.
Amazed me that they let them go the entire length of the floor and shoot the winner in 4.4 seconds without even putting someone in front of him. Exciting game though. I thought when Starks hit the 3 it was a done deal. Congrats Bama. Hopefully, we both go to the tournament now.