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If you still think Texas deserves a shot at the CFP (is the beat OU) after needing OT and giving up 56 points to a team that barely beat Houston Baptist last week, you're high.
3 things were clear to me: 1) Mond isn't the guy at QB (nothing new there. Let's see Haynes King) 2) Spiller needs to touch the ball A LOT more 3) Michael Clemons should play EVERY defensive snap
Not sure why, in these articles about A&M's WR questions, no one seems to be talking about Demond Demas. Kid is a freak talent and could be one of those generational players (time will tell), but most A&M fans have expected him to come in and compete for playing time right away. Now, he just won't have much competition.
This is a ridiculous comment. Arky can go on and go if they want. Best of luck. You claim the SEC is "Alabama's league" yet every school, including Arkansas, gets an equal cut of the massive revenue split. The Big XII is DEFINITELY Texas' league with them taking more money than the other teams and negotiating favorable TV contracts for themselves. I don't know what you read regarding college football, but your take is incredibly naive. Leave Texas A&M off your list of teams needing to be in the Big XII. Been there/done that. The move to the SEC has brought not only a revenue windfall, but a recruiting boon to the school. We're good...thanks!
Their dad played at Texas, so it should be an uphill battle for the SEC schools, but they seem to be trending away from Texas lately. Maybe due to the lack of OL talent from Texas going to the NFL
Getting to 10 wins with this schedule should be well within hopes if Mond shows even slight improvement over last year. That being said, that's not all on him. The OL has to take a pretty significant leap so that the run game can evolve and get some of the pressure off Mond's arm. What was supposed to be one of the strongest units on the field last year turned into a pretty big liability. With the returning talent and experience, they should be able to get it done. Will they? We'll see.
Nobleman, this is a great take. I've been saying this for years. The problem is in the reality. Texas may say they want to play A&M, but the reality is, they've done everything possible to avoid it. The unfortunate part is they've been pretty masterful at controlling the narrative and making it look like it was all A&M.
LOL. You must've just glanced over the article. "Many in Aggieland have pointed to the 2020 season as the defining one for Jimbo Fisher. Their 75 million-dollar man will be in his 3rd season at Texas A&M and if he is the football wizard that a national championship might indicate, then more than a few believe that this is the year to prove it. The schedule, so brutal in 2019, is set up nicely for a run in 2020."
...and that's about as an objective reply as you'll get from any side! Well said.
Most pundits picked A&M to have 5 conference wins, they got 10. They were picked to come 10th-12th in the conference and they're currently in 6th. When Kennedy was fired, the last class emptied. This is what Buzz accomplished in his first year. They and UK are the only 2 teams with winning Away records. What was UK's preseason ranking? Oh yeah...#2. Sounds like a team with little talent to me.
Calipari is a great coach, but he has great talent. No coach in the SEC did more with less this year than Buzz Williams. Should've been a shoe in for COY.
Just PLEASE don't lose to Texas. I live in Austin. I can't take anymore of the "We're back!" BS.
My comment merely pertained to the remark about RBU (Running Bases U). Purely by the numbers, it doesn't matter against who. 107 runs in 8 games is a lot of base running. We're in the high teens by ranking and figure that's about appropriate for now.
So far, this season at least, that title belongs to A&M. LOL. 107 runs scored in 8 games. That's crazy.
A&M is also undefeated. Had a great game against an admittedly underwhelming Prairie View team up 27-0 after the 2nd inning.
$10 million, but they won't even give it a second thought.
I live in Austin. Consensus opinion amongst the talking heads of sports here is that Shaka Smart will probably be fired about 15 minutes before they announce the brackets on Selection Sunday. LOL
You know it's a good conference when you have the #6 class in the country and are still #4 in conference. Dang!
I think he's pointing out that these are likely the only positions to see much in the way of competition with so many starters returning.
Entertaining read, but I'd have a hard time believing that Manziel would only go for 74 yards on 13 carries. Nevertheless, these articles sound like games I'd like to see.
^^This!!! The first team in the Big 12 to actually put together a defense may be mighty dangerous indeed.
Why all the Jimbo hate? He has a national title on his resume. He's bringing in highly ranked recruiting classes. He beat both Mississippi schools in one year (something Sumlin never did). He beat LSU (something Sumlin never did). Fans can see the trajectory of the program going in the right direction. The MSU regents, boosters and AD, apparently, couldn't say the same thing.
Charlie Strong has already shown he can't be a head coach in the Big 12 and AAC. Why do you think he'd be a good choice in the SEC?
The coach told all the kids to give up their phones and he wouldn't give his up.
After Texas beating #11 Utah, they're surely headed for another preseason hype ranking in the top 10 somewhere. Probably another 7-5 season though. Wash, rinse, repeat.
A&M has 2-3 scholarships left to give as well. Maybe 4. I could see them passing OSU if they have a reasonable haul.