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First off, I think a suspension for the rest of the season is coming and probably rightly so, but Mason Rudolph tried to rip Garrett's helmet off first, then he kicked him in the sac, and then, right before the helmet swing, he either punched him in the sac or grabbed him there. Can't really tell. Rudolph was definitely poking the bear. That was clear when he immediately threw his hands up after the helmet swing. That's always what the instigator does when they get the reaction they were hoping for.
You're a crazed fan! Technically, you're correct, it is still on the table. Probability is very low however.
Can you show me on this doll where the big, bad yell leader touched you?
Jimbo has a couple more years with a long leash. The boosters will be patient enough to let him build a team with his players to see how he produces. If he doesn't, it doesn't matter the size of the buyout. They won't think twice about going out and getting someone else. The big money boosters ponied up nearly half a billion dollars to renovate Kyle Field and all that money was raised in something like a week. The oil money here is just crazy!
Most pundits picked the Aggies to be 7-5 at the beginning of the season, or 8-4 at best. 7-5 while being a better team, simply due to schedule. That was the common thread. So, it's not the record that most Aggie fans are going to be disappointed about. It's the fact that they haven't shown any improvement over last year. At least, not yet. We'll see how the rest of the season plays out.
In year 1....better recruiting class, better S&C avoiding the late season collapse that was a given under Sumlin, better culture. If you watch the program, you can see the differences. Maybe Mond isn't the kid to run the system. Jury is still out on that one. They have the 2nd hardest schedule in the country this year. Before the season started, most pundits pegged them to be 7-5 or 8-4 while being a better team than last year. That's still likely, although, I'm not sure about the better team part. I don't get all the doom and gloom. The schedule next year sets up to be much easier. Mond will either come together or Calzada is there waiting for his shot. Common theme in the game.
Kyle Field will be roaring Saturday. If the crowd can get the young QB out of sync with his offense, it could prove the difference in the game and make for a very long day for Nix. If he comes out firing on all cylinders and strikes early, it may help to take the crowd out of it. We'll see. Either way, should be a good game. Gig 'em!
Jeez... seems like I could've snuck another "though" or two in there. Maybe I should proof before I hit Publish. HA!
Their path to 10 wins is easy because they play in the Big XII. We'll see though. They still seem to manage to lose a game or 2 they're supposed to win every year. Honestly though, Oklahoma should be their only real test. Baylor, ISU or TCU may sneak up on them though. Let's not forget that they lost to Kansas 3 years ago.
I'm from Houston originally, so I know hot and humid. It's true Austin isn't quite that bad, but we had over 30 days of over 100 degree heat with humidity hovering in the 80 - 90%'s. That makes for some very high heat indexes. I haven't found an almanac that shows that history, but we had a lot of Severe Heat warnings last month and early this month.
That would've been extremely low for here. I was out of town that day, so can't really say, but that's pretty rare.
It was certainly the heat that got them, but if you think it's a dry heat in Austin, you must have never been to the city. Low humidity here is under 70%. All that being said, great game for the Tigers. I wish they'd won by more, but it put a smile on my face nonetheless.
This will come as a surprise to no one.
You can call me a homer, but A&M should be in this conversation. They play all those teams as well and have 2 of the 3 at home. We'll have a better idea this weekend as to how good their chances are though.
Will Mushchamp was named the "Head Coach In Waiting" at Texas. He chose to leave to become the head coach of Florida a year or two before Mack Brown was let go at Texas. Texas most definitely would have made him head coach had he stuck around.
Lawrence was 13 for 23 with 2 INT's. That's a glimmer of hope right there.
Trevor Lawrence was 13 for 23 and 2 INT's. I like our chances a little better this morning.
He would have a chance to start right away at A&M. They're pretty thin at LB
That was an amazing catch! The defender grabbed both his arms at one point.
The concern isn't while your starters are playing. Gotta watch those backdoor points after the game is in hand and your 2nd and 3rd stringers are playing. 14 trash time points isn't unreasonable.
I just went and watched the highlights of that game. I forgot La Tech was ranked when they played that game. Jeez, Manziel had some wheels. It's really too bad that A&M had 0 defense then. They could've been a great team, because the offense scored almost everytime they touched the field.
No surprise here, really. Morris picks his SMU starter that left with him to start at Arky. My guess is Starkel gets his shot sooner rather than later.
His family moved. He has said he will sit out and not play football. What's he gonna do? He's going to school where his family lives. Good for him. Lessens the risk of injury. Go graduate early and enroll early at A&M.
It's hard to say how things will play out with TAMU but I tend to think Jimbo is moving them in the right direction. The problem right now is the small sample size he has in CS. Yes, the game was competitive in previous years, even last year, but Jimbo played much better at home and avoided the late season collapse that was a fixture under Sumlin. What I think is interesting, and may change the dynamic of the game between USC and TAMU is how late it is in the season this year. All the other games have been early, if I recall correctly, when both teams were healthy. They could both be pretty battered by late season. They both have a gauntlet to run.
These are about how happy a fan base should be right now. A&M at 10 seems about right. They finally got out from under a crappy coach, had a good season (not great) but how their losses came were better, they avoided the late season collapse, finished games and had a Top 5 recruiting class. Jimbo's first year exceeded expectations and gave Aggie fans lots to be excited about. This same ranking could be much different next year or the year after if they don't continue to show progress toward competing for a title, but I'm pretty happy with the results so far.