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Tends to find himself wide open downfield a lot. Guess that's what I'd post on my highlight reel too. What I found most impressive was the ease he has in bullying guys at the line or even blocking downfield. Looks like a sold get.
If you think the A&M boosters will feel like they're "stuck" with Jimbo for a long, long time, you weren't paying much attention to how he was hired in the first place. A&M boosters won't hesitate to buy out his contract after 4 years or so if he's not contending.
I think the maroon stripes in the field look really cool.
Some harsh critique in the comments here about a team that finished pretty strong last year. Are there some question marks? Sure. There are for most teams. TAMU has a ton of them. They have to learn an entirely new system. No one has any idea how they're going to come out and perform. We won't know until the season starts, for sure. I think you have to give LSU the benefit of the doubt until it's proven otherwise. Is O the right choice at HC? He certainly wasn't a splashy hire. I don't think he will last long either unless they continue to show improvement. That being said, he is what they have and I think they're still better than a 6 win team.
Finally, someone else looking at Kirk in the first round. It'll be hard to believe if he goes 2nd round.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Von Miller was on a guided fishing trip. I don't know that for sure, but he doesn't live in Florida so it's more likely than not that he hired a guide. Shouldn't the guide be the one in hot water. It's their job to know, and follow, the harvesting laws of their state.
It's refreshing to watch video of the practices and be able to hear them talking and yelling as opposed to only hearing LOUD music blaring across the field.
I've stated on numerous articles here that, if Kirk goes 2nd round, someone is getting a hell of a bargain.
It's not like it's a huge gamble either. My guess is he'd take a 1 year deal at league minimum just to have a chance. As long as it's not Cleveland, I'd love to see him get back in it.
Wonder if NRG is gonna let those sand Aggies bring tortillas in the stadium.
HAHAHAHA. I was thinking exactly the same thing when I saw the picture. His head matches his shirt almost perfectly.
Maybe you should check the crystal ball predictions. 100% TAMU. You need to understand how different school recruit stronger in certain regions of Texas.
Amazed me that they let them go the entire length of the floor and shoot the winner in 4.4 seconds without even putting someone in front of him. Exciting game though. I thought when Starks hit the 3 it was a done deal. Congrats Bama. Hopefully, we both go to the tournament now.
You can bash him all you want, but he's saying the same thing many players say and experts are saying at this point. The revenues in college football are off the charts. Yes, the kids are getting a chance to take advantage of getting their education paid for, but the money universities are making is getting ridiculous. They're basically doing it on the backs of free labor. Some of these kids are superstars and the university is profiting off them to the tune of millions of dollars per year. Meanwhile, the kids can't even sign a few autographs for money. There has to be a happy medium, I think. When a ticket in the nose bleeds at a mid interest game costs over $200, that's a little excessive. I don't pretend to know what the answer is. On one hand, kids know the rules when they accept the scholarship. On the other, it has to sting a little when you see the coach making $7 million/year off your hard work.
Can't discount the fact that Starkel already missed a significant portion of a season due to injury. Will that be recurring? Hope not, but young QB's playing backup should always remember they're only one play away.
This is truly a bold prediction because the snippet fails to point out that Jimbo has traditionally run a pro style offense relying more on schemes and aggression at the line than needing a QB that will need to extend plays on a regular basis. Jimbo has a history of pro style QB's. Starkel fits that mold, not Mond. I'd love for both to stick around, but my bet has been on Mond leaving. Not Starkel.
You know it's a slow news week in SEC Football when 2 SDS writers devote time and space to the exact same topic. Is it corny? Oh yeah! Is it news? Not even close.
If he goes 2nd round, someone is getting a bargain!
So, the head coach has no bearing on the development of players that play for him? Hell, why have em then?
Only in a snowflake world that we live in today would that be getting "destroyed". Maybe someone should have taught him some English at FSU. "He didn't teach me not one DB technique..." is a double negative implying that he did, in fact, teach him DB technique but I'm picking nits. All that aside, the tweet isn't untrue. Those DB's played for Fisher as their HC. So, he doesn't call the defense or coach the DB's. It's recruiting. LOL
One coached at Houston High and did a respectable job keeping the program that Sumlin built moving in the right direction. The other has won a national championship and only had two finishes outside top 10 in the previous 6 years. The logic of recruits astounds me sometime but it seems like a no brainer as to whom I'd rather play for.
He's been out of the game for 2 years. That's a significant span of a professional football player's career. It remains to be seen if he can maintain the turnaround. From my own experiences with friends who have bipolar disorder, there is usually a cycle of being medicated and then quitting the meds because they think they can "handle it" again. That never works out and usually leads to some pretty serious relapses in behavior. Maybe Johnny has been through that part already. No telling. I do know that it is a major step for him to be owning his past and to be so humble. I'm rooting for him.
I can't speak for all of the 12th Man, but my opinion has always been that he was a great player, lots of fun to watch, but was a mess off the field. I've rooted for him to get his life together all along. I wish he'd done it before he washed out of the NFL, but seeing him humbled and owning his past was refreshing. I hope he can maintain it. Love him or hate him, he was one of the most dynamic and entertaining players to watch on the field that I can remember and I'm not a young man.
Aggies have been on fire. Too bad they had that slump in the middle. They started out having a pretty special season. Guess we'll see how far they can go.
Really good piece. Glad the video was included to give context to the article. Glad to see Johnny humble and seemingly moving in the right direction. He's owning his issues and trying to move forward. Hope he gets back. He was so much fun to watch.
He's just doing what a head coach is supposed to do. He's out there touting his team. He did a great job in a short time. Barring a disastrous year next year, there's no reason not to be optimistic about what he can bring in a full recruiting cycle.
I was just going back and forth looking at this too. This article states 247 has UF ranked 17 but the 247 composite rankings on List them as 14. It's all subjective anyway. 247 itself seems to have 2 different methods of ranking. One has the Gators 17 and one has them 14.
Thought Manziel was already locked into negotiating with the CFL.