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Both are two of the greatest college running backs ever, but as for the question of who was better: Bo Jackson or Herschel Walker? Herschel was probably a little stronger and Bo was a little faster, but the main different between them was running style and moves. Bo had some great moves and could use them to evade defenders. In contrast, Herschel had few moves and seemed to only run in a straight ahead style, running more like a fullback instead of a tailback. So due to having a better running style, I'd give a slight edge to Bo Jackson as the overall better running back out of these two. And for an ideal college team with each in his prime, I'd have Herschel in as the fullback and Bo in as the tailback. That would be an almost unbeatable combination.
The 0 loses to Nick Saban is both for Gus Malzahn being 1-0 as Head Coach for the 2013 game in Auburn. The rest of the paragraph is about Iron Bowl games played in Tuscaloosa, of which Malzahn only was the Offensive Coordinator for the 2010 game which Auburn won. (Malzahn was not at Auburn for the 2012 loss in Tuscaloosa.) So 0 losses to Bama as HC as well as 0 losses to Bama as OC when the game was played in Tuscaloosa. Hence 0 for the paragraph.
The 1989 final score was Auburn winning 30-20 (A simple web search would've avoided this FAIL)