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Live in Round Rock, Texas. Texas A&M Alum. Class of 1993.
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Read that Wolfe is having some academic issues this year, so there may be some question about his eligibility.
How is it bold to say "More of the same from Nick Fitzgerald"? That's the exact opposite of bold.
I knew this was coming in regard to Elko. Hope he sticks around a little while. At least he's getting paid pretty well.
I wouldn't be surprised if A&M is in the mix. His decommitment comes basically the same day there is news Bobby Wolfe (a current A&M CB commit) is flirting with Arky.
Special Teams players needs an edit
The team can finish strong. Still lacking depth though, so they have to stay healthy and limit the stupid penalties. Losing starters for targeting is getting old. Especially when some of the calls are ridiculous..
That was hilarious! The targeting call on the hug hits close to home. I'm beginning to hate that rule. When can we start allowing the refs to review for intent. The defender was pulling up Saturday trying to avoid contact. I digress...very nicely done SEC Shorts! "Can you wait 6 years, 10 months...." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
I'd bet, if things get out of hand, you'll see Scar in the game pretty quickly. I doubt Muschamp is willing to gamble what little goodwill he has left on a QB that looks like a train wreck. This way, he gets to say he gave Bentley the start and an opportunity to shine. I don't think he hesitates to make a change if/when that's not happening.
The big question to me is always, how many spots does a school really have to offer? A&M has 3 more spots to give. Word around the boards is 2 of those spots are pretty much spoken for already. The 3 will likely be a TE, WDE and SDE. All 4 stars, if the rumors are to be believed. The real trick is hanging on to all of them. Get as many as possible to sign in the early period.
Best of luck to the Tigers as well.
You didn't pick the A&M/USCe game.
Also, the article never said that the Ags would beat USCe (unless I missed it somewhere). It said they could take a loss in their upcoming 3 game road trip and still contend for 2nd in the west. Did you read the article?
... and how about the fact that UK didn't take an offensive snap on the A&M side of the field until the ball was placed there in OT? That sounds like a defense that's playing pretty well. Just have to limit the big plays in the secondary.
A&M has the #4 rushing defense in the country. The front is stout. The LB play is way above average. The weak point is the secondary. Special teams: Did you see the opening kickoff of the Arkansas game? Not to mention we have the best punter in FBS averaging 53 yd per kick. He belted an 82 yarder against UK. The FG kicker is a true freshman who is filling in for an injured LaCamera. He was sensational early on, but has sputtered some. He's still doing ok. No word on when LaCamera returns, but we all hope it's soon.
Yes, the secondary is the weak link, but they seem to be improving every week. Let's hope they continue in that direction or there could be some long days with teams like Ole Miss burning the Ags down field. We have a strong run game, however, and we're not facing many teams down the stretch built to stop the run. I'd say every game left on the schedule, except UAB, is a coin toss. ThePalmettoPig talks about Muschump knowing Jimbo. That goes both ways. They are both very familiar with each other. I think Jimbo's offense right now is a little different than his normal offense because he doesn't have the personnel yet to completely implement his standard offense, so he's having to supplement with quite a bit of spread elements. We'll see on Saturday. Like I said, I think it's a toss up. If Bentley has to get out there and sling the ball around, we may see a significant uptick in A&M's TO totals. The unknown is Scarnecchia (sp?) and whether he gets significant playing time. Seems to be, from the small sample size, a more accurate passer.
Not a rant at all. Actually, very well thought out and stated. It is hard to point to one member of the defensive front that has been a surprise. I could say Daylon Mack, but he was always expected to be as good as he is. He just hasn't put it all together until now. Madabuike may be the biggest surprise, but still not "didn't see that coming". A&M has had the talent on D for several years. Just goes to show how inept Chavis was and what a difference Elko has made. Maybe Mike Elko should get an "I Didn't See That Coming" award. LOL.
How would the entire Bama offense being great fit in the category "Didn't See That Coming"?
Did you watch the OU/Texas game? I wouldn't want that guy anywhere near my program. For all the talent OU has on D, they got manhandled by Texas.
I tried posting a link to the current NCAA FBS run D stats, but SDS has it pending moderation. Anyway, you can go to the NCAA website and find it. ekinggill88 is correct, State is #21. A&M leads the SEC, then Mizzou and UGA are both above State as well.
It's gotta happen sometime. I don't know if this is the year or not, but I'm hoping.
Yeah. Tough making a call at this point. Seems like most of A&M's games have turned into pick 'ems. They could just as easily go 7-5 as 10-2.
He choked the kid though. I understand being a little "extracurricular" when someone is jawing. That's a bit above and beyond
Pathetic that the Waco ISD or UIL would let that kid back on the field. He should face criminal charges. I'm all for keeping the physicality in football, but nothing about that is part of the game.
For sure. They've built it all up. It better be a nail biter.
With losses to #1 and #2 (at the time), Legend. We'll see how UGA fares against Bama. Sumlin got off to fast starts because the ranked opponents normally came later in the season. Bama is usually much later in the season.