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Don't think Najee was being defensive as much as setting the record straight. How could he have "Improved Tremendously" if he had not been given the opportunity to catch passes in the past? I think it would've been better stated if McShay would've said that Najee finally got to showcase his tremendous pass catching ability.
Shonuff VFL apparently you don't have a clue what Saban does at practices.
"His kind"??? Need to look in the mirror Michael when you talk about very little brain ability.
What does politics have to do with this? It's idiots like you (& Trump) that we're in the situation we are with COVID-19. If YOUR President would've done his job with intelligence, compassion and fore sight, these college kids would (more than likely) be going through all this heart ache. Don't blame the Democrats and Liberals, look in the mirror and look at your idiot president.
I'm sure he'll lose sleep over that Wadeless. Better be more worried about your gators. Najee will do fine without your support.
First of all, EVERYONE knew that the QB question has been asked and asked and asked. EVERYONE knew that Saban was getting fed up with the question and it was getting on his last nerve. So WHY ask the question again? Is THAT responsible journalism? Saban is only human and can only take so much. He apologized for being rude but I don't believe an apology was warranted. I believe you ask a stupid question then be prepared to get what you get.
Just like the Bama culture of winning NC's. Go figure a Georgia fan would attempt to malign the Bama culture. Hmmmmm...still sore from the Championship game?
Uhmmmmm....Tennessee couldn't even one game in the conference???? Pray tell that this is the best you could come up with???
So, curious minds wants to know.....just HOW MUCH crack do you do daily???
Saban was a flop with the Dolphins and look what he's doing at Alabama. So who knows?
Although Cam ran an undefeated season, it really wasn't on whole due, in majority, to his performance. Not taking away his superior QB plays and skills but there were three games that hinged upon a HUGE lucky play that won it for them. A lot of other players that had hugely successful seasons didn't have to rely on luck.
Crawl, Walk, Run then Sustain. Alabama's at the Sustain phase. They've already mastered the other phases.
I agree, Washington has a "Shot" but when you talk about how weak the SEC was this year you need to look at how weak the PAC 12 was this year also. I say that Washington's O line might hold up for a quarter but it'll crumble fast. Scarbrough is starting to finally get into his power game.
He needs to concentrate on his job rather than criticize Saban for being honest and dedicated to HIS job. And apparently he's not very up to date on what present coaches are paid. Maybe because he knows he'll never be one of the elites.
Don't down play or ridicule a mother who's concerned about her son's academics and looking for the best for her son. College isn't all about football. Football should be a means to an end towards an education and future endeavors.
"Imbecile" speaking of report cards....go figure
Spoken like a true LS WHO fan. Bama doesn't need LSU players to get them motivated but any smart program knows don't poke the bear.
What USC's biggest issue was that they were all concentrating on trash talking instead of having their heads in the game. By the 4th qtr they were just to embarrassed to do anything. Nothing like a heavy dose of trash talking followed by a huge can of whoop ass.
Innocent until "PROVEN" guilty, where are you from? Russia???
Uniforms don't win championships. Dedicated players with focus on the game rather than how they look wins championships. If a recruit picks another school based upon the uniform then Alabama don't want him.
But how much revenue did the team muster for the University? Methinks a lot more than 7.3 million.
@SevenT although this situation and behavior is abhorrent I would not classify this as being worse than pedophilia. Raping a minor child is one of the most disgusting and horrid crimes.
I think there's a song "What have you done for me lately?"
I believe he is definitely the "Real Deal" and should be an immediate impact player.
10 IQ points, then you could match my shoe size.