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It was a high hit, but might not have been called had he not lowered the crown of his helmet to initiate contact. I'm not sure why it wasnt just called helmet to helmet, no way that kid should have been ejected.
Uhh, no they dont. They only see everything in real time. Had you been watching the game, the announcers even stated that. I'm not sure WHY that is, but it is
Ignorant ass comments coming from people from Alabama. Could you feed the stereotype any more that that?!?!
That's rich coming from the bible belt.
Quite honestly, while I do agree with Baggett, there should be an asterisk notating that this only applies From Freshman to Junior years. His senior year, he was the worst kicker Mizzou has had in recent memory.
Ehh people always gripe and Pinkel always proves them wrong. I mean Harris is being mentioned as one of the best SEC D-Linemen so far this year and he was a 2 star. I honestly shudder to think if Pinkel was able to land a bunch of 4-5 star recruits that had a team mentality. What they could do with that kind of talent world be ridiculous.