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Not so sure the current laughing stock of college football should be remarking about previous laughing stocks. Hello, Title IX?
If you knew anything about the A&M band, you'd know that it is not "military style". It is a company in the A&M Corp of Cadets. An organization that still commissions more military officers than any school in the country other than the military service academies. It's not "military style". It IS military. They only play military marches. Also, as ekinggill pointed out, that was a very small fraction of the band. There are over 400 members in the Aggie Band. Jimbo was shown some good Aggie hospitality when he arrived. Aggies like to make people feel welcome. LOL
I wouldn't be excited about a trading a coach with an 83-23 record for one with a 47-50 record and trying to sell it as an upgrade either.
I don't know anything about Tallahassee and the proximity of the campus to the airport, but most people, who aren't Aggies, probably have no idea that Easterwood Airport is actually on the A&M campus. It's not like they had to go 45 minutes to get out there or anything. I don't get the big deal. I'm kind of with short horn, it was a little awkward all told, but I don't see anything wrong with wanting to make the new coach feel welcome.
Let's not forget that USC didn't let him even get on the plane to go home. They fired him in the parking lot. That wasn't much success when he landed there. People at USC painted the fire lanes in the parking lots by adding the word "Kiffin" at the end. That was particularly hilarious.
Don't think Fields even holds an A&M offer right now.
I don't know about "very likely" to pull in the #1 player seeing as he's already committed. A flip would be a huge deal, but we'll see. All that said, I think the decommitment of Fortin was a mutual parting of ways.
Have to take into account the schedule SMU plays. They talked about this guy for A&M as well. Just nothing to get excited about.
Someone needs to hire Leach to the SEC. He's too fun to watch.
The vast majority of his salary is being paid by donors. You put a few multimillionaires together and $7.5 mill/year isn't that big of a deal. All things said, A&M will be fine. Jimbo will work out or he won't. If he doesn't, the deep pockets will buy out his contract and look for another hire. That's the way of the world in college football these days. Gotta give A&M some credit. You can't say they're not trying to compete.
He's gone and not coaching this weekend. Lots of people are going to say Jimbo quite before that game, but the material I've seen on message boards was that the FSU admin wanted him gone before the game. Gives them time to get the coaching hire out of the way and get going with recruiting. Also, to stop the bleeding from decommits.
He's 83-23 at FSU with 3 conference titles and a National Championship. How is that not winning more than losing?
247 Sports site has started a "No" tracker so we can keep it all straight.
I don't think that's it. I think, without the makeup game, the announcement would have come last Sunday or Monday. I'd guess by Saturday night or Sunday, we'll know for sure if he's staying or going. All signs point to going, but you don't know until the person involved says for sure.
Frost almost certainly going to Nebraska. I know the Vols fans are saying "Thank God" but I don't think the options get better. You want Les or Tee? Seems like someone would've already been on the phone with them. I think I'd be concerned if this was my team. Hell, the amount of time it's taking on the Jimbo Fisher thing is killing me. If he waffles on the deal, we may be in the same boat and, believe me, I don't see a lot of attractive options out there.
This is getting ugly. UT fans on Bleacher Report were in an uproar that the school would even consider Doeren. Guess I can't blame him for not wanting the job.
We can hope it'll be huge. Like OldArmy says, it'll be a while before we know. How does he "fit" at A&M? How well does he recruit Texas? Those are relative unknowns for now. No doubt he's a good coach.
Won't know for sure until there is an official announcement, but you'd think, if he was staying, he'd be trying to reassure these kids jumping ship. As it is, maybe they're all about to receive A&M offers. Guess we'll see.
Could have something to do with the fact that many analysts thought the job would be offered to Sumlin. I think he would be a much better hire than Herm.
It's well known that Leach doesn't play well with pushy boosters. I'm not sure how he'd take being offered that job. I'd love for him to go to A&M but I'm not sure he'd be interested for the exact same reasons.
Wouldn't be surprised if A&M isn't reaching out to him as well in case the Jimbo deal goes south.
^^do not....time for an "Edit" button SDS.
7 years x $7.5 million reasons/year! He and the FSU administration, apparently, do no get along at all.
I love the smell of buyouts in the morning. Smells like... victory
Patterson just signed an extension with TCU. He's my #1 choice, but I don't know how that deal gets done. Maybe he hasn't put ink to paper yet.
I think Kubiak would be a decent choice. He's got deep ties to the university and is very well liked in the state. His health is a concern though.