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Why, in the name of all that is holy, would a DB EVER consider a Big XII school? Good luck
It says "Possession of fewer than 2 ounces". That's a threshold in the law to change the severity of the crime. He may have only had a roach in his car. We don't know. In Austin, possession of less then 4 ozs is only a ticket and release offense. In the county just north where I live, Williamson county, it might be life in prison. LOL. Jurisdictions vary widely. Austin won't even prosecute cases like this. Neither will most local jurisdictions because the law says you now have to show that the substance found in possession actually contains a certain amount of THC in order to be considered marijuana. The tests are overly expensive. The state police control the labs. If he was arrested by state police, they'll test every time since it doesn't cost them anything.
The "how far in the future" is the big question right now for UT, and it's going to depend entirely on how hard the NCAA is about to come down on the program. It may be a good while. SMU still hasn't recovered, but I'm not sure the NCAA will ever hand down as harsh a penalty as they did to SMU. If they didn't do it to Baylor, I can't imagine them doing it to anyone else.
I have to say, O'Gara, there's a lot of well thought out analysis, from many aspects, in this article. Lots of stuff people don't want to hear about their teams. Most fan bases will still believe their team is capable of a championship. They should. That's what fans do.
This is not how this is being sold on the 247 board. They make no mention of the offer being made and then withdrawn. They only state that Sark says the report that Stoops had been hired at Texas was not true. I'm sure Red McCombs told his buddies that "We'd better show him who's boss right now"
Williams sounds like he needs to beef up a little. 255 lb OT seems awfully small.
I think his issues at Houston were more on the GM level than the coach level. He was both and was not a very good GM. He was an OK coach, I thought. He was never going to get Houston over the hump, but he got them to the playoffs a few years.
Think he has a Zoom meeting scheduled with Jimbo tomorrow. Maybe an offer coming. We'll see.
I don't think that's gonna matter. The coaching change is probably the biggest issue for him and that may not be sorted out anytime soon. All signs point to a difficult search. Who will want to try and dig the program out of that hole?
You seem to take offense that someone is saying that a comment meant to demean your fan base says it isn't true. Maybe the author is right about the "thin-skinned" part
There's a first time for everything and they DEFINITELY have some major problems now. They're going to get hammered by the NCAA if these allegations are true.
Actually, there are 6: Saban, Dabo, Jimbo, Ed O, Les and Mack
"Fulmer made the decision to step down, and his departure is not tied to the investigation.".... Riiiiiigggghhhhhhtttt! Lol
Haynes King is the heir apparent. He was one of the most highly recruited QB's in TX history. He is a coach's kid with a very high football IQ and a rocket of an arm. He's a true freshman this year so we'll see what happens in the Spring. He has the highest ceiling. We also have RS Freshman, Zach Calzada, who has had more time in Jimbo's system. All indications are it will be Haynes King though.
Word I heard yesterday on an A&M board is he has enrolled at A&M. Guess we'll know pretty quickly if that's true. Classes start Tuesday. Hoping he has talent that can be developed by the right coach. Hard to call a kid out on leaving Tennessee. The coach will likely be gone in another year and it seems like things may get worse before they get better.
I'd say the short answer to this question is "Absolutely". As you said, it is another step forward and even a loss in the playoffs boosts recruiting because now you've shown you can get there. Hell, look at OU. They may never win a playoff game, but they still hit it pretty good in recruiting.
I don't think the word "facts" means what you think it does. You're stating your opinion and calling it facts. "Any normal LSU and Auburn team would destroy A&M..." That's an opinion. Not a fact. We played the normal LSU and Auburn teams they put on the field this year and beat them both. That's a fact. We were split evenly with Auburn with the away team taking every game except one year. That's a fact. You are stating opinion.
The financial payout on the Orange Bowl has been far greater than the Cotton Bowl in recent history
The Orange Bowl was the better bowl draw so, regardless of the situation with UNC, it was the best option for TAMU.
I disagree. A&M matches up pretty well with ND. Everyone has an off game now and then. A&M definitely had one for about 3 quarters tonight. They didn't quit though. Under Sumlin, these kids would've thrown in the towel and limped out of Miami with an L to end the season. Tough teams keep at it. Even when things aren't going their way. Outscoring your opponent 24-7 in any quarter will usually win you the game. ND was terrible against Bama and full strength Clemson, who gpt destroyed vs tOSU. I like A&M's chances against ND.
To be the best, you gotta beat the best. That takes recruiting at a high level. A&M is at least checking that box. The product on the field is reflecting that reality. Keep winning and the recruiting gets better. I like where we're going.
Shows the strength of the SEC in recruiting that TAMU has the #7 class in the country and is 4th in conference.
Was the paraphrasing incorrect or are you just upset that I'm right?
That's what a coach with a little class might say. Not, "We fielded a bunch of scrubs" like CDM said after the game.
The easy thing would have been to put A&M at #3. Then you avoid the Bama rematch unless A&M gets by Clemson. #3 and #4 are pretty subjective anyway. It always felt to me like the committee put ND at #2 just to make sure they could justify keeping them in when they got blown out by a full roster Clemson.