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It's hard to say how things will play out with TAMU but I tend to think Jimbo is moving them in the right direction. The problem right now is the small sample size he has in CS. Yes, the game was competitive in previous years, even last year, but Jimbo played much better at home and avoided the late season collapse that was a fixture under Sumlin. What I think is interesting, and may change the dynamic of the game between USC and TAMU is how late it is in the season this year. All the other games have been early, if I recall correctly, when both teams were healthy. They could both be pretty battered by late season. They both have a gauntlet to run.
These are about how happy a fan base should be right now. A&M at 10 seems about right. They finally got out from under a crappy coach, had a good season (not great) but how their losses came were better, they avoided the late season collapse, finished games and had a Top 5 recruiting class. Jimbo's first year exceeded expectations and gave Aggie fans lots to be excited about. This same ranking could be much different next year or the year after if they don't continue to show progress toward competing for a title, but I'm pretty happy with the results so far.
No pretending here. I definitely want this game back. It was a part of my life growing up. On Thanksgiving, you watched the Cowboys (could care less) and the A&M/Texas game. Then, you go into a turkey induced coma.
It's funny to see Big 12 DC's on this list. Most Big 12 teams may as well put mannequins on the field for defense.
Curious why A&M doesn't even get a mention. It's common knowledge that Blackshear has a great relationship with Buzz. He decided to transfer after Buzz left. I'm sure these people have way more information than I do, but it seems odd that it's not weighing more heavily.
I was at that game. It was amazing! The UT fans around us were class acts and were amazed at the hospitality of the Aggie fans.
Lacy looking pretty good so far. Also saw a stat that I believe stated A&M was 1st in the SEC in ERA, K's and K's to walk ratio. It seems a shame to not even mention Doxakis and Lacy since they definitely seem to be the best duo in the conference.
Yes, Gator, if you read the entire chain, I do admit that I missed that when looking at stats. Even cited the year I missed. Does not change the sentiment of what I was saying though.
Just punctuation placement. Never lost to Florida (which I was incorrect about). There was a comma after that, but the list was meant to go back to teams they had beaten once. Should've said Florida (who they never lost to) and then the rest of the list. Sorry, just typing quickly.
Sorry, I missed the 2012 loss to Florida. I stand corrected. I never said he never lost to GATech. Jimbo was at dds with the administration at FSU for years. That's no secret. Things get stale and coaches get tired of putting in effort to fight a constant battle with people who should be on their side. You can tell he's re-energized at A&M with an administration that shares his goals and are willing to find them. Did he coach the team poorly in his final year? Absolutely. That doesn't make the team a ball of fire. The talent is there. The recruiting was solid. Jimbo walked into a worse situation at A&M, talent wise, than Taggart did at FSU and Jimbo did more with what he was handed.
I'm not sure why you're trying to discredit what the man did. Yes, an ACC schedule is relatively weak. No, Vandy probably wouldn't get 10 wins there either. Looking at Jimbo's track record against quality noncon opponents, he's beaten Michigan, S. Carolina, ND twice, Auburn (Natty), NIU (ranked #16 at the time), never lost to Florida, GATech, Ok St, and Ole Miss. I stand by my statement that I wish any of A&M's previous head coaches had "messed up" A&M as badly as Jimbo did FSU.
Jimbo Fisher only had one recruiting class outside the top 10 in his time at FSU. He only had 2 seasons with less than 10 wins. I wish A&M's previous coaches had screwed up that badly.
I hope Mond stays for his senior year. If he does, I anticipate TAMU losing another QB or 2 to transfer.
If Starkel is gonna ride the bench in Arky, he should've just stayed in College Station.
Refreshing to have a coach that faces a challenge with optimism and views it as an opportunity as opposed to one that would already be making excuses.
Right, but that Texas team lost 11 starters. They had a great recruiting class though. Time will tell whether they're rebuilding or reloading. Week 2 will be a good indication.
A&M's schedule is very similar. I thing USC gets the nod to toughest because maybe USC isn't as good a team as A&M, Florida is tougher this year than Auburn or MSU on A&M's West slate. Gonna be interesting to see how A&M and USC run these gauntlets. Should be telling for how their near term futures will shape up. Good luck!
Something that sets the A&M band apart from other college marching bands is that they are a company in the Corps of Cadets, so they are ROTC. It'll be interesting to see if the new practice field will be treated as a drill field or of it will be open to public use by students.
There was an entirely separate article written about just that 16 hours ago by Michael Wayne Bratton. Just scroll down the page.
Where'd you find the article that shows all the difficulties of schedules. It wasn't in the article linked here. I was looking for that.
It'll be tough to surprise TAMU in Kyle Field given USCe's history against TAMU so far. Stranger things have happened though. Just don't think the QB play for USCe is gonna be there.
Think he's asking why TAMU's isn't tougher. Seems tougher to me but they're awfully close and both absolutely brutal.
It won't be about the money if he goes. He's been given the keys to the kingdom and a blank check. He could name his price now. If he goes, it'll be because of his desire to get back home or some sour relationship he has with someone in the administration that hasn't come to light yet. I'm hoping he realizes what he has in College Station and sticks around. TAMU has opened the checkbook and given him everything he has asked for.
I'm really surprised Jace Sternberger hasn't moved into the discussion for 1st round picks. I think he's potentially the best TE in the draft and had a great combine, by all accounts. I've read numerous articles mentioning him in conjunction with the Pats since Gronk is retiring and they would be looking to take a TE early.