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Liberty has better facilities than 1/2 the SEC programs, and if he wins and promotes fairness and demonstrates it in private/public life I could see him getting a HC position at power 5 program... just maybe not SEC. LOL. But I think he would be a good hire
Auburn's had 3 HC in 20 yrs...Compare that to other top SEC programs and get back to me. Gus lost a NC he should've won 1st yr... since then he hasn't sniffed the playoffs. Time to go!
Disagree. I absolutely believe a convincing double digit win over Notre Dame would have seen UGA at #2 when polls came out. I still think that was a convincing win with no doubt UGA was in control throughout, even with ND playing well above their talent level. UGA may still be deserving of the #2 ranking, but most likely for the 'decision makers' the margin of victory needed be 17 points to be considered. Just my humble opinion. Fun to talk about since we know all SEC teams have to do is keep winning and they will be in the top 4 when it counts... ️
I, reluctantly, agree with Darviathar too. At least the part about not jumping us ahead of OU & Ohio St... not necessarily because people watch these games, since it was a dominating performance despite the final score (with AU missing many opportunities on the field to have scored 45, on top of a vanilla offensive/let the defense win game plan most of 2nd half). Texas A&M was the ESPN darling and 'dark horse' to win the SEC West in many 'experts' opinion....even up until 2 min after kickoff yesterday! Maund was "As talented as Trevor Lawrence", defense stuffed the run, etc. So resume is deserving of AU ahead those schools. BUT, because of the names (and conference affiliations of media/ sportswriters/voters) of those schools, I wouldn't be surprised if Wisconsin jumps to 7 and AU remains at 8. Lol... but seriously. Doesn't matter anyway. As long as you 'just win baby', it will work itself out by playoff time! WDE